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Intimate. Disposable. Clean. 

Swipes Lovin Wipes are flushable towelettes perfect for cleaning up 
before or after intimate moments. Made with the softest body and 
eco-friendly ingredients -- free of alcohol, chlorine and dyes, they're 
just right for your most sensitive and delicate places.

42-count packs are available in Unscented and Cucumber scented.

100% fibers are derived from sustainable resources. | Made in the USA


Reviews for Swipes Intimate Wipes
4.7 out of 5, based on 18 reviews
from Missouri on
I don't use wipes much, mainly because I don't like the fact that they can't be flushed and don't break down like toilet paper, and that most of them are scented (I have sensitive skin and REALLY don't want to develop eczema down there!). But these wipes are perfect! They are scent-free, they do the job beautifully, and I don't have to feel guilty about creating even more pollution than I already do. They also come in really good packaging that keeps them moist for many months after they've been opened, which is great for someone like me who uses them only occasionally. Hooray!
from Michigan on
We tried these when we got a sampler. Let me tell you, it felt amazing! I was super sensitive because we were going on for a while, and it hurt to sit. But the moment I wiped myself with it, it was like the heavens opened up and graced me with love. It felt good!

It cooled me down right away, and I enjoyed that! And when I finished using it, I felt so much better. I could sit comfortably again!
from New York on
Love these things! Although you get a sample with every order, I usually tack on a few extras. I carry then in my purse and car. I love that they are larger than other portable feminine wipes, completely unscented, and soft on the sensitive nether regions. They don't tear and one is enough to do the job! I took off half a star for the price...I wish the individuals were cheaper or offered in bulk.
from United States on
Great wipes! The unscented is a great idea, no after taste! They work well, do the job they were designed to. Being flushable is also a bonus. Would definitely recommend! I always keep some handy.
from United States on
Great wipes! A little flimsy, but I guess they need to be to be flushable. They do a terrific job cleaning though. It does take a couple after an especially messy session, but for the job they do it is worth it. I would highly recommend them. Just wish the individual ones were a bit less pricey.
from NE Pa on
The wipe was really nice. We use other wipes at times to clean up before adult time if we are not taking a full shower. The Swipes will definitely be wonderful after we are finished. The Swipes felt nice on my skin.

I enjoy performing oral sex on my partner. He used the sample Swipes to clean before I gave him a bj so he was not all sweaty. Since the wipes are unscented there was no after taste when I took him in my mouth.

He tasted clean and fresh. Definitely a product We will consider keeping on hand.

from CT on
Love the Swipes Lovin Wipes! Keep a larger pack in the nightstand at all times, and carry a couple of the individual ones in my travel case.

The fact that they are unscented, gentle on sensitive skin, but durable enough to thoroughly clean using one... fantastic product. Feel like the more adult thing to use instead of baby wipes!
from Chicago on
I'm game to give this an impromptu review! I think the first (and to date only) time I used a swipe was... probably last week. It was a wonderful experience. I don't recall any scent, but I can't exaclty say that I was using it to rub down my face. I remember that it felt lovely on my bits, not being too cold at whatever room temperature was at that point. It felt less saturated than Cottonelle wipes I've used in the past, and I remember being notably impressed at how good it did at cleaning my junk and leaving me feeling fresh, and thinking that I'd want to go and buy some at a later date.
I'd give it a solid 4.5/5 stars! The extra half star is because I'm pretty sure that cleaning up myself and my (fluid bonded) partner would likely take two wipes, and it'd be nicer if it only took one.
from GA, US on
I guess I'm the only one who didn't really smell the wipes after taking them out of the package! I love that I get one of these with every order! They definitely get the job done, and being able to flush them is a big plus. I think even if the smell was a little weird, it wouldn't keep me from using them. I only use these after sex is all said and done, so I don't know what they taste like either!

from USA on
Let me start by saying that I LOVE wipes. I use Cottonelle wipes, Summer's Eve wipes and so on. Bottom line: I love a good clean booty and cupcake. A sample wipe was perfect for me.

So, I put this wipe to THE test...I used it post-Brazilian wax. Yep, I used a brand-new-to-me product on my cupcake and booty post-WAX.

I am pleased to say that this wipe is the very first wipe that didn't so much as even cause a tiny twinge of pain or sting when it met my freshly waxed flesh.

It felt calming on my skin and I enjoyed it very much.

Here comes the "but" (no pun intended)....it is "unscented," BUT it is not, um, unodored. Did I just make up a word? Why, yes, I did. Why? Because "unscented" implies no scent at all when what they really mean is that they didn't add fragrance. Odor is a different animal. Odor is not pleasing to the nose.

These wipes smell....funky. My fiancé took a few whiffs and we finally decided that they have a smell sort of like paint-covered candy. Yes, paint, as in Sherwin-Williams in a bucket. Will I never buy these because of this? I don't know because I feel that they are a quality product and are the most gentle wipe I've used....and I LOVE WIPES.

Here's what I'm thinking, I'd like to see what else this company offers, maybe try different wipes if there are any others to try and go from there. I will say though that they are so great that I might buy them anyway and avoid using them directly before sexual activity so that my cupcake won't smell like them.
from East Coast US on
I'm one of those people who really likes using some sort of wipe, before and/or after sex, depending on circumstance. They're especially helpful before sex if, say, you're a sweaty mess but you really want to get down and dirty, or if you're on a camping trip and wanna keep warm with your sweetie, or if you just want to smell and taste a bit fresher when your lover goes down on you. I usually just buy baby wipes, since they're gentle, cheap, and work well. That said, I liked using Swipes, both for myself and for a partner. I'd use them again, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy them. Like, I'd love to find them with the free condoms and lube at a sex party.

So first, they did do a good job. My partner wanted to give me oral sex last night, which was the last day of my period, and using a Swipes wipe made me feel comfortable enough to have him do that. And then, this morning, I wanted to give my partner a blowjob before he'd actually gotten up and showered, and he used a Swipes wipe so he wouldn't smell all sweaty. Both times, using a wipe significantly improved the experience for the giver!

However, I was a bit put off by the scent of the "unscented" wipe, enough that I worried about it when I was the receiver. I'm a bit less worried about it after giving oral to a just-Swiped penis, since I actually found that the scent dissipated after a few minutes and at least didn't leave a weird taste. Still, the initial scent is weird enough that I don't think I would replace my pack of sensitive baby wipes, which are more neutrally-"unscented" and, for me, do just as good of a job. When the cucumber ones are back, though, I'll probably try these wipes out again!
from California on
My wife and I love these! They are absolutely perfect for what they do. They are super soft and comfortable, but strong enough to get the job done. They also stay fresh as long as we have needed them too. Also, this site has a very good price for them.
from Colorado on
These wipes are great! They make clean up super easy and I've never had any problems with irritation. We get the unscented ones, but have been wanting to try the cucumber scent. The single packages are great to throw in a bag if you're on the go, but they're a little pricey. The bigger pack is much more convenient for home use. We've had one for a couple of months and because of the adhesive on the seal they're still moist every time we use them. I would definitely recommend this product.
from Los Angeles, CA on
My wife and I use it every time we make love. I can't compare it to other brands, but I will say that its more durable and gentler than Kleenex. Kinda reminds me of baby wipes, but without the scent (and probably lotions, etc...). We've only used the unscented kind, and have been satisfied with it thus far. They say that you can flush it down the toilet, but we've just been tossing them in the trash.

A pack of 42 for about $5; take that for what it's worth, but its better than paying for them individually (99 cents for one?!). After finishing one pack, we've already gone ahead and got a subscription.
from United States on
Purchased the full package. Great product, but it would be good to have the ability to purchase a package of individually wrapped ones as well.
from France on
Completely unscented and soft. My skin is pretty sensitive, especially in this area, but I haven't had any irritation with these. The individual ones are very discreet and fit easily in a small handbag. The fact that they're flushable is convenient as well.
from WA on
Can't recommend Swipes highly enough! I like using damp wipes for daily cleanliness and intimacy purposes, but I'm pretty sensitive 'down there.' I can't use the conventional (heavily-fragranced, chemical-filled) adult wipes available at most stores. I tried a couple naturally-based brands, but they were expensive and not flushable...which takes away from the convenience and discreet nature of the product.

When I found Swipes about a year ago, my search for the perfect product ended. Natural ingredients, no harsh fragrances or preservatives. I didn't experience any sensitivity issues, even with the cucumber-scented version! The wipes themselves are nice quality -- not too small or thin...yet still flushable. I have a few of the singles, but the packs are extremely convenient. They re-seal well; I've never had an open pack dry out. Oh, and they're made in the U.S. I buy several packs at a time and keep them in both bathrooms, my nightstand, car and purse. I even gifted a pack to my sister. Give 'em a try!
from Colorado on
I love these! They work really well before or after an intimate situation or just to freshen up through out the day! I think the individual wipes are the way to go so you can slip them in a purse but I have container in my bathroom as well! Also unlike some other wipes my partner does not notice an after taste if I use these!

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