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Size: 3-pack / Non-Latex / Synthetic Resin

Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom.

UNIQUE PULL is about to rock your condom world. Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex.

The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan.

They also feature innovative ergonomic pull tabs that detach effortlessly after helping to apply the condom.

Length: 170 mm – 6.69 inches
Width: 53-56mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm

Looking for a LARGER non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE PLUS!


NOTE: If you require a slimmer or tighter fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.


1.   Pull tabs should be facing up.

2.   Pull the condom on an erect penis by pulling the pull strips toward the base of the penis.


3.   When condom is fully unrolled the strips detach.

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis.   However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.


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Reviews for UNIQUE PULL Condoms
4.7 out of 5, based on 66 reviews
from FL on
I never thought condoms could be like this. I've been searching for a tolerable nonlatex condom for ages and so glad I finally stumbled into these as part of the sampler pack. Didn't even finish trying out others in the lack, went straight to purchasing these. They feel almost realistic , and are great not just as a latex replacement, but feel much better than latex for me and him. No weird smells or textures as I have experienced in the past. These are my new goto!
from USA on
I have NEVER been able to feel anything with any of the multiple brands of condoms i've tried and then we found this brand. It actually lets me feel so much better and I can actually finish with it on which makes sex much less of a "chore" for me now and something I look forward to. Would really love these to be available widely (walmart/amazon/etc) and in larger amounts (like a 10 or 30 pack). Thank you guys so much for creating a product that has let me turn something that I was starting to hate back into something that I wanted to do regularly.
from WA on
These condoms may be considered as a non-latex option by men with standard size penises, however for large size people, this is not it. Unlike latex condoms, these do not stretch at all, so there is no leeway. While I'm not reducing the rating because of the condom width, because I believe these are meant for standard sizes and advertised as such, I think these condoms are way too short even for their intended target, so you need to be very careful when using these.
Even when you disregard the sizing issues, the pull system used to put the condom on is flawed, as it is very easy to pull out the guide 'ribbons' completely and if that happens, it is almost impossible to get the condom in place. The flap design of the newer Unique Plus condoms is much better, as it allows for readjustment and is more forgiving.
from Canada on
4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Impression
I really enjoyed this condom. It's such a refreshing alternative to just thinner and thinner latex. Just about everything about the condom is unique compared against a traditional condom. The packaging is thin, flat, plastic. The condom is made out of resin, and the way you put it on differs as well.

Fit and Feel
This condom feels great! The heat transfer was phenomenal and for the first few strokes, it felt like I wasn't wearing a condom at all.

The material feels like a less stretchy version of cling film.

My one complaint is that the bottom of the condom is a bit loose, as there is no ring to hold it snug against the penis. The condom just unrolls and the material just sort of stays there. I had to be careful to hang onto it while withdrawing after ejaculation.

Smell and Taste
I didn't notice a smell with this condom.

I would highly recommend everyone try this condom at least once; it's such a different experience from your standard condom.

It is one of my favourite condoms, and it ranks close to the top for feel, but the cost and fit bring it down a notch.
from NE on
I've tried all the non-latex condoms that can be found in the store. All of them caused me pain even before the act was finished, and left me irritated for days. I wish I'd found these a long time ago! They do feel a bit "crinkley", which made me nervous; I expected there to be irritation afterward. But nope! My husband says he can definitely feel the heat transfer better with this brand too!
from Virginia on
I found out about this condom 2-3 years ago, and now it's one of the only brands I use! I love how it makes me feel closer to my partner, rather than feel like there's something in-between us. The fit is perfect, the feel is nonexistent! By far my favorite brand of all times!
from USA on
Like the compact size that they can fit anywhere, especially easily in a wallet for those just in case moments.
Go on easily with pulls tabs.
The feel is awesome, there is lots of heat transfer and my wife loves them because they feel good compared to some of the mainstream condoms. Used a little bit of coconut oil on the oustide.
Have already reordered more!
from Eu on
Always hesitated to order cause of price, so got it as sample.. Must admit, they are great, from packaging,, to material to all.. Its a bit messy to put it first few times, ore if you in the heat of passion and you need it straight on, a bit kills the moment, but I believe its first few times.. I had no squicky sound as some say, the material is so soft, like skin, this is the most comfortable condom I used by now, we complitely forgot its on. No smell.. By now, I like them most and I think I tried almost all.
from Chicago on
Note: Product was applied as suggested (sans lubrication) to an uncircumcised penis and used for masturbation without any additional external lubrication either.

I really enjoyed the tactile feeling of this product. It's a little weird to put a dry condom on a dry penis, but this product definitely felt like it was better at transferring things with that as the case, which is as advertised.

It definitely has a unique fit and feel to it. I'll admit, it seemed so thin that going on dry, I was worried about it breaking. However, as I continued using the condom, I realized that it was not only transferring sensation better than any other condom I used before, but it was also HIGHLY resilient. After I was done with it, I actively tried to break it, and found it exceedingly difficult to even intentionally break the condom!

The product had no discernable odor, which was wonderful. I'd definitely consider using one of these as an oral sex barrier! My one "major" concern with it, however, was the sound. It definitely was a bit more crinkly in the way that it sounded while using it.

Compared to my typical condom preference (Trojan Ecstasy), this felt like it did a really good job at both seeming pretty secure and allowing my foreskin to move, which is something that's very important to me as it's where I derive a lot a pleasure

The only reason I can't feel like I can give this a full five stars is because the instructions on the packaging don't really help you know which way is correct for putting it on, and if you're going to be unique, that's a must!
from US on
Easy to put on - much quicker than traditional latex condoms

My husband said it was the best experience he ever had with a condom; that it was the closest to that like-nothing-is-there feeling that he's ever experienced

Went on like a second skin, fitting tightly enough to stay in place, but not so tight that he could feel it was there during sex.

I actually put this condom on him myself, which I've never done on any guy before and it was a pretty cool, but sexy experience; we simultaneously realized that the unique application of this product could provide sort of an icebreaker for partners not as comfortable as we are

The packaging alone makes you feel like you are in for a 5 star experience

The ONLY thing I think someone could complain about with this product is the extra materials you need to throw away when it's time to clean up, but this wasn't an issue for us at all.
from FL on
Found a winner! Every time i've used a condom, I always said to myself, "why don't they put a label so you know which way is out".
These guys go this figured out!

It's simply the easiest condom to put on, and you don't even feel it. Believe me, I've gone bareback many times when I should not have risked it, simply because I HATE CONDOMS!
These Unique Pull are worth every penny.

Some reviews mentions them being noisy, I never had this problem. Completely satisfied. I just ordered a nice supply after testing.
from California on
Well, like others here, I was skeptical. But the more I used this condom, the more familiar I got with how to deploy-it. Like the packaging says, you use "pull tabs" to pull the condom on, no unrolling onto the penis. I actually think the pull tabs are easier and kinda cool to put on. I mean, if you have to stop the hot-moments anyway, u might as well get this condom biz out of way and do it efficiently. It's a momentary break in the action, and I think faster and easier to put on. Having said that, I think the important step is to lube up well AFTER you have put it on DRY. Lubing the outside will prevent any dry feeling during the action and then it enhances the "real feel" that much more. I have a hard time cumming with a condom on anyway, but the thinness of this condom, combined with the heat transfer and then the final lubing up really does the trick and it actually works (for me). Please understand, this condom is not elastic however (like latex), so it will not stretch. I have some wider girth and was worried, but this condom fits perfectly. I can see it might be a little loose on thinner guys and tight on guys with even more thickness. You just have to try it out to know. Good luck as a condom search can take forever. At least I can feel that I now have found something I can live with. Hope it helps. p.s. I have had no breakage issues either
from Missouri on
Alright! So I thought this condom was interesting. I'm not sure if I would go so far to say it was absolutely freaking amazing, but I'll get to why below.

So these are non-latex condoms made out of synthetic resin, making them vegan. If you are like me and have no idea what synthetic resin is, it basically felt like saran wrap.

As you may have noticed by the description, these are not condoms that you just take out of the packaging and put on with your fingers. First, they come dry without lube in this cottony wrap thing with two pull tabs. You put the condom on the penis (making sure that it rolls correctly BEFORE putting it on the penis/object of insertion), and use the pull tabs to get it down the shaft. This wasn't I would say a put-off, just a very interesting experience to go through whilst preparing for intercourse.

I also find it important to note that these didn't really have a band at the bottom; the raw edge was just rolled into the condom. On my partner it was a little loose, but still functional.

Now for performance! It didn't break and it felt great! My partner and I both thought it was great and since it wasn't made out of latex, it didn't dry me out inside. I'm not kidding that it felt great, it really did!!!!

So I think that just for the "different" factor, and the fact that it's non-latex I would recommend this. I really think that the non-latex ones feel SO MUCH BETTER than latex ones.
from Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil on
This condom was an indication of a friend, and existed in pharmacies in our city. We were exhausted and my hubby was emphatic in saying that the condom is fantastic, the feeling of nothing being used. The product has disappeared from our city and our country (and we suspect it is pressure from local producers). Fortunately we found it here.
from VA on
My husband and I recently started having to use condoms again after 8 years of condom free sex. This has been quite the adjustment for us (thankfully only temporary). We have tried a few different brands and this one is the only one that has worked for us so far. It really feels like nothing is there at all for both myself and my husband! We did find that we had to use more lube than normal, but it is well worth it. If you have any issues of losing full sensation with your current condoms, I suggest trying these right away. The pulls tabs are a little weird, but also kind of a cool design.
from California on
We had a chance to try the unique plus and we both thought it was great. My wife was a bit skeptical when I first opened the pack but we used it. She said that she almost couldn't tell I was wearing a condom. In fact she had me stop and check multiple times to make sure it hadn't come off. I loved that I could feel so much heat through them. I think we may have found a new favorite.
from Sydney on
Pretty Good!
from USA on
As someone who is both a bit bigger and a lot less sensitive... These saved me!

Ya, they are a bit different, but that is a good through! They are definitely worth a shot if you are looking for more sensation!
from Japan on
Medium. Definitely didn't enhance our experience and also didn't meet out expectations after seeing all the positive reviews, video promos, price, etc.
The material was really different from what I'm comfortable with. It was crinkly and srange enough that I found it distracting at best.
I preferred trying ALL the other condoms from the order, and our next order as well, rather than using the other two in the unique pull pack.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Mar 05, 2016
Thanks for your review, as it illustrates when the UNIQUE PULL condom does not fit properly it will seem "crinkly". When the condom fits properly, the material is taut and smooth across the penis. Thanks again for your great feedback, LBHQ
from New Zealand on
Love the packaging, the fact you can easily carry 3 for a long night out, and the really easy way to put them on. They feel great too :) Won't be going back to store-bought condoms now!
from USA on
Definitely different in terms of material, they're crinkly sounding. Even while on...but from reading the reviews I'm assuming my partner is maybe a little on the slimmer side? Not sure, but it isn't a big enough deal that either of us have a problem with it (and they are staying in place fine). They seem to be comfortable, packaging is awesome, and I love that they don't smell like anything. Like they really are a very neutral material if that makes sense. I definitely recommend!
from California on
Generally condoms are a necessary evil, you have to use them if you are sexually active. This condom makes sex better. I've used other non-latex condoms. I find them to be better then latex because they transmit heat better (less insulation), they transmit friction better and last but not least, I am allergic to latex, so prolonged use of a latex condom is out of the question. This particular condom is very thin. This allows for much better body heat transmission. The condom is, for lack of better adjective, more crinkly. It is not scratchy, but you do feel it and by having this unusual texture, it makes intercourse amazing. Because of the texture and thinness, the sensation is more intense and the resulting orgasm is just a bit more over the top. Even if my girlfriend did go on the pill, I would still use these things. I have used both silicone and water based lube with these condoms without any deleterious affects. Not one of them broke.
from Cleveland TN, USA on
Great condom. Add a couple drops of lubricant inside before putting on with pull tabs and it is as close to using nothing at all than any other condom I have used before. I was so impressed I gave a pack to my son.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Jul 21, 2016
Hey Mike, thanks for your feedback. We wanted to alert you to a safety concern from the manufacturer. While a few drops of lube in other condoms is absolutely recommended for both safety and pleasure, you should NOT add lube inside of the Unique Pull condom as this can cause the condom to break. Try it without the lube and we are certain you will still be amazed by the feel and performance. Best, LBHQ
from Quebec on
The quality and ease-of-use of these condoms makes them my all-time-favorites. After one or two times applying this condom, it becomes the easiest condom to apply and always amazes my sex partner as it magically unrolls down my shaft. There is absolutely nothing thinner or better feeling than this condom. Heat and sensation is just incredible.

The cost is about $4.00 each in Canadian dollars (current exchange rates of over 30%) for these almost hand-crafted gems, while this might seem a little too rich for most sexually active users. But in my case, when you consider that I need to add another $22 for my preferred ED medication and other incidental cost (wine and dinning). It makes absolute sense to not go cheap on protection and sensation.

The only issue I've run into is one of trust by the sex partner on first time use, because they've never seen one or heard of them before. It does take some reassuring, discussion and finally because they are so professionally packed, acceptance. But some of the partners want you to pull out mid action from time to time because they too cannot believe the sensation and require visible confirmation that the condom is still in-place and intact.

I've read other reviews that users of similar condoms complain about a cellophane sound that these condoms produce but I've never heard it once they are in place and instantly warmed up. There have been no issues or breakage so far and I wholeheartedly recommend them. I'm slightly larger than average size where normal condoms feel too tight and restrictive so I used to use oversize condoms and these fit perfectly and could even handle slightly larger girths.

from San Francisco on
Unique Pull are the best condoms I've tried so far so I bought a year supply. I bought a sampler pack of different size large condoms that I picked based on the listed sizes and some were better than others, but the Unique pulls definitely felt better and fit me the best. Even though thickness is not specified, the Unique Pull website says they are 30 microns (or 0.03 mm) thick if you want to compare. They do not come prelubricated so make sure you have lube.
from NYC on
Very good feel. Interesting put on. I would recommend.
from USA on
I'm about average length but above average girth. The width was perfect for me and had a little bit extra length for guys who need it, but it doesn't get in the way. The sensation is spectacular, it's very close to wearing nothing at all. I highly recommend this product.
from UK on
these are the only condoms I've found that I can use without suffering from "condom droop". They go on incredibly quickly and easily. The fact that they are super thin and transmit heat so effectively is an added bonus. It's true they feel and sound a little strange at first but that's a very minor negative in what is a fantastic product.
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