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If you'd like more lube try SKYN Extra Lubricated
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If you'd like more room try SKYN Large

Try the SKYN Extra Studded in our Ultimate Non-Latex Sampler (Standard Fit).

A few years ago, when the good people at Lifestyles told us (on the down-low) they were going to introduce this new masterpiece in condom innovation: SKYN Intense Real Feel (now re-named SKYN Extra Studded), it was hard not to shout about it from the rooftops. A bit dramatic you think? Well then, you've likely never tried a polyisoprene* condom.  New condom materials (read: non-latex condoms) are the next direction for increased safer sex pleasure. And mind you, you don't need a latex sensitivity to begin enjoying the Lifestyles SKYN line. SKYN Extra Studded is what happens when LifeStyles takes their already fantastic non-latex condom, SKYN, and adds a wave pattern of texture – Intensely deep studs on the areas along the condom that (studies have shown) maximize stimulation and pleasure.

*Polyisoprene – a scientifically formulated non-latex material that offers the strength of latex while delivering ultimate sensitivity – provides a softer, more natural feel than latex. While polyisoprene condoms are ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivities, many couples prefer them to latex condoms altogether.

Lifestyles (aka Manix in Europe and Ansell in Australia) are produced to the highest global standards. 


Reviews for LifeStyles | SKYN Extra Studded
4.6 out of 5, based on 23 reviews
from MN on
5 stars! Definitely ordering more of these! I like all of the Skyn products! They do a great job! :)
from WI on
Great fit and it stayed in place well. The ribs made a large difference for my partner.
from NJ on
I purchased these because I have a latex sensitivity and was hoping these would be ok. They were great, no irritation. Will purchase again.
from AZ on
This is my favorite condom hands-down, it just gives a little extra sensation that makes sex great!
from NY on
Great condom
from Texas on
Found a replace for the old Billy Boy Studded! Nicely done - provides a nice added sensation that my wife can feel.
from USA on
After enjoying the SKYN Extra Lubricated many times we decided to try the studded variety. While the quality and sensation was the same as other SKYN versions we didn't enjoy the studded as much as we thought. As others stated, the lubricant dried out faster than the Extra Lubricated variety. Overall though, any of the SKYN condoms are much better than their latex alternatives which is why this deserves a 4/5. if studded is your thing, this condom is the way to go. However, this is our second favorite in the SKYN line. Extra lubricated is #1 and the original is in third. We will probably try the ultra thin next.
from Virginia on
I felt like this condom was slightly more fitted (in a good way). My partner noticed a difference with this condom, with a more pleasant sensation, which is unusual for him. We've tried several other studded condoms that did not provide any difference in sensation, so we were pleasantly surprised by this! Specifically, we had tried the EXS ribbed/dotted one, and this one was much better for my partner (did not notice any difference in sensation from our usual condoms with the EXS one). I did not really notice a difference myself, but still would use this one again!
from New Jersey on
3 out of 5 stars :(

Maxwell from New Jersey

As a SKYN product, SKYN Studded condoms are still extremely durable, and a perfect alternative for anyone who has a latex allergy. However, compared to its other types, these ones come with some rather unpleasant exceptions.

My partner and I talked about these, and over all, they are not bad condoms. But the reason they receive three stars and not four or five is for these few reasons:
1) They offered no noticeable enhancement of pleasure
2) The studs are a bit tough, and actually caused a bit of pain on my (the male's) end
3) Similar to SKYN Classic condoms, they dry out fast, even with a LOT of lubrication

For that reason, I cannot give these condoms more than three stars, as they claim to enhance pleasure. Instead, SKYN Studded condoms seem to have an adverse effect on pleasure, though with enough patience and lubrication, it can be achieved. :p
from U.S. on
I ordered a sampler pack, and this was hands down my favorite of the 12. Like my experience with other SKYN condoms, this felt roomy, comfortable, close, and it's latex-free so has little smell. It's a little bit thicker than the others I've reviewed, but that's probably because it has nice textured studs that were really pleasing. Also, the lube is amazing--perfect balance between the Original and Extra Lube versions and it made my skin feel moisturized/soft afterwards.
from Anonymous on
They filled out their purpose, I was able to have sex. But on the other hand the lunrication went away after a few minutes, and the ridges started to feel painful after a few minutes as well. When both of us finished it was not very pleasant. We bought this product because the reviews were good, but we were wrong. I'm not going to buy these again.
from Japan on
Pretty excellent. Loved the Love the fact that it's not latex, even though we're not allergic. Buying more today.
from Boston on
4.5 stars, like this brand and the ridges seemed like a bonus. I didn't really feel them, only when I touched my partner. My partner also only felt the ridges when he put it on. It's comparable to the others in the line, really nice fit and works really well, no slipage!
from San Diego on
Very pleased with these. My first non latex condom, not sure what to expect but they were great!
from Wisconsin on
Great condom, awesome feel! Most importantly she loves them! I need to get me some more.
Thanks Lucky bloke
from Chile on
Great condoms! Great sensations! Nice experience! I totally recomend this condoms!It's like nothing in there!
from Estonia on
Great condom, no smell at all, regular shape maybe we needed it to be slightly larger. Textures were good, also it transfers the body heat. Very good one!(I like the design of the brand) "Success!"
from West Point, MS on
Hands down the best condom ever. My boyfriend had to check a few times to make sure it was still on because he could not feel it there. We both have a latex allergy and most condoms you can not feel the studs. With the Skyn intense feel I could feel every ridge. This condom is so awesome I will definitely buy again and again!
from Colorado on
The SKYN Intense Feel was a great condom! The non-latex material was ultra-sensitve and the subtle ribs/studs put it over the top. My only complaint is that Lifestyles / SKYN needs to make this condom in a large size.
from Canada on
I really was not sure what to expect from this condom as I have tried ones that are supposedly similar. I had heard a lot of positive things and decided to give it a try with my last order. I was absolutely not disappointed and neither was my partner. It really didn't feel like I was wearing much at all, and just like the last reviewer, I felt the need to check if it was still on. At the very least this condom is worth a try.
from Illinois on
We tried the regular SKYN condom & loved it, and then we found this one. Not only did this condom feel incredible, my boyfriend said he felt like there was nothing there (he even had to check a few times). The texture on it isn't terribly noticeable, at least to me, but my boyfriend said he could definitely feel it. I will absolutely be purchasing this one again...and again...and again...
from DFW on
I initially purchased the Sampler pack from Lucky Bloke. I was incredibly frustrated with the condoms available at stores. Primarily the smell, completely killed the moments. Also sizing and quality were issues. I researched online to find Lucky Bloke and not for sure what would work I purchased the Sampler pack. Amongst them were the Skyn. These were drastically different in terms of essentially not knowing they were even there. There was no linger a smell, sizing was perfect and no breakage. The feel is incredible; I will say they are a bit thick which helps in the sensitivity area.
from los angeles on
Greatest invention since the wheel!!!

Our favorite was LifeStyle extra lubricated until this AMAZING condom came around!
The extra lub did dry out after a while (we would like to specify: a while, not a few minutes) which is still better than any other condom out there but Intense Feel doesn't dry out at all!
It last, last and last! Like the battery Bunny...
It feels like there is nothing on at all, no exaggeration!
My partner says it makes everything "tighter" for him (the bumps on the sides feel like they are causing friction that enhance his feeling
For me, I don't really feel the bumps, but i don't mind at all because it just feel like there is no condom at all, it is so sensual, sensitive, i really forget it is there as soon as he has it on.
It makes sex scrumptious, intense, a unique sensation....

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