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"Whatever Your Adventure!" Sampler

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By Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts

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Title: Ultimate DELUXE Sampler

Plenty of Superior Product to Share with your Favorite Partner/s...

When our friends at Life on the Swingset wanted a deluxe sampler to meet their friendly hedonistic tendencies the Whatever Your Adventure! Ultimate Sampler was born.

The sampler is chock full of safer sex fun and goodness! 
You'll receive an assortment of:

• 36 Condoms (a variety of our very best condoms in all 3 size categories)
• 10 Lube Packets (silicone, water-based, flavored, arousal...you name it!)
• 8 Sex Dams (assorted flavors)
• 42-Pack of Swipes Intimate Wipes (Unscented)

Please note: if you were to buy each and every item individually it is a well over $65 retail value! Bundled up this sweet safer sex kit is a value at $56.99 -- gifting $8 of safer sex goodness to you FREE!  For your ultimate enjoyment. 

Products will vary slightly to reflect current best-sellers in all categories!

A note about LifeontheSwingset: "When many people decide to explore alternative lifestyles and open relationships, they blindly search online for information and inspiration, most of it coming from people against the topic, those who’ve been in it a long time and are very set in their ways, or those whose advice no one should ever take EVER. We’ve assembled a wonderful collection of open minded and friendly people to contribute blogs, sex toy reviews, and podcasts, and to discuss a very unique lifestyle with gusto and enthusiasm. – Cooper, Founder of LifeontheSwingset

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Reviews for "Whatever Your Adventure!" Sampler
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from NJ on
Just got my package...a really great array of condoms and lube. Excited to try each of the brands and hone in on the best fit. This is a great idea, and I plan to come back regularly!
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