I’m Latex Sensitive. What Are the Best Non-Latex Condoms?

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Dear Lucky Bloke,  I’m super sensitive to chemicals and latex, yet I know using condoms is the smart thing to do. Do you guys have any suggestions for latex free condoms? Also, I’d really like to try lube but am afraid I’ll have a reaction to it. Would you be able to suggest something that’s good for people with sensitivities like mine?  Signed, Sexy & Sensitive.

We understand that many people are sensitive to latex and other chemicals, which is why we have a great selection of condoms for people with sensitivities. Quality and personal fit are as essential to condoms as they are to any other type of apparel.  What most people don’t realize is that condoms actually come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Through our research, we’ve discovered that many people who dislike condoms are simply wearing the wrong size.

Save yourself some time -- we've curated the best non-latex condoms for you!
Ultimate Non-Latex Sampler, Standard Fit or
Ultimate Non-Latex Sampler, Large/Wider Fit

To help you find the sexiest, most pleasurable non-latex condom option, we’ve broken down our 5 recommendations into small, medium and large.

1. Unique: Secure Fit, Pull and Plus - By far, these are our customers' favorite non-latex condoms. Most would even argue favorite condom overall. Made of a synthetic resin it is the thinnest and strongest condom in this category. We could (and would) applaud it all day long. Check a few customer reviews and see what all the excitement is about. Note: you will want to apply this condom to a dry penis and apply lube to the outside. Also, the Secure Fit is brand new and the only latex free condom option for penises requiring a tighter, slimmer secure-fit. Best suited for: Couples, regardless of penis size.

BONUS - Just Added - Brand New!! UNIQue Lady Condom (okay, okay: we didn't name it) offers many advantages for couples -- and we cannot wait for your feedback.

What we really love about this new condom option is it will bring pleasure, comfort and safety to each and every one of you -- as it is worn by let's say...the receiving partner...and, thus, works for every single penis (regardless of size).

These condoms, featuring sexy, stretchy lace garters, are made of transparent Synthetic Resin (AT-10) which is an exceptionally thin, strong, latex free material; they are extra soft, hypo-allergenic and completely odorless;

this also means, like the entire Unique Condom Collection, you can use ANY type of lubricant with these condoms -- even coconut oil!

Lady Condom is what is also known as an internal condom or female condom. This means the receiving partner wears the condom. They are more of a one size fits all option (no matter the penis size in question, these will work and feel great) AND, again, they are non-latex.

While they come in 3-packs, we will also be making single condoms available (to get you in the mood and discover if they are right for you).

Many win-wins with this condom option.
Best suited for: Couples, regardless of penis size.

2a.  Lifestyles SKYN Condom - This is the first premium condom made from polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers ultimate sensitivity. Polyisoprene provides a softer, more natural feel than latex, combining the strength of latex with the sensitivity of a thinner condom. While it's ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity, many couples prefer them to latex condoms altogether. Combine that with a long lasting, ultra silky lubricant and you’re sure to be in for a smooth ride. Best suited for: Medium/Standard fit

2b. Lifestyles SKYN Large Condom - Like the original SKYN condoms we mentioned above, the SKYN Large is also made from polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers ultimate sensitivity. However, Lifestyles have adapted the design of the condom so that it’s larger and more comfortable for people requiring a roomier fit.  Best suited for: Larger fit

3. FC2 Female Condom - When shopping for latex free condoms, many people don’t even think to consider purchasing the FC2 Female Condom, even though it’s a great option for both partners. Made of a strong, thin and flexible nitrile sheath, it has a flexible inner ring for easy insertion and is absolutely latex-free. A sexy note: nitrile is a heat sensitive material that  warms up and adheres to the vaginal walls during sex, leading to a more natural, pleasurable feeling for both partners. The FC2 is the only NON-LATEX option that is available for couples, regardless of penis size. In fact, as there is no other LATEX FREE option for couples requiring SMALLER condoms, kudos to FC2 for providing a much needed solution.  The FC2 is also a fantastic option for men who have difficulty maintaining an erection when using condoms.  All in all it is a great condom to have in any woman's sexy arsenal. Best suited for: Couples, regardless of penis size.

4. TROJAN Supra Non-Latex Condom - Made of crystal clear, odor free medical-grade polyurethane, the TROJAN Supra (now renamed Supra Bare-Skin Non-Latex) are ultra thin and strong, making them an excellent option if you or your partner has a latex sensitivity or allergy and want both heightened feeling and sensitivity. They are very smooth, classic in shape and able to transmit body heat well. Best suited for: Medium/Standard fit

5. TROJAN Naturalamb Luxury Condom - A natural skin condom. Many couples swear by these condoms due to the ultra-enhanced sensitivity, durability, and size of the condom, as well as being latex-free. However, please note, because they are made of lamb intestine, they have a smell that may take getting used to and are not vegan-friendly. They're ideal for the monogamous couple, as while they prevent pregnancy – they will not protect you from HIV or other STIs. Best suited for: Larger fit, although will work for all sizes

Now for lubricant options...

Lubricant greatly enhances pleasure for both partners. Once a couple finds a lube they like, they rarely go back! Even if you have sensitivities, there are still plenty of lubes that you can try. We would suggest going with something that is made with natural ingredients. Our customer's favorite lubricants can be found in our Ultimate Variety Lube Sampler.

We would also recommend Sliquid Organics Lubricants all are glycerin and paraben-free organic water-based lubricants that have been blended with certified organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body. All Sliquid Organics products are formulated for women and will never cause UTI's or yeast infections. Organics Natural is made with the highest quality ingredients available. 100% vegan.

Now that you’re armed with some sexy non-latex condom options and some organic based lubes to explore, you’re all set for your sexy mission!

Yours in safety and pleasure,

Lucky Bloke HQ

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