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Wicked Aqua | Mocha Java

6 reviews

By Wicked

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Rich. Silky. Chocolate. Wicked.

Kissable, lickable, and delicious. Wicked's flavored lube adds subtle natural flavors to enhance oral pleasures. 

Light and silky, this water-based formula is the perfect sensual combination of an elegant lubricant and a flavor sensation. Never sticky and without an aftertaste, Aqua Mocha Java satisfies your sweet tooth and your intimate desires all in one amazing pleasure product. This latex-friendly, paraben-free formula is sweetened with Stevia. 

Absorbs completely to a powdery finish with no residue. Aqua is designed to heighten sensation and intensify ecstasy. Wicked Aqua is never sticky or tacky, is latex-friendly, rinses completely with water. Being Wicked has never felt so good!

Available in 3ml foil packets and a 4oz bottle.

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4.8 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
Kris from Europe on Sep 10, 2016
This product is really fun and amazing.. I got it as a sample, off course like they new, that Im Coffey lover. I was at first , like , neh, I dont like any taste intimately, but this is really like such a perfect cream Coffey latte with foam, taste is so good , sweet but in a natural way, and totally kissable with great after taste. Probably will order again. Im completely innocent in lube department and I was so wrong not to use it. Fun, just great fun. Gave it 4 stars only because it dryes quickly in the skin, but all water based tend to do so...
Bri from NV on Jun 18, 2015
I was wary of purchasing the large lube because the product is made with stevia, and I can't stand the bitter taste in most stevia products. We bought a few samplers, and after trying it, we are buying it by the GALLONS! My husband used to bribe me with coffee to get morning 'oral attention', and he was exceptionally pleased with how happy I was to 'enjoy' him for a LONG time. It was not sticky, it didn't taste like medicine, and while our bedroom does now smell like a Starbucks, I'm going to call that a bonus!
Cara from Grottoes,Va on Mar 30, 2015
My fiance and I love this product. It is amazing. We have tried others and this one is at the top of our list.
Patricia Espinoza from United States on Mar 01, 2015
This product is absolutely AMAZING!It tastes AMAZING! Me and my husband had alot of fun with this product going to buy all the flavors!!
Tastes amazing as stated before, and just works, no weird after taste like other brands iv'e tried, and when done with oral and foreplay it still works as lube!
LuckyUser from MO on Jul 20, 2014
Bought the wicked mocha and cannot believe how great this product is. Both me and the misses use it on each other often. Brought us closer together. Will be using this site more often.
C4 from DFW on Jul 01, 2014
Purchased this after using the sampler Salted Caramel I received in a condom sampler pack. This is truly great stuff, not sticky at all, wonderful smell, great taste and lasts for what you need it to. I highly recommend the salted caramel as well.
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