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Organic Botanical Extracts
Offering a healthier choice, this glycerine and paraben free organic lubricant has been blended with certified organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body. Aloe Vera and Alfalfa are a natural skin soothers. Vitamin E is well known for it's healing properties, and Green Tea & Hibiscus are well documented for their invigorating & skin elasticity properties. Flax is an organic source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and Sunflower Seed is rich source of amino acids and minerals.

All Sliquid Organics products will never cause UTI's or yeast infections. Organics Natural is made with the highest quality ingredients available. 100% vegan.

Available in 5ml foil packets, a 2oz bottle and a 4.2oz (100ml) bottle

Reviews for Sliquid Organics | Natural
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from Missouri on
Oh, how I am loving the Sliquid brand. I have no complaints about this product. It’s light, thin and slippery wet. Though the product is unscented, I find it to have such a pleasant smell, much like other Sliquid lubes I’ve tried. I love that the first ingredient is aloe, which means your skin is going to love it too! There’s nothing to dislike about this stuff!
from Quebec on
The organic version of Sliquid H2O. I personnally prefer the H2O version but it still is a very good and safe lubricant. It does leave a white residue (like all the organic formulas from my experience) when it dries but this washes off easily (when tested between fingers). Like most water based lube, it dries out rather fast. Like the H2O formula, my complaint would be that it is a little bit too runny/watery for sextoy or anal play according to me. It is noticeable that it seems flavo and odor less (or maybe very slightly). I would highly recommend any Sliquid product.
from Brooklyn, NY on
Sliquid Organics is an excellent lube, feeling like the next evolution of lube technology. Before Sliquid, my lube of choice was Liquid Silk, which is excellent, but the selling point for Sliquid was that it has no taste. I (M) use this lube only with a condom during vaginal sex with my partner, putting a drop inside and a good amount on the outside. It works well and can easily be added to if necessary for longer sessions. I have not use while masturbating (i am uncircumcised) or during anal sex so I cannot comment on that. It is not greasy like uberlube and does not dry sticky. It does not stain my sheets and is very easy to wipe away any extra. We have found no difference is behavior between the Sliquid Naturals and the Sliquid Organics so will likely continue to buy the Organics in the future since it is more nourishing to our skin.
from Nashville on
My wife and I used this recently, and it was great. Nice and slick. It was not sticky like some of the others we have tried, and didn't make a mess. Overall, very pleasant to use.

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