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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom. Now Even Larger.

UNIQUE PLUS: The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan. Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs.  

Length: 190 mm – 7.48 inches
Width: 60-62mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm


NOTE: If you require a slimmer/tighter fitting or standard fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.  

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis. However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.

 We've been told that Unique condoms feel Sagami thin.

Reviews for UNIQUE PLUS | XL Condoms
4.7 out of 5, based on 85 reviews
from Oregon on
These are definitely the *best* large condoms I have found (which is saying something, given the variety available via Lucky Bloke's samplers). As other reviewers indicate, they seem a little odd at first, but they are indeed the closest to nothing that I have found, fit well without constraint, and are latex free without an odor. The package of three have the dimensions of a thick business card and can be discreetly carried in a wallet.

LB also ships phenomenally quickly - which has advantages of its own.
from IA on
These condoms are really nice with the skirt if you're concerned about her. They are thin and fit really well. It was different at first. But, I love these condoms.
from Portland, OR on
At last, a condom that both fits my girth and transmits all or nearly all sensation. I am not THAT well endowed at 7.5 x 6.5" but every other condom on the market fits me so tight that it squeezes the life out of my little man. Not these. A breeze to put on, just pull the small tabs back. It stays put, but if I had one complaint it would be that the length is a little bit short. I would feel more confident if it were an inch or two longer. Still, it works and stays in place. Highly recommended for somewhat girthy guys.
from Florida on
Weird at first, but good fit and feel. A little distracting is the noise they make as the "skirt" crunches with squashing it.
from WI on
I really think these condoms are worth the extra expense and are sized well for larger men. I have 5.5 inches girth and they fit perfectly. Not too tight but tight enough that it was definitely not coming off. Feels like a second layer of skin and flares out at the end so there is not a tight ring at the bottom like all other L/XL condoms. If you are less than 5.5 girth I'd stay away and try the standard size. No smell whatsoever. I believe in paying more for superior products and this is one of those cases.
from Tennessee on
These are worth the extra expense. Especially because they're so easy and fast to put on. Follow the directions and put them on a dry penis. They really do sort of mold themselves to the skin after the first few moments of use, and the dry part helps with that. And after the first few moments, they're the closest thing I've found to nothing.
from Massachusetts on
These are the best condoms. No latex smell, and they’re the closest to feeling nothing at all. These are all I use now and they fit great if you’re on the larger side.
from NE Ohio on
These are hands down the best feeling condoms I've ever used and I've tried a lot of condoms from a bunch of manufacturers. These are as close as I've found to feeling like I'm not wearing a condom at all.
from Guam on
I am allergic to latex condoms and my partner is pretty big. These are enjoyable for me, I feel more heat versus a regular condom.
from New York on
Awesome... Feels like nothing and not tight. A little short... and make sure to remove the sticker
from FL on
Several condom products suggest using their product feels like you're not wearing anything. For me, this one really feels that way.
Works really well because of my girth and shape, and did not feel restrictive tightness at the end like other condoms. The condom meshed with
the skin during prolonged play. I won't use anything other than these. A little pricey but worth it.
from New York on
By far my favorite brand. The condoms are really thin and really hard to break. I highly recommend
from Nc on
They work great and are the closest thing you will find to not using one at all. They are a little strange looking when you open them. Tbh, it looks like a minintrash bag but works great. I would recommend them to people who have a relationship and are looking for a close to the real thing feeling. Would recommend 10/10.
from south carolina on
Female reviewer here- came to Unique Pull out of desperation after much suffering, or a lengthy process of discovering that I am not only allergic to latex, but polyisoprene AND polyurethane. Let me say in no uncertain terms that this product is a godsend. My Very Large Partner, who had issues with tiny Trojan Supras, and I are beyond surprised and happy. I will be stockpiling a supply.

These are so great that I’m almost mad about how much other condoms suck. I think that if knowledge of these was more widespread, this company would put mainstream vendors out of business. The thinnest rubber condom is no comparison to how great the Unique Pulls feel, and how much easier they are to use. They go on and then they just stay out of your way. And they are so, so much easier on my anatomy, and his.

-They don’t feel like condoms at all.
-I can feel ALL of his contours and he can feel responses that are not typical of sex with a rubber-based condom.
-It actually feels beneficial to use them as the outside lube is scent-free and there is just enough of it (we don’t have to add any and it’s almost unnoticed).
-None of the irritating side-effects and dryness that often are associated with rubbers and women.
-We can get these properly placed on him in less than five seconds.
-We also don’t worry about breakage, despite how thin they are
-Body heat transfer and texture are the closest thing you’ll get to wearing nothing.

That’s a list of pros. For us, there are no cons.

Thanks! We will be back. Great customer service through LuckyBloke, by the way.
from Harlem, NY on
Absolutely the closest thing out there to not wearing anything while being protected with a condom. The thinness of the condom is such that at my first few experiments with it I had to pull out more than once to check and make sure it was still on, it was THAT discreet and efficiently good :-). My GF, who doesn't care for condoms in general, was also pleasantly surprised. I also love the packaging. Very sleek, easy to pack in your pocket when taking the show on the road.
My only qualm, as mentioned in other reviews, is that it could be longer...by a good inch or so. I understand that such a model is coming out soon. I look forward to trying it out. Also, it's the priciest condom I've seen out there for my needs, but you get what you pay for in life. And this is a good investment.
from California on
This is the best fitting and feeling I have ever felt with a condom. You don't know it's there. The ONLY problem I have is it's a little short. The width is fine, but the length is short by about 1.5-2 inches. I really like the wide skirt at the end of it.
from Houston, TX on
These are simply amazing! I just wish they were longer and a little wider.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Jun 11, 2019
We've heard you! We're working with the manufacturer to bring a longer, wider version! :) Stay tuned and join our mailing list for notifications - LBHQ
from NJ on
I love the packaging for these 3 condoms. Small and discrete, and pulling one out is simple. Putting it on is unusual, as it's a pull on, rather than roll on. It looks and feels like a wrinkled piece of Saran Wrap but isn't uncomfortable. It's nice and thin and has good sensation. Because it flares at the base there is excess material that sits at the base of the penis, similar to how boot-leg jeans sit on your shoe.

Something I didn't expect is that body heat seems to make it fit better, like a shrink wrap. It gets rid of the initial wrinkles, which is nice.

There is a sticker on the condom that directs you how to apply it. "Penis goes here" with an arrow. After sex my GF freaked out because the sticker disappeared. "I don't want some sticker all stuck up my vagina!" After throwing off the sheets we found the sticker on her thigh. Luckily it was pointing to where the penis goes, so maybe it should stay there.

Overall a cool condom but I don't think I'll try again after my first three-pack.
from texas on
These are the thinnest condoms i’ve ever felt, i love the pull tabs as it makes it super easy to get on. They seem to be the perfect fit for me
from US on
Was researching thin condoms one day and came across these. 3 purchases later and we’re in love.
from Texas on
I’m a female allergic to many a things! Latex included. I used to use the Skyn condoms but they added fragrance which is a huge no can do for my body. My allergic reactions feel like I’m having a severe UTI for days... totally a sex drive killer.

Having very limited options for non latex that isn’t Skyn I decided to try these. My partner is above average, which also limited my options, and due to some differing opinions on sti safety with lamb, I decided upon these plus I tried a pack of the pull condoms from this brand and they were much much too small for my man.... it looked like a stuffed sausage about a quarter of the way through... great fun for me to watch not so much for him. Definitely caused a laugh but at the price of these baby’s, that’s an expensive laugh... the XL however fit him well width wise, length not so much. They need to be a half inch longer? Maybe more? I saw that in the summer LuckyBloke plans to launch a larger condom, but I believe it’s larger width and length.

Overall, these condoms work well, I enjoy that they are fragrance free, however I would also like a non lubricated condom for us sensitive ladies. We should be able to pick the lube that goes into our bodies, sensitive or not. Let’s just make that shift already since yes the condoms go on the man, but they are literally inside of us... let’s make a condom for men with the woman in mind? Hm? Hence why it lost a star. I did stil have a painful reaction with these, but I am a tough vag to please. Thank you for not having fragrance.
from Missouri on
Husband loved this condom...it is the first one we have tried that didn’t hurt or pinch at the base. Great heat transfer, will buy more!
from Idaho on
I ordered these at the request of my fiance. She read about these and all the reviews and figured these would be long and wide enough for me.
We had tried the lifestyle non-latex large and they seriously felt like I was being strangled.
After her reviewing the numbers and the easy guide to fit (so to speak).
I ordered them. They did arrive late, no issue with LB just the USPS.
Excited to finally have them, tried them out. The following maybe a bit blunt and forward so here goes.
The good parts they don't stink, they definitely allow heat transfer, they have a nice amount of lube on them.
Down falls (may just be me?)
They actually aren't long enough and we'll they are the widest non-latex condom we've tried and gotten but...
Not wide enough! If there was more flex and allowance for those that are wider that would have been amazing.
When you have a wide/girth type member and the head is larger then the shaft this causes a slight issue. We did try all three over a three day span and well... They are certainly heavy duty does have a sound of plastic wrap so this adds to some of the laughter in a good way. If you are packing up to that 60/62 mm item you maybe just fine.
Without some more flex those who are thicker.... LOTS OF LUBE FOR Her, as they do heat up and tend to be stiff.
LB can you make these or get these larger in length and thicker in length???? Please!!

Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Mar 20, 2019
Hey Friends! We just want to let you know the great news. Yes, we've heard you!! A longer, wider Unique Plus XL is on the way. We expect to have them in stock this summer! Best, Lucky Bloke HQ
from TX on
This is the only condom I use. I can't feel anything with anything else and gave up on condoms until I was introduced to this at a BDSM summer camp. This is the real deal.
from Miami on
Definitely my favorite condoms. Having a latex sensitivity, my go to product was usually Lifestyle Skyns (which are also pretty good) but the Unique pull condoms are definitely unique indeed. I recommend that you try them at least once, you will not be disappointed.
from USA on
I've got a latex sensitivity, a situation that really cuts down the options for condoms. These are my absolute favorite option, well worth the extra price. The heat transfer and the way they move are pretty close to nothing at all (or maybe it'd be more accurate to say the way they don't move, at least not independently). If you're considering these I'd definitely suggest trying them at least once!

I've had the opportunity to try them out with a couple partners. The guy who is circumcised was a bigger fan than the guy who isn't (although he liked them better the second time when we coordinated to apply it while his foreskin was only partially retracted). Remember not to use lube on the inside. Honestly I agree with the reviewer who said these work differently enough that it'd be useful to think of them as something other than a condom.

Since it wasn't obvious to me at first: the green 'penis this side' sticker does actually peel away. I recommend paying a bit of attention to where you're sticking it. I'm not entirely convinced that the one got on my pants when I sat on it, but I've definitely found them in my sheets later that week.
from Pittsburgh on
These are, by far, the closest thing to the feeling of "no condom" as I have ever felt. My girl and I had a pretty good chuckle at how different they are from standard roll on condoms, but they worked great. If Skyn large are too snug, definitely try these. I took a half star off because they do make that plastic bag crinkle sound, and because the stickers that show which way it should face are a pain to remove. Neither of these things affect the function of the condom, and once you've started having sex, you won't notice them anymore.
from ny on
Hands down the best condoms ever. My husband and I really dislike using condoms but I dont want to be on the pill any longer and we think 4 kids is probably enough..... let me emphasize .. we hate condoms in general... but truthfully this condom really makes it feel like theres almost nothing there. We tried a bunch of different brands and these were the only kind that not only fit correctly and not too tight but also felt as close to skin on skin as you can get. Highly recommend
from California on
These condoms are a lifesaver! My boyfriend has issues even staying hard with normal condoms because they squeeze so much, and so these bad boys really do the trick.
These you pull on, which is a bit weird but they work well. They aren’t really stretchy, but they stick to the skin and form a seal.

The only complaint is the plasticy sound that can happen, which is nothing at all.

that being said, if anyone has a recommendation for other big, non-latex condoms - let me know, I would love to try other things!
from Greece on
They are definitely worth it!

They are like a plastic wrap, not like a condom. Very thing, yet very strong.
I am a bit thinner in the base, so they do make a cricky noise in the area they do not apply as firmly, but they do stay in place just fine (and are a bit tricky to remove afterwards).
My partners reactions were even better than mine, she enjoyed them a lot.

I can see though that they might not be easy to use with a panter you do not know (one nighter for example) as they do not seem like condoms at all.
Too bad, because their protective package makes it very easy to carry them around in your pocket.

I am adding a couple of sets of them in every order, they are just too expensive to use every day, so I still stick to normal ones.

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