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The Best of SKYN: Now Ultrathin.

SKYN Elite is the newest condom from Lifestyles popular SKYN line to hit the market. 10% thinner than other polyisoprene condoms, expect more sensitivity than ever before.  Polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that provides a softer, more natural feel than latex (combining the strength of latex with the sensitivity of a much thinner condom). While they are ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity, many couples prefer them to latex condoms altogether. Lifestyles (aka Manix in Europe and Ansell in Australia) are produced to the highest global standards.

Try one today. You won't regret it.

If you'd like more lube try SKYN Extra Lubricated
If you'd like texture try SKYN Extra Studded
If you'd like more room try SKYN Large

Try the SKYN Elite in our Ultimate Non-Latex Sampler (Standard Fit).

Reviews for LifeStyles | SKYN Elite
4.5 out of 5, based on 19 reviews
from USA on
I really like the feel of these condoms. And the fact that they are non-latex and have no smell is a huge plus!
from Israel on
Non-latex, relatively thin, feels good, reasonable price. This is not the best condom I've tried, but it hits a nice balance, making it one of my regular go-to condoms.
from Granada, Spain on
My boyfriend Gerrit and I love Skyn condoms and, as they are very difficult to find in Spain, we are very grateful to Lucky Bloke. We tried this one as a sample that was sent to us in our last order, and have started ordering them alongside the normal, black ones. My boyfriend does feel the difference between these, slightly thinner, ones and the others. Very recommendable :)
from USA on
This condom fit similar to others we have used. I don’t think we’ll get them in the future as we found something even better from Lucky Bloke! The Unique Pull condoms!
from Upstate ny on
Tried elite so far, its amazing!
from NY on
Great condom like nothing is there.
from San Francisco on
These are probably the best condoms I've used so far. My partner is allergic to latex condoms which is why I chose this one and this really feels like there's nothing there. Must buy.
from St. Louis, MO on
Good option for those with Latex allergies but doesn't compare to the likes of the thinner latex condoms from Japan.
from Missouri on
5 out of 5 stars
Liendo108 from Missouri, USA

I tried and reviewed other condoms before this one. I liked some and really liked others, but when I saw this one, my prejudice towards Lifesyles got the best of me and made me expect a poor quality from the condom... Boy am was I glad I was wrong! I believe that I tried this condom in the past, but don't remember it sticking out this much! There wasn't a noticeable smell coming from the condom once I opened it and I had no problem putting it on. I have tried tighter fitting condoms that still moved around and standard fits that did the same (though not all did), but this one stayed on like a champ! It measures at 53mm and fit like a glove. I put the condom on earlier than usual, but never had an issue with the lube drying out or the condom becoming uncomfortable. Finally, the feel was amazing! My wife didn't even notice it was on and frankly, it gave me just the perfect amount of feel/don't feel. Some guys might like a thinner condom that transfers all the sensation, but I personally like it to give most (not all) when it has been a few days. Overall, this condom preformed perfectly for my needs and size and I would defiantly try/buy again!
from Missouri on
Gryffinclaw from Missouri

Personally, I really liked this condom. I thought that for me, it was like not using one and could actually feel him. I thought that it was also well lubricated and did not have any smell, which I thought was great.

The fit on my partner was great, and he was very pleasantly surprised with how much he could feel. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire thing, however, I did give this 5 stars because he still prefers the One Zero Thin condoms. I think for him, they were still too thick and while the heat transfer was great, he preferred the band circumference on those.

As I try more and more condoms, I think it is important to note on the condom wrapper itself. The wrapper opened quite easily with the corner still staying on so that we didn't loose it making cleanup rather easy. The foil seemed sturdy, but I don't think I would throw it in my purse before a night out without putting it in a protective container first.

I would definitely buy this condom again if I want to change some things up, but I don't think it will be my new go-to condom. I think I still prefer the FC2 for non-latex options but if you are allergic to latex, I think this would be well worth a try!
from MT on
I'm not crazy about non-latex condoms, Skyn has been my choice when they are necessary. This Skyn Elite is a definite improvement over the original model and will be my new go-to when a partner has a latex allergy.
from Boston, MA on
You know when you read a review for a condom and the reviewer is all, "It's like there's nothing there!" so you give the condom a whirl and, SURPRISE! it definitely feels like you're wearing a condom? Yeah, after trying a few different condoms based in part on reviews like this I started getting pretty cynical about them. Then I found the SKYN Elite. The first time I used one my wife got pretty annoyed at me because I kept stopping to check to see if it had slipped off, because it really did feel like I wasn't wearing one. Now the SKYN Elite is my go-to condom of choice. The only downside I can see is that if the condom did slip off I probably wouldn't notice, so make sure you have the right fit (note to Lifestyles: would love to see your SKYN line available in tighter fit condoms).
from New York on
These are wonderful. They are very thin, have minimal scent, and are only lightly lubricated. My partner and I tried the original Skyns and although they were very thin, it made him feel so smooth that it still felt like a condom. Although it was still enjoyable, it left something to be desired. Now entering, Skyns Elite. It felt as if he was bare.I could feel everything. He was very satisfied as well.
from Canada on
Decent experience but I didn't get the sensitivity I was hoping for. I much prefer Okamato 004.
from Brooklyn, NY on
The Skyn Elite is an excellent condom but we won't be buying it in the future. I am uncircumcised and fit the "toilet paper tube test" perfectly for standard sized condoms. The Skyn Elite condoms on 2 occasions slipped off (as we were changing positions, not having sex so no worries, not lost inside). I trust Glyde condoms to stay in place which is our brand of choice. Skyn Elite also have a masculine feel, require more lube and aren't as smooth feeling. Definitely worth trying but not our first choice.
from DC on
I love the SKYN brand and this is by far the best type I've tried! Super-thin so it transmits happiness perfectly. The Goldilocks of condoms.
from Oregon on
This is my favorite condom! Hands down. I personally prefer non-latex condoms and I don't have a latex allergy. In general, they are softer, odorless and more sensitive. But I have always found the non-latex market to be limited. Which is why I am so happy LifeStyles has come out with this new thin condom. Definitely give it a try!
from USA on
As a loyal Lifestyle user, I thought the SKYN condom was pretty amazing in terms of sensitivity and heat transfer, but after trying out the SKYN Elite, I can now say it blow its predecessor and everything else out of the water. Even the world's best condom, Crown Skinless, can't come close to matching it. So why I am giving it four stars instead of five? Well, unfortunately, the SKYN Elite is too tight for me (my girth is 4.75 inches) and it's a shame Lifestyle didn't release the larger version of it.

For the SKYN (and Crown Skinless as well) users who are under 4.75 inches in girth and want increased sensitivity and greater heat transfer, they won't be disappointed with this one. However, for those like me who are 4.75 inches and over, they should stick with the original SKYN Large.
from Boston on
Snug fit, no slipping, thicker and nice texture for him
Smoother, closer, and more peace of mind with no slipping for her.

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