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Whether used for solo play or with a partner, the Atom series represents the dawn of a new age for c-rings. Atom combines innovative design with powerful vibration motors to create a C-Ring that delivers deep, rumbly stimulation to all the right places.

Atom and Atom Plus both feature an ergonomically shaped contact area for the partner’s stimulation, and a stretchy ring to create exceptionally strong erections and an intense climax.

Featuring a large contact area for grinding against, and a raised nub to add pressure and stimulation, Atom Plus’ design means both partners can experience the powerful vibrations during penetrative sex. Atom Plus also adds intense perineum stimulation via its second integrated motor.

Flexible and stretchy, Atom and Atom Plus are designed to be put on easily and can accommodate the majority of shapes and sizes. Atom Plus is slipped over both the shaft and balls in order to provide additional perineum stimulation.

When the Atom Plus is combined with a static Guybrator™ such as the Pulse III, the intense vibrations spread across the penis and entire groin area like nothing experienced before.

Designed in the UK, Hot Octopuss sits at the cutting edge of sex toy design, creating next generation toys for men, women and couples, which are designed to fit in with people's lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Reviews for Hot Octopuss | Atom(ic) C-ring
3.5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from Greece on
This thing is too tight. I mean way TOO TIGHT!
Impossible to wear without some lube to help it slide to the base.
Once in place, it is also a bit hard to re-adjust, so use plenty of lube.

It is powerful, which gives this nice smile on your partners face, but at the same time it makes it more difficult for you to feel things.
It could be because of the tightness or the vibe, or both. In any case I last longer but I feel less things.

Also, it is absolutely huge. It is literally between you and your partner and you can feel the added distance.

On the upside, it will make you enormous down there, which can be fun for both you and your partner if she is into that.
We saw the 69mm condoms from LB getting stretched, and I admit it was fun and made me smile.

On the downside, because of the applied lube before wearing it, you can't easily pair it with Unique condoms which are actually quite enjoyable but require you to not lube the inside. I do plan to use it with other thin condoms however.

I will give it a 3+ out of 5, mainly because of her smile. She enjoyed it a lot and I can see it adding some fun once we get past the obstacles.
It is not for every day use however. I remember having equal fun with a "durex play ring" with a fraction of the price and way less issues using it.

Maybe after some trials we'll get to enjoy it more.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Feb 06, 2019
Thanks BK for your honest feedback! If you are reading this review, do note that BK requires XL condoms. For this reason, if you need a condom smaller/narrower than XL, you will likely NOT experience the challenges faced and mentioned by BK in this review. Best, LBHQ

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