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Awaken Your Senses Naturally

Erosense Aqua, Sensuva's water-based lubricant, works as a hydrating moisturizer with an exceptional blend of natural ingredients that are organic, food-grade, EcoCert and EU certified. Smoothes the skin without the typical tackiness of many water-based lubes. Awaken your senses naturally.

Vegan friendly. Glycerin and paraben free.

Available in .20oz (6ml) foil packets and a 4.2oz (100ml) bottle.



Reviews for Sensuva | Erosense: Aqua
4.9 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Miami on
Really enjoyed this water based lube. I can be a bit sensitive when it comes to using certain products and this was great. Did not dry up or get sticky
from WA on
A really nice water-based lube with a comprehensible list of natural ingredients that lasts a long time. Doesn't feel sticky and doesn't leave a tacky residue. Feels almost like a moisturizer after using it.
from Bangkok, Thailand on
My wife and I loved this lube! Our go-to lube is Sliquid H20, which is was good, but we are definitely switching to Eurosense:Aqua after using it.
It is super slick and we didn't need to reapply it. It feels very thin but believe me, it lasts! There is a nice smell to it, like aloe vera which we didn't mind. My wife kept commenting on how slick/slippery it felt, and she said it was a definite plus for her. It never got sticky and a little goes a long way. Sounds a bit too good to be true, but it's definitely the best lube we've used so far, and we have tried so many.
from USA on
I loved it!! This could very well be my new favorite water-based lube. That's quite a statement considering that I've used so many lubes before.

This stuff is WET, super slick and long-lasting, which was a welcome surprise.

There is zero stickiness, it stays slick as long as you're using it, even if exposed to moving air and it disappears into your skin like a serum leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. The reason I mention the moving air is because I have a ceiling fan right above my bed that is on at all times. It hasn't been a major issue, but several lubes that my husband and I have used in the past have dried quickly due to the breeze and have required reapplication. This is usually more of an issue with the water-based lubes, which is why I think it's important to mention.

Cleanup is not necessary for this lube. In fact, it feels very nice to leave it and get that extra soft feeling down there. If that's not your thing or you have other business to clean up, this lube comes right off with no need to wash. I've wiped it away with a paper product and a wet wipe; both worked just fine.

This is not a scented lube, but it does have a very faint aloe vera scent, which is really nice and due to aloe vera juice being the main ingredient (certified organic, if I may add). You wouldn't notice this scent without putting your sniffer right on top of the lube, so if you have an aversion to scented products, never fear! This is not scented, it just naturally smells nice....from super up-close.

In all, I have zero complaints about this lube and I really think it takes the #1 water-based spot for me right next to Uberlube in the #1 silicone-based spot. I'm very pleased!
from USA on
Loved this lube! Very slick, non-sticky and lasted awhile without absorbing immediately. Love it!

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