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Intimate Earth | Wild Cherries - NEW!!

3 reviews

By Intimate Organics

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Wild. Wild Cherries.

Intimate Earth's deliciously tempting lubricants are naturally flavored and aspartame-free! With absolutely no aftertaste, you will love these dessert and fruit inspired lubricants which are perfect for any bedroom rendezvous, unless you'd prefer the kitchen table. 

As always, Intimate Earth collection of flavored lubricants is free from harmful-additives and 
uses a naturally derived glycerin.

Available in a foil packet and a 4oz (100ml) bottle

Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aroma, Aqua, Alcohol, Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract, Cymbopogon, Schoenantus Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

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Reviews for Intimate Earth | Wild Cherries - NEW!!
3.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from GA on
Definitely a fan of this line, even though this is the first of their flavors I've tried. There was a little bit of a cough syrup taste to it, but not so much that it would keep me from buying it again. I think it's a little hard to have a cherry flavor without it being like cough syrup to some extent. As with most water-based lubes, it got sticky after it started to dry, but cleanup wasn't difficult. Love the smell. I only use flavored lubes for "oral pleasures", so I'm not sure how it fares in intercourse.

Excited to try their other flavors!
from MO on
So I really like trying flavored lube and am acquiring quite the collection as I love giving head to the boyfriend. I love trying new ones and find that even with flavored condoms they can always use more especially since I lick it all off rather quickly. (That being said, I used a Glyde vanilla flavored condom while using this product.)

Overall, it was okay.

For cherry flavored stuff, it wasn't that bad. It actually tasted like real fresh cherries, but it wasn't strong at all. I could still taste a bit of latex and for that reason, it won't be my go to - I HATE the taste of latex and can be a huge turn-off and just makes it gross.

It did work in lubricating action, though! It was slick but not super thick like some lubes do and made the giving head easy. I didn't notice a residue, but I may have licked most of it off and we started doing other things so we switched condoms.

I didn't find that it gave any sensation since it only hit my mouth, but I don't think it is meant to.

For me, flavored lubes need to be just that, flavored and lubey. Like I said above, I have others I prefer (so far), such as (Dickalicious in strawberry and a Hot Buttered Rum one that I forget the brand of). If you really like Cherry (but not cough syrup cherry) though, I would definitely give this a shot!
from Richmond, VA, USA on
We chose this lube to pop our flavored lube cherry (pun absolutely intended. Oh, how the husband groaned when I pointed it out--we almost didn't get to try it after all!)

I was definitely worried going in because of how strongly I felt about catching just a little taste of lube in the past. I was somewhere between expecting and afraid that the cherry flavor wouldn't mask the fake plastic-like taste I've come to associate with lube or condoms. Not so! It smelled and tasted like cherries, which to me was a welcome surprise and which the husband greeted with a mildly amused, "well, what were you expecting?"

To get the full experience of the lube, we tried it during handsy foreplay, oral, and vaginal intercourse. While it wasn't really an issue during the latter two, it did become very tacky on my hand rather quickly--not so bad because it does wash right off, but still off-putting enough that I felt the need to dock it a star.

Overall a very solid beginning to our exploration in lube! Gone are the days of the sad little Astroglide tube on our bedside table.
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