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Fantastic Non-Latex Alternative, With 40% More Sexy Slickness

SKYN Extra Lubricated is what happens when LifeStyles takes their already fantastic non-latex condom, SKYN, and adds 40% more long-lasting, ultra smooth lubricant. SKYN are polyisoprene (latex free) condoms. Polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that delivers ultimate sensitivity – provides a softer, more natural feel than latex (combining the strength of latex with the sensitivity of a thinner condom). While they are ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity, many couples prefer them to latex condoms altogether. So if you're curious, do give them a try. Lifestyles (aka Manix in Europe and Ansell in Australia) are produced to the highest global standards.

If you'd like texture try SKYN Extra Studded
If you'd like an even closer feel try SKYN Elite
If you'd like more room try SKYN Large

Try the SKYN Extra Lubricated in our Ultimate Non-Latex Sampler (Standard Fit).

Reviews for LifeStyles | SKYN Extra Lubricated
4.7 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
from UT on
Improves the overall experience, useful if you don't have lube available. Otherwise a little redundant if you do.
from US on
One of the best non latex condoms I’ve tried. Very soft and feels great
from South Dakota on
Liked the condom feel, sizing and lubrication... hadn't realized how much better it was to have the extra lube getting started. well done!
from USA on
My boyfriend says these are his favorite. They fit well according to the sizes, and the extra lubrication is good times all around.
from USA on
These condoms are pretty good! I really enjoy the extra lubrication it helps the confom feel better for both partners!
from California on
First time trying the Lifestyles SKYN Extra Lube and ordering them from Lucky Bloke, and I must say-- I cannot complain about this condom! I have been having trouble trying to afford condoms lately, especially non-latex ones, since I am a latex allergic person. But thanks to LB, I had the chance to get them at an affordable price! Putting that aside, I must say that the SKYN Extra Lube was a very good fit for me and felt very nice! Not too tight, not too loose, did not slip off nor break, it was just right. I honestly enjoyed the sensation of this one and I am glad to have had the opportunity to try a SKYN condom. The condom is just, incredible. It really did have that extra lubrication. And it is SO soft! I would highly recommend this condom to anybody who wants a natural skin to skin sensation. Conclusion: The condom was a winner for me. And a Goldilocks fit for me if you will. I honestly do trust Lucky Bloke with condom purchasing online. Thanks LB!
from Ohio on
The lubrication is awesome. Definitely recommend. A little on the tight and smaller side, but not as small as some others that I've tried...
from New Jersey on
5 out of 5 stars!

Maxwell from New Jersey

With great condom after great condom, I cannot say enough about SKYN as a brand. I am convinced that, especially for those with a latex allergy, these condoms are the best option.

SKYN Extra Lubricated condoms are the type that my partner and I use most frequently, and for good reason. They always fit well, and feel better than any other condom we've tried. A little extra lubrication goes a long way; SKYN Extra Lubricated condoms seem to never dry out! It's possible to use these without adding water-based or silicone lubes even, though doing so has personally enhanced our experience. Like other SKYN condoms, these have a strange smell, but it is only noticeable when in application / removal proximity.

Other SKYN condoms are great, but simply do not match the intimate quality of their Extra Lubricated line. Truly worth their weight in gold (and tenfold, at that).
from U.S. on
Like my review for the Original SKYNs, this felt really good: thin, durable, roomy, comfortable, the lube is fantastic, it's non-latex/has little smell, and is one of my favorites. Conversely, I think the Extra Lube version here had just a bit too much lube and made it felt a little more "distant". For reference, the lube feels like that of Trojan Ecstasy Pure to me.
from Montana on
love it
from Canada on
Even though neither my partner nor I have a latex allergy, we really like using LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricated. They have great sensitivity, no latex scent, transfer body heat and stay lubricated. The only caveat - they are only available in Canada (in stores) in the Skyn Collection box. Enter Lucky Bloke and you now have another happy couple!
from West Coast on
Great material gets warm quick, easy to put on fits me for medium/Larger great, stays snug.
from brooklyn on
The best condoms I have used. They felt better than natural and stayed lubricated throughout. These will be the only brand I will be using!!
from Canada on
Skyn is awesome ! No smell and feels so much better than latex! Fits on the smaller side, but stays on even though it doesn't feel like it is there! This is a good choice for plenty of lube in comparison to the Skyn original. Either way, VERY happy with the Skyn condom line. Skyn condoms are our Very favourite !
from California on
This is the best feel we have found so far.
It felt awesome, great, real, as close as you can get to not having a condom on!
There was no smell to this condom.
Very pleasurable and sensual.
It felt very safe and if we have to have a condom on this one is it. Actually, this is the only condom (any Skyn) we are using!
from Atlanta, Ga on
In leu of Avanti going latex, and my latex sensitivity, I cautiously swapped to the skyn original, then these. I was skeptical about trusting Lifestyles after years with Durex, and a bounty of jokes about Lifestyle mishaps. These are NOT the standard, department of health, condoms they handed out in high school. I love them! These were my boyfriend's first use of non latex condoms. He's adamant about never switching back. Where he's a newb, I've run, the very limited, gambit of the latex adversary. With the exception of the fc2s I've tried all of them. Skyn's feel way better than Trojan's polyurethane condoms, and come with better protection statistics than the natural/lamb condoms. With the extra lube, these are my new favorite. Forget you durex!

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