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Ride | Rock Delay Spray

2 reviews

By Sliquid


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Hey Cowboy, You're in For a Long Ride!

Ride Rock Delay Spray is a benzocaine based male desensitizer, which was created to enhance men's stamina and prolong the joys of intimate relations. Ride Rock is created with a 7.5% benzocaine, which makes it an extremely fast acting topical desensitizer.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy. 100% Vegan friendly.
Non-staining and unscented. For topical / external use only. 

Ingredients:  Benzocaine 7.5%, Aloe Vera, Banana Leaf Extract, Propylene Glycol, PEG 400 

if you truly require additional stamina support - for then you will most likely be pleasantly impressed by their effects. On the other hand, if you don't truly require this type of support, numbness and a less than satisfactory experience are more likely.  

Intended for prolonging an erection and not intended for anal play. It is extremely important NOT to mask the pain of anal penetration with a desensitizing product. Anal sex should not hurt. Pain is your body’s natural way of saying stop.

Available in a 1oz spray pump.




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Reviews for Ride | Rock Delay Spray
4.5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from DC on
This is just what I needed to help me stay in it for the long haul! Now I am able to stay in the fight longer and it keeps the old lady happy. It's been about a week and I take her to pound town and never look back! This product has been amazing!
from Newark on
I've tried the control condoms but prefer this spray. It seems like it is a bit stronger and faster acting for me. (Also I wasn't a fan of how those Trojan Extendeds fit.) Also thanks to Lucky Bloke I like trying condom samplers and this spray allows me to experiment with condoms and I like that.
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