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"Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler

23 reviews

By Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts

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A Perfect Starting Point to Find Your Favorite Condoms!
Lucky Bloke offers three perfected versions of this 12-pack sampler to allow you to explore the very best condoms available internationally – and find the fit that is perfect for you and your partner/s. 

#1  "Not Sure What Size to Buy" > an assortment of SMALLER, MEDIUM (Standard), AND LARGER Condoms,
#2  Perfect Fit Finder > 12: SMALLER to MEDIUM (Standard) Condoms ...and,
#3  Perfect Fit Finder > 12: MEDIUM to LARGER Condoms

All versions offers a fab range of premium condom styles –pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed, studded, more head room, and so on – for your pleasure (ranging from smaller condoms to larger condoms...and everything in between). Explore styles that include best-selling condoms from brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy
Boy, Crown, L., Lifestyles, ONE, RFSU, or Trojan Condoms.

A perfect starting point if you're thinking: 
• "What size condom do I need?!" OR 
• "I have more than one partner. What kind of condoms should I buy?!" OR 
• "I hate condoms." OR 
• "My lover hates condoms." OR 
• "I really want hotter, more pleasurable sex with condoms."

Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Condoms.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  Using additional lubricant will enhance pleasure for both partners!!

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Reviews for "Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler
4.8 out of 5, based on 23 reviews
from North Carolina on
Helped me find my correct size
from New York on
This was a great option for me.
After taking measurements and checking various sources I realized I was on the slightly larger side of things, meaning this was a huge help.
I've haven't done much research into condoms and such before as this was my first condom purchase, so after figuring out approximately what size condoms I needed, this sampler was a huge help because it allows me to pick what condoms I like and which I don't so I can make a box purchase later once I know which I want to use in the long term (sorry for the run-on sentence).
Additionally, I love the selection. Due to my lack of experience I cannot say whether these are especially good condoms or not, but I can definitely say that from a first-timer's perspective this is very helpful and informative as some of the condoms are great, feeling almost as if nothing is there, while a few others aren't quite as such (most likely because they don't fit properly, which is good because that means I can narrow down what size condoms I need).
From what I've heard from others the better condoms tend to come from places like Japan (so companies like Okamoto and Kimono) or Sweden (RFSU), while others seem to prefer western brands (Trojan, Durex, etc.), so it's great that there was a decent variety so I can also tell what styles I like.
I really approve of this product and would definitely recommend it to someone who doesn't know what kind of condoms they're looking for who is on the larger side
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
from Arizona on
The product was great. I can try sizes and found one that is perfectly fit to me.
from New Zealand on
Yup this is a great sampler pack - it's almost MORE fun just choosing which one to use (jokes jokes). Totally agree with Devin from Dallas, just a quick little reference guide with a tiny amount of info would help. But otherwise, great selection and variety. Cheers lads
from United Kingdom on
A fantastic idea for the indecisive amongst us. Before it was always a case of buying whatever was available or, when there was some sort of choice, picking something at random. Next time I buy condoms I will definitely have a much better chance of choosing something that works well for me. I would definitely recommend this.
from Canada on
The sampler packs are great. There were brands I've never seen before including one which is now my favorite. They also give you a chance to try different sizes which really helps you figure out why a good fit is so important.
from Iowa on
I ordered a medium/large sampler and the variety I received was superb. Of the 12 I received I narrowed out 3 future go-to's. Being a guy who is in that margin betweven medium and large,this really eliminated a bunch of guess-work for me(large, yasss). Their service is great, overall. Shipping is a breeze, and they really go above and beyond to help a guy out(free stuff is nice). I'll more than likely be getting a subscription soon.
from NY on
A good mix in my medium-large sampler, including a vegan-friendly condom (Glyde?) and the Kimono Maxx (that I was surprised to enjoy so much - smooth feel, didn't even feel it). Condoms make sex way better; this sampler makes the sampling process that much better.
from Ohio on
This is a good idea if you're not sure what size/shape you (or your partner) need. You get four "Small", "Medium" and "Large" condoms from different brands. Unfortunately, this means you are likely going to have at least four that will not fit well. But if you know the size you prefer then you would be better off buying a sampler of condoms your size. This helped me find condoms that I liked and my girlfriend liked as well. So, I ordered our favorite from out of the pack. I plan to buy another Sampler (probably the Med - Large Sampler) to find more that fit well and help us explore other condoms we might like.
from United States on
This is a fabulous buy! There is a wide enough variety that it can be quite fun to try to find the "perfect" condom :-)
from Sacramento on
This product is great if you're not sure what size you are! It also includes a fun array of types to try! Great first but for me!
from Melbourne on
Great range of Condoms, the ones I have tried are fantastic can't wait for the rest!
from South Carolina on
Nice selection in type, size, and brands. Also came with some free lube, which is a nice bonus.
from United States on
Great product definitely recommend. Helps to clarify your appropriate size. Also relatively inexpensive.
from Canada on
So far so good. I like the idea of getting to try different sizes. I think it's very important.
from New York on
This was an absolute awesome way to find out what size I needed. Although, as others have mentioned, it would have been great if there was some kind of booklet or instructions to specify the type, shape, and size of condom each one is. Other than that, this has been one of my favorite purchases so far
from Texas on
Arrive on time, help me realize what sized condom is perfect for me!
from Florida on
I recently tried the condom sampler and it really helped me discover that I needed a more tailored condom. Now my girlfriend and I are able to have a more enjoyable sexual experience because I can get things done right! Highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to figure out what's the right size.
from n/a on
Thanks so much, just got it today - Thanks for the free lube
from USA on
This was amazing. As someone who'd never used a condom before and wasn't sure what size to buy, this helped me learn.
from UT on
The sampler was great. We were able to try a variety of sizes and styles and found some condoms we really liked and got a better idea of what size I need.
from Dallas on
I'll write individual reviews on the specific condoms as I go, but I got the ULTRA MASSIVE HUGE 24 pack because I felt like being EXTRA PREPARED and boy am I!

There really are a wide variety here -- you have your grocery brands (Lifestyles, ONE) and some of the more "specialty" variety (Kimono, .004), and even a few I'd never heard of and I used to work in an adult store.

I would give a full 5 stars if they could somehow manage to include some information, maybe a little booklet? to help identify what these condoms do aside from protect and serve like sexual army men. While it could be fun to just see what happens, I have some pretty sensitive skin, so if any of the condoms have any flavor or scent, there's a high chance I'm allergic to it, and in the heat of the moment, I might not be itching to google the condom brand to verify what's on or in it.

Also, a quick cheat sheet to say "LifeStyles SKYN -- Standard fit, thin, non-latex" or "ONE Tantric, Tribal -- Standard, more head room, textured, flare-shaped" or whatever else would be SUPER helpful in the moment, when wanting to try something different but with the ability to know which condoms are best for which sizes. With a few exceptions, many of them don't specify size on the wrapper.

Great variety though, and the small lube sample was great, too! Maybe I'll try a full sampler of those next...
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Apr 21, 2014
This is fantastic feedback! We will definitely see what we can do to implement your ideas. Thanks so much - LBHQ
from NY on
I got the 12-pack assortment and was pleased to find a few larger condoms, one slim fit, and a variety of regular sized condoms. Trying these out should certainly help someone figure out what fits them best (and therefore feels the best) - or you can get this assortment for the reason I did, I have multiple partners of varying sizes.
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