The Good Men Project | 2019 Gift Guide

Why Buy an Entire Box of Condoms You Might Not Like?!  
Instead, Enjoy Lucky Bloke's Curated Samplers:

Explore the thinnest condoms from Japan; a tasty line of vegan and organic flavored condoms from Australia; condoms that vary from glow-in-the-dark to ribbed AND studded from North America; as well as the very best from Europe. 

All samplers are comprised of the top rated picks in each category, of course! And are guaranteed to please you. (Yes, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!)

Aren't sure what condom size you need? Here's a cheeky trick to help assess condom fit.

Don't forget the lube! Lube heightens sensitivity and makes sex with condoms more pleasurable. We have fantastic lube samplers, so you can explore without having to invest in a bottle you might not like.

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