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Go FOR A SPIN! An all-new internal coil mechanism makes the SPINNER twist on insertion, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke!  Enjoy a unique sensation like none other. This is the BEADS design, with an amazing sensation of sliding into complex cavern of beads, which massage from all sides.  Waterproof.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 star review from Mrs S in the USA:
I ordered the Tenga Spinner for my hubby as a naughty little stocking stuffer, and it arrived yesterday! Did I make him wait until Christmas to receive it? Absolutely not! His first comment was that it felt like me giving him a blowjob, just not as warm, which I’ll take as a compliment because this thing provides A LOT of stimulation.

Based on my husband’s review and all of the others I read on other sites, this is a 5, even 10 star product. It comes with a delightful lube called Hole Lotion (Note - new lube coming to Lucky Bloke later this month!), which we’d love to have a bottle of because the viscosity is absolutely spot-on for natural lubrication, and the packaging acts as a stand to dry and store it after cleaning (which is super easy with soap and water, by the way).

For me, this is a fun way to excite and please my guy maybe when I’m not feeling up for the main event myself (because some of us poor unfortunate souls are forced to close up shop once a month), or for him to enjoy if I’m not around when the need arises, if you will. ;) Buy it, you’ll love it!

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