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Unequaled Luxury Latex - Read Below for Update

At this point all manufactured stock (globally) has expired.
We have been told due to Covid-19 they cannot complete a new
production run before the end of the year. If we can help you to find
a substitute condom for now, please let us know.

Ultra-thin soft latex and Naked’s patented design allow for a balance of thinness and sensitivity. Understanding that the perfect fit is truly essential, the condom measures 54mm (to securely fit at the base of the penis) and then features a pleasure-shaped body flaring to 66mm.  Perfect for the guy who needs a much larger condom.

With the greatest attention to detail each condom is coated with a luxury silicone-based, hypoallergenic lubricant made in Germany exclusively for Naked.

Over 15 years in the making, with the goal of creating the most pleasurable latex condom ever, Naked's "Pleasure Fit Technology" was developed with a German condom company recognized worldwide as the most innovative in the industry. 

Naked was founded on the principle of making a condom that feels better because it is designed better and produced better.

internationally patented condom is manufactured in a state of the art facility. Naturally, even the condom foil has been perfected to provide the most luxurious and safe experience possible.

THIS SIZE (54mm) is available as a 6pk or 36pk, NOT retail boxes.
ALERT EXPIRATION: 2/28/2020 !!

**Please also note that while an interior seal was cut by the manufacturer (on the retail boxes) due to an error (the interior seal was impossible to cut without a blade), the box is shrink-wrapped to ensure product integrity.

Reviews for Naked | Luxury Condoms: 54mm (base) flares to 66mm
4.8 out of 5, based on 10 reviews
from Florida on
The best of all the big size condoms. Great fit and the feel is so thin. Really felt "Naked" in there. Buying more of these.
from ND on
My husband and I use these condoms exclusively. We tried many other larger options and were by far happiest with these. The fit was perfect and almost feels like nothing is there. The packages are easy to open and they don’t smell. I know the price seems high but well worth it!
from USA on
I used the typical Trojan condoms for a while and always felt....unsatisfied(?) with their performance. The condoms I used just never felt right. I found myself on lucky bloke doing the size test and ultimately wound up going with the naked condoms. So far my experience has been phenomenal! I’ve used a several at this point and mixed in other brands just to compare and have found naked luxury to work perfectly for me! The size I went with fit perfectly and the feeling has been much better than any other brand I’ve used. I’ve had issues with feeling with some condoms and issues with others breaking and naked hasn’t failed me yet. On the pricey side, yes, but the overall satisfaction on my end and the relief on my SO that the Condom won’t break has been a nice change in our lives. I highly recommend these condoms and would definitely suggest the size test for the proper Condom experience.
from Michigan on
I was very hesitant about buying such a pricey condom, but I had to try something. The bulky generic Magnum was leaving me with loss of feeling and connection with my partner. Once I tried the 54mm condom, I knew I was hooked. It was easy to put on, and I could actually feel being inside my partner. She loved it too, which matters the most!
from GA on
By far the best condoms I've tried. Took me a while to get around to trying them, since they are quite pricey, but very happy I did. My boyfriend and I were previously using Unique Plus, and while I loved the feeling of the crinkly texture, they were too tight for my boyfriend, who is also uncircumcised. Lack of adequate lube on the inside or outside of the condom creates too much friction, and it's painful for him. However, Naked condoms in the 54mm size are PERFECT for him. I was nervous that I wouldn't like them because they're so smooth, but it's wonderful. It really feels like nothing is there, which is surprising coming from a latex condom. These are all we use now. They're completely worth the price!
from NY on
Best condom I've ever use so far. Extremely easy to put on and feels like you have nothing on.
The large selection of sizes is a big plus on this one fast and friendly shipping.
from IA on
This is a great feel condom. Almost like going without
from New Hampshire on
After trying many of the larger sized condoms and getting very disappointed with most of them, my partner and I absolutely love the 54mm naked Condom. He says it doesn’t even feel like he’s wearing anything and I definitely Don’t notice it as much as many of the others. No loss of sensation is more than we could have asked for in a condom. Awesome product!
from MN on
Absolutely fantastic! Best I have ever used, it was like wearing nothing! Highly recommended, lube is a little hard to clean but no biggie.
from Europe on
Well, so much hype, tried purple and gray for about bigger than M size but not for some XL. Grey definitely fits better, purple would be for the really larger one. Off course, package is nice , a bit on the bigger square side, very easy to put, no smell but did felt some latex when putting on.. Easy to open. The rubber is very soft, feeling is really close to nothing. But there is an honest but.. If I didnt try skyns, for instance, for much lower price, ore some crown specimen ore unique pull these would be number 1.Id probably order them sometimes for some special feeling, and box for a present so you feel like you are getting a box of fine chocolates but the price will determinate order of Naked.. I think in the really larger section they come as number for M, ore normal L.. There are others

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