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Luxury Condom with Water-based Lubricant
Okamoto (the leading brand in Japan, as well as the makers of Crown and Beyond Seven), known for their stellar advances in latex technology introduce the WINK collection featuring SLIDER a new super thin (.04mm) condom with the purest, premium water-based aloe lubricant.

While, Japanese condoms are known for their ability to be ultrathin without compromising on strength and durability, Okamoto pushes all pleasure boundaries.

These ultra-thin sheaths are made from Sheerlon, an advanced extra-sheer material more advanced than standard latex. You'll notice the thinness of this condom provides an exceptional feel without compromising strength.
  • Length: 7.09" / 180mm
  • Width: 2.106" / 53mm
  • Thickness: 0.04mm
* Length +/- .04 and Width +/- 0.79

Triple tested to meet the world’s highest regulatory standards.

SIZING TIP: if you require a more tailored fit, but desire Okamoto’s advanced Japanese latex technology, try their Beyond Seven condoms.

CRITICAL PERFORMANCE TIP:  ALL condoms, especially ultra-thin condoms, require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Treat yourself to our Variety Lube 6-pack, an affordable way to try different lubes and find your favorite. 

MAXIMIZING PLEASURE TIP: When you're certain the condom you're using fits properly be sure to add a few drops of lube inside the condom and apply a generous amount outside for mutual pleasure.

Reviews for Okamoto | WINK Slider - NEW!!
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
from my couch on
Same fantastic quality and performance as the standard WINK model "Closer" but with some added slippery action that we enjoyed - not too much nor too little supplemental lubrication but a decent amount to know it's there.

To save you a click, here is the review I left for WINK: Closer. ---

Decided to give this new skin a test run because we've tried just about every other thin piece out there, and it was exciting to see something new - especially with it being an Okamoto product, as they very rarely let us down. No lies, I slapped this baby on then all I heard next was "wwwWHOA!" coming from the misses. Honestly can't remember the last time she had such a profound reaction like that to a new skin. Pretty cool! Anyway, it fit very similar to other Okamoto / Japanese products - meaning they seem to hold on just a liiittle bit tighter than global competitors. I do wish they were a bit looser [personally], but this really isn't detracting because they seriously are that awesome. I'll stfu and deal with a little extra squeeze for these things any day. Wifey agrees. P.S. to save you a few minutes, we tried the Slider variant as well [with the added lubrication]. Yep, you guessed it. Freakin' great, just a little more slippery. Get both

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