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ONE Vanish Hyperthin Condoms are a fusion of advanced product design and leading-edge manufacturing technology. 35% thinner than standard condoms, they are made with an advanced latex formula called Sensatex, ONE Vanish are softer, smoother, clearer and purer – providing a more pleasurable experience for both and your partner.

Manufactured with an ultra-purified premium latex formula. Premium lubricated for gliding comfort. Meets all safety standards.

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking).

SIZING TIP: if you require a more tailored fit, but desire advanced ULTRATHIN technology, try Beyond Seven condoms.

Reviews for ONE | Vanish
3.7 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
from my couch on
Not sure why this product is catching some heat as I thought it performed very well. The quality is great. Thinness is definitely noticeable [by both participants]. And the built-in deluxe lubricant is wonderful! This skin ranks high on performance for sure. However - I had to deduct a star due to the snug factor. I don't mind a little squeeze, but without this sleeve being marketed as a snug fit or at least a heads-up in the packaging or description, was kind of a bummer. I mean this thing had a pretty good squeeze on me... don't get me wrong, we got the job done but def too tight for my [personal] preference. That being said, if you enjoy a squeezer like this or are a purveyor of these snug fitters, I promise you won't be disappointed in the performance.
from kansas on
Again from ONE, not bad by any means but there are just MUCH better condoms on this sight (004, Kimono), a bit tight and it felt thin but not super thin, which i guess could be good if you are nervous about breakage and things like that.
from USA on
It was okay.......... but there were others we were able to try which were better.
Big enough for a standard/large. Not the worst but not my thing.
Maybe others will like it more?
from Washington on
I tried this condom because of the thinness and contacted a rep from the One company who replied that the thinness is about .047 mm, which puts it on par with Crown Skinless at .046mm. This condom allows a lot of the warmth to pass through and has a really silky feel to it with a little lube added to the inside and out. The negatives were that it was so tight all over and that it also still felt a little like rubber latex rather than having a natural skin.
from Missouri on
As my wife and I chose this condom, I wasn't sure what too expect, given I have only used "ONE" once. Thankfully, it was a very pleasant experience! This condom did not have a strong or pungent odor, as that can easily be a turn off or a distraction for some. The shape of the condom gave more head-room, which can be good or bad for some, but personally, I'd rather have a tighter fit all around and not more loose up top. Thankfully, this condom was also the right fit for my circumference, so slip/lose of grip wasn't an issue at all! As far as the lube goes, we didn't have any issues with it drying out too quickly or not feeling pleasant, so that's a win! Finally, the feel was great! There wasn't any major lose of sensation so everything felt great, but again, that can be either a good or bad thing depending on the preference.
from USA on
Fit is great and it didn't budge.

The feel is pretty close to that nothing there feeling that we strive so hard to get out of every condom.

No latex odor.

The lubricant that comes on it is super oily/greasy. I suppose this isn't an issue really, but it is pretty gross to me...almost like used cooking oil. We were using this condom with a lube, so we didn't notice the lubricant that came on it after applying our own.

My husband, who now has very high standards for condoms thanks to LB, said he really enjoyed this one and will happily use it again.

And then came the "but..."

BUT....the packaging is awful. There I sat, on my knees with my big, bare rump in the air for a good minute waiting for him to gear up before he was finally able to retrieve the condom from its wrapper...after tearing it open with his teeth. Though it didn't cause an issue for us, I could see that going wrong in so many ways, so a star is lost to the poorly-planned pouch.
from MT on
Great feel, but it's a bitch to open in the moment.
from Canada on
My boyfriend and I absolutely loved it. It felt like there was nothing on and it was well lubricated as well! Will definitely order more of these!
from Ireland on
I wasn't a big fan of these condoms mainly because they felt a bit plasticky and thick. My partner also said that they weren't as good as other thin condoms we've tried.
You definitely have to add extra lube to One Vanish to enjoy the experience, so I suggest investing in that.
If you want to impress your partners with a fantastic looking packaging design, these are the ones for you. The golden wrapper looks amazing, altho it is a bit hard to open, so be prepared to use your teeth.
from Oklahoma on
Just like the other reviewer, I was not a fan of the packaging. This may sound trivial, but I was worried I was going to rip the ultrathin condom while opening the package, due to the package design. As for performance, I thought the fit was fine for a medium, but it did not feel as thin as the others in the sampler pack. So I reduced one star for packaging and one star for feel.
from Canada on
While it's not the thinnest condom out there that I have tried, it does everything that an ultra thin condom should. It's smooth, silky, and transfers heat body heat well. I find ONE brand's circular condom wrappers to be a little trickier to open compared to the traditional square type, but it doesn't detract from the overall experience. I would definitely suggest giving the ONE Vanish a try.

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