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Wet. Sassy. Come this Way...

Sliquid Naturals Sassy is a super-thick water-based lubricant. Thicker lubricants stay on the surface of the skin longer, reduce friction, and create a comfortable cushioned feeling during penetration – making it perfect for both booty play, as well as vaginal penetration. (Safe for silicone toys, too!)

Sliquid uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent, instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives. Sliquid products never contain parabens, and are 100% vegan. Plus, they'll never cause yeast infections or UTI's.

Available in a 5ml foil packet, as well as 2oz and 4.2oz (100ml) bottles.

Reviews for Sliquid Naturals | Sassy (Booty & More)
4.9 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
from USA on
Nice, safe lube. Couldn't smell any odor and didn't leave any residue behind either. Found it just a little sticky when in use but would definitely recommend if you're looking for a thicker lube to play around with
from New york on
This is a great lube! It’s perfect for my partner and I. Thanks!
from WA on
Thick enough for everything but doesn't get sticky. Plus, it's close to flavorless and super smooth. I have sensitive skin, and it's never irritated me. This stuff is my go-to lube now. Highly recommend!
from Florida on
Finally! After multiple sample packs - non sticky, lasts long, feels great, no taste, doesn’t stain.
We LOVE this stuff - bought a bottle AND travel packs.
from Virginia on
Great ingredient list and thicker fluid makes this an awesome, natural feeling vaginal lube.
from Quebec on
I really like this lubricant. I'm really sentitive to products and this one did not cause me any discomfort for vaginal use. I must mention that it stings a bit when used for anal play, which is a personal reaction but worth mentionning. With only five ingredients, it is a very simple and effective formula. It feels really natural in use. As it is often the case with water based lube, it dries rather fast but is not sticky.
from TN on
This lube is my go-to for both vaginal and anal play. It is a gel consistency, hence it being nice and thick. It stays in place nicely and takes its time sliding around, so we aren't fumbling around, juggling an open bottle while lube is running everywhere.

I rarely have to reapply, and when we do, it doesn't take much - even a few drops of water does the trick.

We buy Sassy 8 oz at a time - fantastic product. If we didn't have so many silicone toys, I think hubby and I would stock up on the silicone version too.
from Mantua, Italy on
Excellent product. No negative side effects. It feels absolutely natural. Recommendable to all.
from Campaldino, Italy on
Excellent product. Effective and safe. With no side effects, no scents, no colors, no flavors, no irritant components. I would recommend it to anyone.
from USA on
No odor or fragrance with this lube, but upon close nose inspection, it has a very light, pure scent that I decided was sort of like clean water and I loved that.

Very, very little goes a very, very long way and we think it is comparable to Uberlube, another stellar lube.

It feels heavenly to touch with a very silky texture (again, much like Uberlube).

With friction, this lube eventually disappears on the skin leaving no detectable residue at all until you apply water and get that silky-smooth feeling again.

Because this product disappears on the skin, you don't even need a cleanup after use (I think of it like using moisturizer or serum).

Love it!
from los angeles on
Ok! This lube is awesome! it was amazing for me (female): soft, velvety, warm, so comfortable and long lasting...
It made the whole experience better than without.
I love it, my man liked it also, that is why we are getting some more today!

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