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The new Unique Plus XXL (largest non-latex condom available)
measures: 210mm +/- 2mm (long) and 66mm +/- 2mm (wide)

0.015mm (thickness)  Slightly too large? Try Unique Plus XL

UNIQUE PLUS XXL : The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan. Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs.  


UNIQUE XXL is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis.  However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.

Reviews for UNIQUE PLUS | XXL Condoms (BRAND-NEW)!!
4.7 out of 5, based on 33 reviews
from Texas on
So these fit a little better than the other larger size. We liked the comfort and feeling. Amazing
from Georgia, USA on
Yes!!!! Loved these since first trying the XL size a few years ago but they were too tight. Was thrilled to see a larger size and gave it a try. Just like old times but without the discomfort. We used Naked for a while and they're very good, but Unique Pull knocks it out of the park. Love how easy they are to put on and they stay put the whole time.

The only MINOR issue is with the "penis" sticker that tells you which side goes up. Previously, if we didn't take it off beforehand, it would end up all kinds of places (ended up on the bottom of my son's shoe once!). This time around, it stayed on the condom the whole time, so hoping for the best with that!
from Texas on
Quarantine has heightened the freak but I hate condoms- they hurt - especially for the size of men that I prefer 9 inches and up. This was perfect- I mean amazon and is my number one even though I like Kimono better but it’s still too small. My partner prefers this one as well. We both love the female condom out of all but is difficult to manipulate various positions
from United Kingdom on
Hi, I have to admit that I rarely write reviews. But in this case I wanted to give some feedback about the Unique XXL's. They are by far the best condoms I have ever used. I mainly wanted to leave feedback with some pointers about the sizing as the combination of that kind of information in other reviews helped me to make the decision to be confident in ordering the Unique PLUS'. Particular since I tried-ish the corresponding Passante version here in Europe which are made with the same material and that I believe is better than any latex I've tried so far. The tried-ish means that I wasn't able to use the Passante version due to their size but got to know the material. So I was more than happy to find out that UNIQUE started to produce a larger version. I am 140 mm in circumference and somewhere between 170-185 mm and they fit perfect. I used the MySize 60 or 64 before and the UNIQUE PLUS seem to be somewhere in between in terms of felt fit. UNIQUE of course have the added benefit that they dont have the strong latex smell which makes them by far the better choice if you need a condom with a bit more room.
Please continue the great work. Thanks
from Switzerland on
Great and only condom that fits. The xl version were to small and this one is right perfect. So if you're build a "little" wider and longer you should definitely try this out. My girth is around 6" and length ~10"
from Virginia on
These condoms are super thin, but still strong. It's a bit different from other condoms as you must use them dry on the inside so read the instructions, but they work great and feel like nothing is there (at least for the person wearing the condom) once you get going.
from CT on
These are the only condoms we will use! I have a latex allergy and the size and feel of these is the best out of all of the latex free condoms. They have no smell and transfer heat well. They are the closest to nothing in terms of sensation. The size is perfect! The other uniques were way too small in diameter and length. These fit perfectly!
from Washington DC on
Still amazing! So thin it almost felt like there wasn't one. Partner almost screamed when they came, it was glorious.
from Phoenix, AZ on
My partner and I are very happy with these. There was nothing else on the market that would fit him and I have a latex allergy. We love them, very comfortable!
from NYC on
The Unique XXL in incredibly comfortable. I tried the XL a while back and liked that one a lot, and when I saw there was an XXL available I ordered a 3-pack out of curiosity, thinking they might be too big. They weren’t. They are very roomy and loose fitting but they didn’t slip off at all. Very easy to put on, just like the other Unique condoms, because of the flap design. Will definitely use these again!
from Washington DC on
Holy shit! The partner I used this condom with, hasn't cum with a partner in 1.5 years, came with these. This was amazing. I will not be playing with this partner without these on hand, ever again.
from Nevada on
The best condom I have ever used. I used to hate condoms because they were too small or too thick. Not with the XXL. I have plenty of room, and they are so thin I can feel everything. I am sold
from Earth on
FINALLY - he has room to breathe! These were ALWAYS the very best raincoats ever. But.... they were short, christmas tree shaped weird raincoats (no offense if they used to fit you...) They made it about 3/4 of the way down if you understand, and then had this weird short flaired skirt thing at the bottom. The tip was tight. Too tight. And there was no space for what comes out when it's all said and done. Sometimes it even blocked anything coming out... ouch.

But they were great because they could be used with oils (yay! almond and coconut are the best...) and latex free and (sorry if TMI) didn't taste bad.

We just had to be careful to make enough "room" at the top and yes, we filled them with hot water and stretched them out as far as we dared so they could fit better.

Now, with the new design, that's all FIXED. They are finally long enough (just!), and normal shaped (like the skin non latex XL), and we can finally brave using them for other things than tasting... Because they don't come only 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down.

Still the absolute best thing on the market, closest to nothing at all, great body head transference, finally long, big enough (Still could use a little more bulb on the tip please!), work great with oils, no latex and no funny taste.

You won't be disappointed, you'll probably be addicted. :)
from Phoenix, AZ on
Unique plus XL has been a great product for me for the past 2 years. Fit was very good but not perfect for length and width. The XXL version is the perfect fit and can’t wait to order some additional product. Lucky Bloke also totally rocks for service, delivery and price!
from NJ on
The best! Already really liked the XL, but these are even better. Less constricting at the top gives better feeling. It felt so good i had to check to make sure it was still on!
from Yorba Linda Ca on
Excellent, I've only used the 'XL' version before, though they don't quite reach all the way down to the bottom. These do, and are the same great thin feeling and the same great mechanism to put on. So easy, really hope they make it to regular production.
from Singapore on
This XXL Unique Plus just nice to fit me. Very comfortable., last time I used the XL size was a bit tight.
At last I found this Super product, Super thin and good fit size. XXL my best.
Hope it is also Available in Unique Pull XXL same size.
Thank you very much.
Robin Goh Singapore
from US on
My subjective UNIQUE PLUS | XXL review-

Out of the plethora of L-XL ultra-thin condoms I've tried, these are the first ones that actually fit properly. Sensation is satisfying however I personally prefer Okamoto's and Sagami's material slightly over these, apart from that, well done Unique!
from Utah on
Fits much better than the xl, at 7 3/4" +/- about a 1/4" depending on EQ, the length was good, although one still tried to slip off when I got a little aggressive after we got her warmed up, we had to go fishing for one of the xl's. With 6 1/4"-6 1/2" base girth tapering to 5 1/2" at the glans it's very difficult to find a condom, especially a non latex condom that fits without strangling the blood out. I wish it had a little bit of elasticity or somehow more secure at the base. Still extremely difficult to get the sticker off in the dark! Only purchased a 3 pack, we will need to try them again when it comes back in stock and update review.
from NYC on
I thought the XL fitted pretty well, but the extra length and diameter in the XXL makes it just fit 'properly' the way you would expect a condom to fit - not like you're being strangled and having blood flow cut off. I never considered myself super porn large but I do have girth and a bit of extra length. So these are really good. It goes all the way down the shaft instead of pinching it and there's just a bit more breathing room. As for the lady, she was really impressed by the way it felt and wanted to know what brand they were for future reference. We definitely felt a lot more intimacy and sensation. Not quite like nothing at all, but at times it felt pretty close depending on the position.
from Chicago on
These condoms definitely feel closer to "nothing at all" than any other condoms I have used. In terms of feel, these are definitely the best. I'd previously used the standard Unique Plus (XL), but gave up on those pretty quickly. These are much better. The problem with the standard Unique Plus was that I found them virtually impossible to get on and once I was able to get them on they would only go something like halfway down my penis. These XXL version solve that problem. For reference I'm 7.5"x6" uncut. The lack of material elasticity is still a drawback since it just ends up pushing most of the extra skin, from being uncut, to the base of my penis which then relaxes back, bringing the condom back away from the base. With a latex condom I just pull the condom wider and stretch it down, over my skin. That keeps the bottom of the condom in place. I'm not a big fan of the extra collar on the bottom of the condom. It ends up flapping around and getting sort of folding and unfolding during usage. Which brings me to the other issue I have, and that's the sound. There is a plastic produce bag sound, I think part of that from the extra collar moving about, which can be a bit distracting. These issues are not that major, thus only a 0.5 star deduction. I think these will be my primary condoms going forward.
from USA on
Wow. I mean I liked the large before but felt it wasn't as secure due to my length. These xxl are perfect! The condom itself was already amazing, feels close to having nothing on, but I mean you still know it's there. I feel more of my woman with these and the naked condoms. My only complaint with these are the price, but don't let that stop production. Hurry up and make these available. These are the Popeyes chicken sandwiches of the condom world you heard it here first.
from Kansas on
Background: my partner and I have tried most of the larger sized brands available through Lucky Bloke. The ones that rate toward the top for us are Unique Plus, Trojan Magnum Ecstacy, Naked Luxury, and Skyn.
Since fit is so specific for some brands, we wanted to share the dimensions of the user...20 cm in length, 11 to 14 cm girth. This converts to width of 43mm and 200 mm length, all of which means most condoms we have tried in the larger sizes fit comfortably around but they are almost always too short.
The Unique Plus, which we call the "plastic wrap" or "shrink wrap" condom, was the same. Sometimes they would crinkle or roll up during insertion because they just were not long enough to stay put on the outside. This bunching was uncomfortable and very reminiscent of plastic wrap, but overall we liked them well enough to keep using them. The sensation of closeness, ease of carry in their wallet safe pouch, lube compatibility and vegan values were appealing.
When we got to try the Unique Plus XXL we were happy to see they were making it longer! The additional length really solved the problem we were having with the Unique Plus while keeping the positives. No crinkling, no rolling up, very comfortable during use. Quite possibly our favorite. The only challenge we had was the large flare at the base was easy to catch accidentally during removal so the condom would start to come off inside out. This happens because they are very thin, so not easy to feel and tell if you have a good grip without looking. That thinness has benefits, namely comfort, so it's worth it to us to just use more care with pulling out and removal. Hope these are in stock for regular purchase soon!
from IDAHO on
First off let's say I was more then excited to hear that the XXL were here and able to try out!
Both my wife and I have been waiting for these.
First thing is WOW they actually are wider Thank You! They actually are able to fit over my head and go down my shaft and actually don't squeeze me. Second WOW they are actually long enough and we are off to the races! We enjoyed numerous positions and play and the heat transfer is better then the XL along with no more worry they are going to be pulled off/away as they are longer!
Here is the bad part 1 out of 3 broke. The first one we tried we used the lube that was on them and didn't add anything. These XXL adapt very nice as one who gets fully engorged and after 30 minutes and being less and then get fully engorged again and started to go again there was a pop and it broke at the tip??!!?? (Funny as removing it looked like an transparent elephants trunk). So next we were more careful used a bit of lube and Amazing! No pop no breaks and enjoyed to the end and extremely happy! Third same thing!
4.5 stars as one out of three broke.
Thank you so much LB we are ordering more when they come available!
from OR on
I've been using the smaller XL version of these for quite a while now and have been very happy with them, albeit they were on the 'perfect' snug fit side. The length was a little too short (190mm long)on the smaller XL as well and they didn't go all the way down to the base, however they felt great. These new XXL are the absolute perfect length, at 210mm long. The width is super comfortable and to be honest, not sure if they are preferable to the narrower XL size which fit snugly --but not uncomfortably. These new XXL samples are really great to have, so I will be ordering both the XL and XXL sizes. I'll use the XL when I want a super snug fit and the XXL when I'm in the mood for a little less of a constricted feeling. Both feel absolutely GREAT, so it really is a matter of what you prefer at the time. If the girth of your penis measures 6" or more (circumference) you will definitely want the XXL. If you are just under 6" you'll enjoy either the XL or XXL. If you are under 5.5" in circumference you'll most likely prefer the XL. Either way, the heat transfer on these condoms is the best there is, they feel as though you have nothing between you and your partner, period. Five Stars.
from USA on
The size is much better than the XL. Fits almost perfect. Another 1/2 inch length and I’d say perfection for me. I have a large ridge on my penis head. This is the first time in a Condom that my penis looked like my penis and not a sausage stuffed in a casing. These are as close to wearing nothing at all as you can ever get. Amazing heat transfer. I’ll never wear anything else ever.
from Las Vegas on
Finally a condom where I don’t fell so constricted it hurts to put it on. There is so much room, it’s incredible. Plus, they are super thin which adds to the sensation. Most of the other xxl condoms are so thick, it feels like taking a shower with a raincoat. Pointless...,
from CT on
These are PERFECT!!!! Please get them back in stock! They are the correct girth and the length is great! We can only use non latex and had been using the regular unique size. They “felt like a tourniquet” to my husband. These are SO MUCH BETTER! They are the closest thing to wearing nothing at all. The feel and heat transfer is amazing. They are the only condom that we want to use! Will be buying these in bulk when they are back in stock!
from Nyc on
This has quickly become my favorite condom. It's easy to put on quickly in the heat of the moment and it feels amazing, Almost as sensitive as a lamb skin. I definitely recommend. Just remember to put it on a dry penis and put lube on the outside.
from WA on
The Unique Plus XXL at 66mm is currently the largest non-latex, non-porous male condom on the market, though resin, the material the condom is made of, does not stretch, so it will be comfortable for specific girths only. If you require the largest latex condoms available like Pasante Super King or My Size 69mm condoms, these may still be too small or barely fit.
The application is straightforward, though different from that of a regular condom - you pull the condom on an erect penis instead of rolling it on. The application method is definitely improved and less error-prone than the previous Unique Pull strings. Since it may be hard to remove trapped air once the condom is on and you need two hands to pull it on, it may be a good idea to use a third hand to squeeze the tip while the condom is being applied.
I eagerly await a full line of larger Unique XXXL and Unique XXXXL for a truly proper fit for everybody.

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