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Ceylor | Hotshot

13 reviews

By Ceylor

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Size: S - Smaller / Snugger Fit / Classic / Latex

Simply Put, This is the Narrowest Condom Available.

If you've been looking for the snuggest, most secure condom available – your search is over! At 45mm wide, and originally developed for Swiss teens, the Ceylor Hotshot condom offers the narrowest shaft and the slimmest option in our globally diverse smaller condom line-up. (Yes, we here at Lucky Bloke searched the planet for your best narrow fit condom and are pleased to present it for your purchase.) Based in Switzerland, Ceylor is known for consistent condom innovation, has been producing condoms since 1916.  Ceylor condoms are manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards. 

45mm wide / 190mm long

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Reviews for Ceylor | Hotshot
4.6 out of 5, based on 13 reviews
from Cincinnati on
They fit just like they said it would I love them
from Maryland on
True to their word, the snuggest fit condom I have ever used. A little to tight but that also kept me from reaching orgasm, so she was fine with that. Too long
from CA on
These condoms fit well in the snugger fit category. They are a bit on the long side, but overall one of the best snug fit condoms around.
from New Jersey on
This condom did not slip off once. The iron grips I used before occasionally slipped off if too wet. But not this one, highly recommend!
from Chicago, il on
These are my favorite condoms... always secure, they never slip even as my interest may come and go and my size comes and goes with it .
from IL on
Love these, they fit securely on my penis, and doesn't feel like they'll slip off at all. Totally recommend these.
from IL on
This condom fit my small and thin penis. I just wish it was a little bit shorter, and maybe snugger at the base. I like the packaging, very easy to open.
from US on
I bought his just to try out some new condoms. As soon as I put one in I new I made he right choice. It was better then I ever thought I recommended it!!!!
from USA on
WOW,this is the best I have ever found. Great fit and feel. Stays in place on my small penis, and allows a very sensitive feeling. First thin condom for us little boys. Will be ordering more. 5 stars. Thanks for introducing me to these.
from Europe on
I bought this out of curiosity, not expecting a 45mm condom designed for teenagers to fit me, especially since the 47mm My Size feels a little too tight at times. But even though the Hotshot only has a 45mm opening, it tapers outward from the opening to the head in a 'V' shape.

Putting it on takes a while longer, but my partner had a lot of fun assisting with her mouth and tongue. I certainly felt like a teenager receiving oral for the first time, experiencing sheer delight.

The 45mm squeeze felt amazing slowly coming down my penis shaft too. Once it was at the base it acted like a penis ring sex enhancer. We both loved how the 'V' contour looked too.

These are well-designed, high quality condoms, and each one comes in a distinctive case rather than a wrapper. I'll definitely continue using them. But due to their higher price and the fact that putting them on takes some time, they're not best for everyday use.

Suffice it to say they're not for everybody

from Btg, WA. on
Heard a lot about this condom and waited a long time to try it out. It is by far the smallest condom I have ever tried on. Its very narrow and is about the same width as a tooth brush holder. Definitely didn't have any issues of slippage. For me it was a little too narrow but for those of us that have a more narrow and long penis it can be a viable option. Great option for teens and young adults. Glad LuckyBloke offers this option in smaller condoms.
from Chicago on
Excellent, these are really the best for smaller cocks. Get them while you can, they seem to go quickly!
from USA on
Great product.
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