LifeStyles | SKYN Intense Feel: The First of Its Kind!

Find out why customers rave about this new condom.

SKYN Intense Feel is the first studded non-latex condom to hit the market.

SKYN Intense Feel continues to be a top rated condom. Condom users report over and over again how this condom feels ultra-sensitive and true-to-fit.  

“It’s the greatest invention since the wheel! Our favorite was LifeStyle Extra Lubricated until this AMAZING condom came around! Intense Feel doesn't dry out at all!  It last, last and last! Like the battery Bunny... It feels like there is nothing on at all, no exaggeration! My partner says it makes everything "tighter" for him (the bumps on the sides feel like they are causing friction that enhance his feeling" - Jer and Marjie from Los Angeles   

"Hands down the best condom ever! My boyfriend had to check a few times to make sure it was still on because he could not feel it there. We both have a latex allergy and most studded condoms you cannot feel the studs. But with the Skyn Intense Feel, I could feel every ridge. This condom is so awesome I will definitely buy again and again!"- Erika from Missouri  

SKYN Intense Feel is made of polyisoprene which is softer, more elastic and more natural feeling than latex. While the entire SKYN line is ideal for those with latex allergies, couples everywhere are preferring them to latex. And the SKYN line continues innovating, offering more non-latex options than any other manufacturer, including SKYN Extra Lubricated and their most recent, ultrathin addition, the SKYN Elite.

SKYN Intense Feel is a medium size condom, making it ideal for the majority of men. Lifestyles also makes a non-latex SKYN Large for those who find medium sizes too tight. If you desire a smaller fitting condom, we suggest exploring a collection of premium small condoms with Lucky Bloke’s Smaller Fit Condom Sampler.     

You really need to know your condom size in order to ensure ultimate pleasure and safety. Here is an easy way to find your condom size.

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While SKYN Intense Feel is the only studded non-latex condom, there are an array of latex pleasure bumps to try, such as ONE Tantric Pleasure, Kimono Textured and many more!

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