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Ride Water Based is the super slick, water based lubricant from Ride BodyWorx. This formula is infused with natural seaweed extracts, including Carrageenan, Nori, and Wakame... and it won't become sticky or dry up quickly like many other competing water based lubricants. Ride Water Based is perfect for those occasions when you need to clean up quick - just wipe down, and you are good to go. Formulated with only the safest ingredients, this lubricant is ideal pleasure enhancer for the lube purist.

Whether you're with a partner, or going solo, Ride just may be the water based lubricant you've been looking for.

Available in 5ml foil packets, 2oz and 4.2oz (125ml) bottles


Reviews for Ride | Bodyworx (Water-Based)
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from California on
Lube was good..didn’t dry while usage and was still good during the session
from ON on
This stuff is amazing!! Works as advertised. It went the distance during sex and never dried up or became sticky. I highly recommended it and will definitely be using it again!
from Missouri on
Ok, this is a pretty cool lube, which is saying something because I’ve tried MANY. I call this the “disappearing lube,” but NOT because it doesn’t work...because it DOES! I can’t explain it, but when you apply it, though the lubrication is there, you don’t feel that you have anything on you. It’s pretty cool...it provides a rather “free” experience, if you will. Once overworked (and it takes a lot of work to get there), it will thicken and become mildly sticky. However, I found this to only be the case when the product is nearly completely exposed to moving air, such as during masturbation. Another cool factor for me for this lube is how it seems to disappear from your skin once the lovin’ stops. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and silky smooth. Bonus: it reactivates with moisture, as I found when I went to wash. That being said, this stuff is always up for a round two. ;)

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