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On) | Little Tiger - NEW!!

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Size: S - Smaller / Snugger Fit / Standard / Latex

German Engineering with a Snugger Fit
On) Little Tiger is a 49mm condom with a slim and secure fit. With silicone lube and a reservoir tip, these condoms are CE certified and electronically tested to meet strict European safety standards.
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Reviews for On) | Little Tiger - NEW!!
3 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from Pennsylvania on
3 out of 5 stars
HappySafeSex from Pennsylvania

I used ON | LITTLE TIGER a few days ago and I sonewhat enjoyed this condom, it was on the thicker side and that could be a bother because it did not feel as good as the regular condom that I always go to, which is the Skyn Elite, but the thickness did help me last longer. The major turn off to me and my wife was the smell, it had a very rubbery smell to it, and we both do not enjoy this, when it comes to condoms.
What made me give this condom a 3 was the fit, this fit perfectly, I never had that scary feeling that my condom was going to slip which would raise my anxiety and would also later cause problems in bed. Also, the "tighter" feel also helps out and works like a "c-ring" and helped me last longer during performance. Overall, it was a decent condom but if I want a smaller condom I would go toward the MY.SIZE, CEYLOR or PASSANTE brand.
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