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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom. Now Even Larger.

UNIQUE PLUS: The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan. Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs.  

Length: 190 mm – 7.48 inches
Width: 60-62mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm


NOTE: If you require a slimmer/tighter fitting or standard fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.  

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis. However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.


Reviews for UNIQUE PLUS!! Condoms
4.6 out of 5, based on 27 reviews
from Louisiana, USA on
My partner loves these. He can feel more heat being transferred. The shipping is fast, complimentary lube and wipes are included, and I recieve a thank note each time I order. I have ordered these four times!
from California on
Yeah. They're definitely strange at first but for a thicker guy I've always had trouble finding anything that wasn't restrictive. As close to feeling like nothing is there as I can imagine... Really great find!
from Amarillo on
So the true struggle for me when buying condoms was finding onez that fit my width. Most of the condoms are too tight and almost hurt for me. Then when I would find some that were wide enough, they would be too thick and reduce the pleasure. The unique plus condoms fix both of these problems from me and are by far the best ones that I have tried, and I have tried a lot. Applying then took a little getting used and they are a little more expensive, but worth every penny. I highly recommend.
from PacNW on
This is by far the best condom for anonymous oral sex, hands down. It's primarily because of the significant amount of heat transfer and sensation that is transmitted through the extremely thin but super strong clear AT-10 material that these are made from. You can actually see right through the fully transparent condom, and the recipient(s) of your fellatio performance will tell you that it feels pretty much as though they are wearing close to nothing at all. They are more expensive than latex condoms, but because of the super sensation they provide during oral sex they are worth every penny. Stay safe but don't forfeit a quality oral experience. Being single and remaining sexually active poses a significant challenge when it comes to steering clear of STI's in this day and age. The CDC showed 468,514 reported cases of Gonorrhea alone in 2016. That's 145 cases per 100,000 people. You can have your cake and eat it too (a rather large slice of it, at that) with Unique Plus. Try a pack, both you and your next encounter will truly be amazed.
from VA on
These are amazing, so thin and Allie for much larger cock size. The only complaint I've had is that they feel like they might come off, but haven't yet.
from GA on
These are my go to condoms. I've tried the Ones, Skyn , and the Japanese latex condoms. These are superior. They feel amazing, are easy to put on, and the packaging impresses most. Just make sure you don't put them on backwards! Great for a girthy uncircumcised guy.
from NYC on
These are the best condoms I have ever used. They are totally weird when you first open them, but they feel absolutely awesome for both men and women. My partner could not believe how incredible they felt the first time we used them (hint: you’ll be extra sensitive, so they may take a bit to get used to if you don’t want to orgasm quickly!!) No chafing, excellent sensation, and they are very strong. My partner has never been able to find non-latex condoms that were big enough for him before we discovered these, so we are simply thrilled.
from Florida usa on
I don’t write reviews. I don’t trust what people have to say. Most likely marketers. But here I am, watching tv with my wife and going through emails. Lucky bloke wants me to write a review about unique plus. Here’s my review. If you use this Condom, you’ll never want to use another Condom other than this brand again. They are not like any other Condom. The first time, is a little confusing. But once you figure it out. You will never buy any other Condom again. It’s feels like nothing at all. We both agree on that. But it does the job. I love them, I’ll never buy anything else.
from NC on
These are simply the best! It is the closest thing to nothing that I've ever used. Also, the circular base that you use to pull these on is better than the pull tabs on the the unique pull. As others have also said, these are the only larger condoms that I've used that don't fit too tightly at the base. All in all, they are definitely worth the money!
from Florida on
I am still shocked. I have always had a problem with condoms. None are wide enough. The last time a lady measured me the girth was 7". Actually the base is even a little wider. I have been using Magnum XL's but found them too think, and they squeezed me so tight it cut out sensitivity as well as hurt at the base where the ring is. Sometimes it affected me not being able to climax. I have tried others including the My Size 64mm and the 69mm. I even had one of the Naked Luxury. They were all still too tight and some kept riding up.

I was advised to try a 3 pack of the Unique Plus. I just admit I opened one up to try it out alone. It seemed very weird. I even went online afterwards to find a you tube video to check it out. It seems like paper thin saran wrap so I was not sure how it would actually work with intercourse....especially for a prolonged amount of time. Well I found out today...THE BEST CONDOM EVER! It felt almost like nothing was on. I will be reordering :-). I just wish we could get a quantity discount because they are more expensive...but worth it compared to any other condom I have ever tried.
from California on
I really wanted to like these, I had the same experience as MAX (see his review). 60mm sounds fairly large, but they don't stretch. I had a hard time with the installation part and I have a 6" girth. Also Max is right in that it is really made for someone who is 5 1/2" long. That is the length of the tube part and then another 1 1/2"+ for the skirt, which I thought was to go against ones body. I'm 6 1/2" long. My long distance girlfriend wasn't around to see if they would still work,so with that being said, I really liked the material once on. Once I took it off, I tried to stretch it by hand and they stretch a bit, but they don't unstretch at all.
from United states on
This was an excellent condom and the only that has fit me properly so far. I look forward to purchasing more of this brand
from USA on
First of all I want to thank Lucky Bloke. All it took was a second order of a 6-pack variety for them to match me with this condom. All I explained to them is what I'm going to explain to you.

The first order I bought was for the MY.SIZE 69 thinking I had finally found what I needed to roll all the way down. Additionally I bought a MY.SIZE 64. The MY.SIZE 69 rolled down and stayed there. but I had far too much wiggle room in the rest of the condom. So off to the MY.SIZE 64 .... this condom rolled back up on me like all others in the past, it just took seconds longer to do so. And, I did not like the material. So I asked Lucky Bloke for suggestions for me.

I was sent a three pack of these Unique Plus along with (1) Okamoto Mega Big Boy, (1) Naked Luxury (Purple), & (1) Skins XXL. These Unique Plus were the last ones I tried.

I'm going to get a bit personal. My penis is 1.75" diameter at the head and all the way down my shaft until the last inch where my penis is a minimum of 2" diameter. The circumference at my penis' base is 7" plus. Okay.

Okamoto Mega Big Boy are too tight and the basically hurt and roll forward, for me. The rubber is medium thick so sensation will not be good, either.

Skins XXL are tight and they took seconds longer for the condom to roll forward on me, again. Not a good fit for me. Plus they are extremely thick rubber.

Naked Luxury (Purple) I was able to roll all the way down and while they will fit a shaft diameter of 1.75" they will roll forward if the base of the penis is thicker than that. The rubber for these is better/thinner but nothing at all like Unique Plus condoms. You might as well call the rubber for these "pretty standard."

Now to get to Unique Plus... I was amazed when I put it on that there wasn't a ring holding the condom on. Instead this condom conformed to every minuscule fiber of my penis. It became my penis. Nothing like this ever have I encountered. It is so thin the sensation exceeds outstanding.

A 7" long penis with girth and this condom are a match. You will never find anything that provides the sensation this condom has. Noted above this condom is made for 7.5" or less penis lengths.
from the third planet from the sun on
I LOVE these condoms..My husband has a pretty big cock (6.5 girth)and this is the only non latex condom we have ever used that is big enough to EASILY slide on..It's super thin and I could feel him almost like it was bareback. We use coconut oil for lube, which is fine for this condom, but not many others..So this is my new favorite..Well worth the price. I had no irritation from this at all. We had been using the natural lambs but they were tight on my husband and these are much more comfortable for both of us.I'm super grateful for a company who provides a kick ass latex free condom for guys with big cocks..It's about damn time..Now my sex life can get back to normal..
from WA on
The Unique Plus are a step in the right direction compared to the Unique Pull, as they have flaps built into the condom itself instead of pull tabs. This allows for a much less error-prone application. The problem here however is that the flaps do not end in any finishing that would prevent the condom from ripping, so while the condom material is durable enough, you need to be careful not to rip it from the flap end.
These condoms are larger than the Pull version (with regards to both width and length), but they do not stretch, so while they are OK for penises larger than standard ones, they won't work for XL ones. I believe currently the only non-latex option for XL penises is the female condom.
from Baytown Texas on
The Unique Plus is by far the best Condom I have ever had the pleasure of using. What stands out about it for me is ....#1 the Ladies say that it's far less irritating during sex #2 they are the strongest yet thinnest prophylactic I have ever used it feels bare but you can be confident that it won't break and it will stay in place #3 as far as the price it's very affordable when considering the experience it provides . I give youguys permission to use a slogan I thought of "Being safe never felt soooo good!!!" LoL
from Indiana on
If you've read any of my other reviews, you probably know that my wife and I are huge fans of the Unique Pull, which is the original product by Unique that comes in the black pack. In fact, we currently have a regular subscription to them from Lucky Bloke if that tells you anything. So, needless to say, we were very much looking forward to doing the necessary "hands-on research" required for this particular review. ;-)

This new product from Unique, dubbed the Unique Plus, comes in a snazzy metallic blue pack and is every bit as spectacular as its black-pack counterpart. It's made of the same polyethylene material, so it stays just as strong at the same insane .015 mm thickness all while remaining virtually as flexible as latex.

As we expected based on the performance of Unique's other product, the sensitivity and heat transfer of the Unique Plus are absolutely amazing. After some frustrating experiences with the subpar performance of some thicker condoms that we had been reviewing, my wife was elated to get back to the feel and experience of a Unique condom. As soon as she felt me slip inside, she said, "That's what I'm talking about. I forgot how much I loved this brand. It's like there's nothing between us again."

Anyway, that pretty much covers all of the similarities between the Unique Pull and the Unique Plus. So, what's the difference. Well, there are a couple of significant points points.

Whereas the Unique Pull has two pull tabs on the sides (hence the name), these tabs are missing from the Unique Plus. Instead, the Unique Plus has a skirt (for lack of a better term) around the base. This is kind of odd, I'll admit, but it really didn't interfere with anything. I think this difference is really just a matter of personal preference as I really don't mind either setup. I honestly don't know why either one is necessary, but they don't adversely affect anything, so they're both fine with me.

The original Unique Pull is a little under six and three-quarters inches inches long, and the new Unique Plus comes in just shy of seven and a half inches. Also, the base of the Unique Plus is significantly wider. I consider myself to be somewhere between average and large as I seem to be able to get a pretty decent fit out of most standard- and large-sized condoms without many issues. These are no exception. Both the Unique Pull and the Unique Plus fit me without any pinching, squeezing, slipping, or sliding (the bad kind, that is), so I am ecstatic with either one. If you tend to be closer to a standard size, then go with the Unique Pull, but if you're on the larger end of the spectrum, then the Unique Plus is the way to go.

Bottom line: The Unique Plus joins the Unique Pull and the Sagami Original 0.02 as the only three condoms to receive my wife's and my prestigious five-star rating, which is reserved for only the best of the best.

I would definitely use this top-shelf product again...and again...and again...
from Georgia on
This is the first condom that gets a perfect score from me, and that both my husband and I agree on! This is our new go-to condom. I actually love how you pull the condom on, rather than rolling it. Rolling takes more finesse, where as pulling it on is a lot more straightforward.

There is a VERY slight learning curve with this condom, so you won't be able to just whip it out and put it on the first time you use it. It comes it a back of three, and it almost resembles a pack of gum, which is very good for portability. There's a soft sheath that protects each condom that you remove before use. It does look like Saran Wrap, but once you put it on, it molds to the penis (best part).

It fit my husband perfectly, and neither of us could feel it. It's the thinnest condom we've used by far, thin to the point where it made my husband nervous because he couldn't feel it, which says a lot. No smell, easy to use. Doesn't compare to anything else we've used. We will NEVER go back to latex!
from Chicago on
4.5 out of five stars
martik87 from Chicago

Note: Product was applied as suggested (sans lubrication) to an uncircumcised penis and used for masturbation without any additional external lubrication either.

Did you enjoy the product would you use it again? Why?
I really enjoyed the tactile feeling of this product. It's a little weird to put a dry condom on a dry penis, but this product definitely felt like it was better at transferring things with that as the case, which is as advertised.

How did the product fit/feel/perform?
It definitely has a unique fit and feel to it. I'll admit, it seemed so thin that going on dry, I was worried about it breaking. However, as I continued using the condom, I realized that it was not only transferring sensation better than any other condom I used before, but it was also HIGHLY resilient. After I was done with it, I actively tried to break it, and found it exceedingly difficult to even intentionally break the condom!

How did the product smell/taste/sound?
The product had no discernable odor, which was wonderful. I'd definitely consider using one of these as an oral sex barrier! My one "major" concern with it, however, was the sound. It definitely was a bit more crinkly in the way that it sounded while using it.

How does the product compare to products you have tried (in this review)?
This is the first condom I've tried specifically for review. However, compared to my typical condom preference (Trojan Ecstasy), this felt like it did a really good job at both seeming pretty secure and allowing my foreskin to move, which is something that's very important to me as it's where I derive a lot a pleasure

The only reason I can't feel like I can give this a full five stars is because the instructions on the packaging don't really help you know which way is correct for putting it on, and if you're going to be unique, that's a must!
from Mississippi on
These are the best non-latex condoms that I've found so far. They feel great, go on easily, and fit very well.
from Michigan on
1) The product was enjoyable and I would use again...though I would like there to be some changes to the product. The main perk, and most important thing with this product though is the thinness and sensation the condom offers.

2) The product fits well. I see it is 60-62mm, which is much needed for me since average/large/xl condoms in the US cap at 56mm. This helped. It felt snug, yet not too tight where it was uncomfortable. Length wise, the condom didn't seem to leave much additional room free. I believe it says the condom is about 7.5 inches long. I am around 7 long, and 6 girth, and I felt like I filled the condom up without much room to spare. Just a note for those who may be longer.

Also, a change I would make is the ending of the condom. It doesn't have a tight end base like most condoms, so this bubble wrap base that sort of fluffs out is a little weird. It is probably something you get used to, but since most of us guys aren't used to a condom like this, it will be an adjustment and a little weird for you and your partner potentially.

Lastly, I think putting on a condom before sex should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible and I don't know if the whole concept of the pull tabs really solves that. For me, it actually added an additional layer of adjustment I wouldn't normally have with a condom, just because I was not used to it. Again, if I only used these moving forward, that might change.

3) I had no issues with the smell of the condom. In fact, I noticed no odor, which I was quite happy with.

In summary, a very good condom, that offers larger guys the size they need, without costing significant sensation issues during sex (nice!!!). It is UNIQUE...though I don't know if I like the pull tab concept or not. I will use again and provide feedback as I adjust...though I have other condoms to try still!
from Oregon on
I have been using the standard Unique Pulls for a while. If you have, and found that the "band" was a bit tight, try these!

I thought for sure it would come off... Nope! Amazing, no pinching! Can't wait for them to be back in stock!
from Virginia on
My husband and I ordered a pack of these when they first became available, since we have always struggled with finding a condom that fits him well and feels good for me. This was the first condom we tried that really fit the bill for both of us, and we're both very sad to find they're currently unavailable so we can't pick up more!

There is a bit of a learning curve for putting them on--the first time, the condom bunched up a bit and we had a hard time smoothing it back down to fully cover him. However, the second one we used went on much more smoothly, so we can only assume this was a problem with us and not with the condom.

I don't know if it's because this is the only non-latex condom we've tried, or if it's some other reason, but this condom felt AMAZING on my end too. Usually I struggle with condoms just as much as my husband does because we need to keep pausing to reapply lube. Most condoms I've tried with him are the same way--within moments, no matter how much lube we've put on it (or me!) beforehand, any pleasure is gone and all that's left is friction and burning. Not so with the Unique Plus! The first time we used it we supplemented it with a little lube, and that felt pretty good. The second time, we didn't use anything except the condom, and I was amazed to find we didn't even need it! Hands down the best experience I've ever had with a condom.

In short, once we got the hang of using the Unique Plus, we both greatly enjoyed it. It has catapulted itself from a curiosity to our favorite condom yet.
from Midwest US on
Had very high hopes for these which disappeared as soon as tried one on. I have used both of the Unique brand products; the material is amazing. But, this "Plus" is actually smaller than the original "Unique Pull". They are the same diameter. The "Pull" one extends to about 6 inches, this "Plus" extends to about 5 1/2 inches then flares out into a ring or skirt around the base to provide extra protection. The extra protection would be great, if the main part was long enough, but if you're longer than 5 1/2 inches, it becomes a problem. If you are longer than that you are better off with the "Unique Pull" (or another larger size condom) as the loose material at the base of the "Plus" will be irritating.

If they fit you, the Unique condoms feel AMAZING. And this "plus" model gets you extra protection against female-to-male fluid contact which is also something unique in the condom market. So if they fit you, 5 stars. I just wish they fit me, and 1 star for misleading description as they are no larger than the original as far as length or girth.

Still really want Unique to make a genuinely larger (longer) condom. A full 1 1/2 inches longer would not be unreasonable along with a few mm of diameter - that would put it in the same size range as say the Skyn Large. And I'm sure the smaller guys would like a smaller diameter one too. The material these are made of does not stretch, so fit is more critical than with latex.
from Montna on
Getting large to extra large condoms has been very hit or miss. These are the best condom I have ever used! They are different and the first time I put one on, the lack of a elastic band at the base seemed like it would come off. Not! it stays on and is almost like bareback. Number one on my list. But, if you don't have a large member, these will be too loose and likely fall off.

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