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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom.

UNIQUE PULL is about to rock your condom world. Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex.

The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan.

They also feature innovative ergonomic pull tabs that detach effortlessly after helping to apply the condom.

Length: 170 mm – 6.69 inches
Width: 53-56mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm

Looking for a LARGER non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE PLUS!


NOTE: If you require a slimmer or tighter fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.


1.   Pull tabs should be facing up.

2.   Pull the condom on an erect penis by pulling the pull strips toward the base of the penis. DO NOT PULL SIDEWAYS!

3.   When condom is fully unrolled the strips detach.

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis.   However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.


Reviews for UNIQUE PULL Condoms
4.7 out of 5, based on 82 reviews
from Ontario on
I hate condoms with a passion. That is why I sought to find the best condom out there, and to date, these are the best I have tried by far. They do not stretch at all. This I feel helps with the sensation as it is a somewhat loose fit. This is also a bit of a drawback though as once you precum, it will start sliding around. Usually by the time I am ready to cum it is ready to slide right off. I started using an elastic around the base which does a pretty good job of keeping it on though. I am exactly average size so if you are smaller than average in girth you may have more issues. From a cost perspective they are steep but worth every penny to me. I would recommend that everyone try these. You won't believe what you have been missing out on.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Feb 20, 2018
Mike, thanks for this feedback. This spring, Unique SecureFit will be introduced. It is going to be a great option for men for whom the Unique Pull is too wide. We can't wait! - Best, LBHQ
from Toronto, On on
We typically use the crown extra thin condoms which are very thin, but after using the Unique Pull I should admit his is by far the thinnest condom I've ever used. The handles were tricky for the first time, especially if you don't have enough light! The second time was much easier to put it on. Definitely this is my new favourite!
from Nashville on
At first the packaging was a lil complicated to figure out. The string pull is also something to get used to but once you do they are great and my partner loves it. Far better then Trojans or all the other commercial brands.
from Los Angeles on
These are amazing. Blow other condoms completely out of the water. I think I’ll need the unique plus but even with the tight fit it was better than other large condoms I’ve tried.

I used the my size 64s before and their they were great but my gal was having a reaction to latex so we tried these. Thanks Lucky Bloke!
from New York on
I was curious about thinner condoms because after the Skyn Elite, I realized there was another way then the Trojans I was used to using.

To make it more of a pleasurable experience, I applied it to my boyfriend. Although it was a different kind of application, with the pull tabs, it was not complicated.
It had the texture of cling wrap, I was a little unimpressed, until I hopped on. It was like going bareback! It was so thin and wonderful that I had to check twice to make sure it was still there! I could feel every part of him. It felt as if ithe Unique Pull melted upon liquid contact! (It didn’t)
These are my new favorite.
I am never going back.

I am perfectly content with these as is, however, I know some of my friends prefer lubricated condoms. If the recipient of your newly wrapped package is on the unimpressed side or is not adequately aroused, get her going more before entering. If she has a hard time producing self lubricant use a water based lube.
Have fun!
from Orlando, FL on
Truly feels like there is nothing there. Installation is a bit weird the first time, but after that I find it quite swift and unique compared to the usual. Love the travel pocket it comes in, fits right in the wallet like 3 credit cards. Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys safe sex ;)
from Illinois on
Mine broke within a minute or two of usage. It definitely feels a lot thinner than others I have tried. Maybe it was just the wrong size, but I am still surprised it broke so easily after the claims of how strong the material is
from Chicago on
First off I must say I’m not a fan of condoms, I got a vasectomy after my second child about 2 years ago however it made my semen very acidic and doesn’t end well when I finish with my wife. I hate pulling out all the time, but man these condoms feel like I have nothing on, wife can’t tell the difference either. First one was a little tricky trying to put on as it was something I never experienced before but then it was a breeze. I’ll never go back to the conventional mainstream brands. Cant wait to try more products from here
from Florida usa on
I myself use the unique plus. I bought these to see the difference. These are definitely smaller but have the same quality as the plus. These really are the greatest condoms ever made.
from El Paso TX on
Great Condom unlike anything I have ever used before. Highly recommend you won’t regret it
from Brooklyn on
Amazing condom! Putting it on takes a little getting used to, but once you got it down, it’s great! Incredible feeling. Felt so natural,I had to check a few times to make sure it was still on. It was, and it was great! Give it a try.
from Alabama on
I purchased quite a few different condoms to try. So far we've been able to try this and one other. This one was the better of the two. We just recently had our second child and after nearly 12 months of condom free sex we were really irritated about having to go back to them. We are fairly certain we don't want anymore children but aren't ready to make it permanent just yet. A quick google search brought me to this page and these condoms. And I am ever so greatful. I probably dislike condoms more than my husband. These were amazing! we are used to a drug store brand and we hated them so so so much. Almost to the point we are just willing to risk a pregnancy every time. These are so so so thin. It doesn't feel like he's wearing nothing, but it's comes pretty darn close. He was a little put off about the tabs but once he figured it out he was fine with it. We look forward to trying the other brands I purchased but I find it hard to relieve these will be beaten as far as comfort, feel, and heat transfer.
from Atlanta georgia on
My wife and I have been experimenting with different ultra thin condoms, which brought us to try Unique Pull. While they are unique, I found them to be ackward as hell. Think about it, the lights are low, you and your partner are in the throws of passion you take a moment to put on a condom, but wait this thing requires too much attention just to place it on your penis, in low light conditions no less. FORGETABOUTIT! The material while also unique was also less than pleaseing un lubricated and it felt crusty. Also the fit was not as tight as other ultra thin condoms I have used. Overall there are much better choices on the market 1 star at best.
Response from Lucky Bloke: Global Condom Experts
Oct 13, 2017
Thanks for your review, as it illustrates when the UNIQUE PULL condom does not fit properly it will seem "crinkly" or, perhaps, "crusty". However, when the condom fits properly, the material is taut and smooth across the penis. Thanks again for sharing your feedback, LBHQ
from California on
These condoms are great! My partner says it feels like theres no condom there at all! Super thin and easy to put on.
from NorCal on
Finally a large nonlatex condom! It does not hurt and the heat transfer is fantastic. worth the money
from Pennsylvania on
Ok so to begin I have been growing my member over the past roughly 1.5 years using various natural methods, so basically non surgical, and since I've had very good results with the process I knew that the regular condoms wouldn't be fitting me. I searched up condom size calculators and stumbled upon Lucky Bloke where I then realized how much more expansive the condom world actually was. I wanted something that would maintain the feeling and would still be safe, after reading up on the Unique Pull Condoms I felt like they would be a good first try (I also tried the Unique Plus, which I will get to on that condoms page). I'll be honest I went from pretty much dead average to WAY above it so needless to say these condoms felt a little tight, not so tight that it was uncomfortable and constricting but definitely noticeable that I had something gripping onto my penis. However, it wasn't necessarily an unpleasant feeling especially considering it was a much thinner condom than I was expecting I kind of appreciated the extra grip to ensure everything was secure during sex. So when the time came to be with my girlfriend I put a little lube on the outside of the condom to compliment her already glistening goodness and went at it! The first thing I noticed upon entering her was the heat transfer, it was incredibly intense and felt amazing, I expected it to be good but I'd say it exceeded my expectations in that regard. This part may really only apply to me or others like me but as I was kind of pushing the boundaries of the girth of the condom I felt it squeezing my shaft particularly the base the harder I became, again not in a necessarily unpleasant way, in fact it felt like it made me notice the finer details of the inside of my girlfriend as the details on my penis had become super-extended such as my head and bulk of my shaft. I believe this to be kind of a "cock ring" effect from the tightness of the condom where the blood was getting trapped in the shaft of the penis faster than it was able to escape. The reason I mention this is not just to tell you how awesome this felt, but to also speak to the strength of this condom and the materials that are used to comprise it. I would not have felt safe entering her with a normal latex/non latex condom that was this thin, however this one looked, felt, and performed durably despite its unbelievable thinness. The only real fault I can give it is my girlfriend complained one time about the actual condom itself not being lubed up enough, and she would have preferred the lube application to be more thorough. I will note that this is the one time that I didn't apply an external source of water based lube before entering, also take note that I am really girthy so this may not be a universal issue but one that slightly bigger guys may encounter especially if you aren't with a girl that is used to a big penis. Also as I hear most guys don't prefer there to be as much constriction as I felt wearing these condoms, and while I will admit that I don't either I also didn't mind the tight fit this one provided, I feel like the material and thinness actually made the tight fit almost like having a perfect plastic wrapped penis that preserved all the finer details of my penis so it felt as natural as it possibly could have while wearing the condom, but also felt like it wouldn't break or rip either. I'd definitely recommend, especially to average or slightly above average guys and I will more than likely buy these again on occasion.
from São Paulo, Brazil on

To be honest, this was a testing order. I have a size "problem" down there (lets say I have a big fitting problem), I started looking all around the globe for a condom that would not just fit my buddy, but also would be easy to wear it up and be as skinny as possible. Brazil have several Xxx-large models, but most are not skinny, and the ones are Just horrible to wear (the one that I use nowadays feels like a bodybuilder trying to fit on a small compression baby look shirt, without lube). Since i found this condom, i m not turning back to the old trash i used to wear!

Anyway, I found yours miraculous Unique Pull gear. Man, what a treasure. Opening the USPS package I got totally marvelous about LUCKY Bloke's consumer experience. Guys, you rock... So many extra gifts, voucher for an extra product after evaluattion, customized billing check with a personnal handwritting message. Wow, you got my attention! I have to share this buying experience with my friends.... But first I came here to thank u guys to make my night better.

Soon I will be posting a hell of a order to stock up.

Keep the good work!

Rafa, from São Paulo/Brazil.
from FL on
I never thought condoms could be like this. I've been searching for a tolerable nonlatex condom for ages and so glad I finally stumbled into these as part of the sampler pack. Didn't even finish trying out others in the lack, went straight to purchasing these. They feel almost realistic , and are great not just as a latex replacement, but feel much better than latex for me and him. No weird smells or textures as I have experienced in the past. These are my new goto!
from USA on
I have NEVER been able to feel anything with any of the multiple brands of condoms i've tried and then we found this brand. It actually lets me feel so much better and I can actually finish with it on which makes sex much less of a "chore" for me now and something I look forward to. Would really love these to be available widely (walmart/amazon/etc) and in larger amounts (like a 10 or 30 pack). Thank you guys so much for creating a product that has let me turn something that I was starting to hate back into something that I wanted to do regularly.
from Canada on
4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Impression
I really enjoyed this condom. It's such a refreshing alternative to just thinner and thinner latex. Just about everything about the condom is unique compared against a traditional condom. The packaging is thin, flat, plastic. The condom is made out of resin, and the way you put it on differs as well.

Fit and Feel
This condom feels great! The heat transfer was phenomenal and for the first few strokes, it felt like I wasn't wearing a condom at all.

The material feels like a less stretchy version of cling film.

My one complaint is that the bottom of the condom is a bit loose, as there is no ring to hold it snug against the penis. The condom just unrolls and the material just sort of stays there. I had to be careful to hang onto it while withdrawing after ejaculation.

Smell and Taste
I didn't notice a smell with this condom.

I would highly recommend everyone try this condom at least once; it's such a different experience from your standard condom.

It is one of my favourite condoms, and it ranks close to the top for feel, but the cost and fit bring it down a notch.
from NE on
I've tried all the non-latex condoms that can be found in the store. All of them caused me pain even before the act was finished, and left me irritated for days. I wish I'd found these a long time ago! They do feel a bit "crinkley", which made me nervous; I expected there to be irritation afterward. But nope! My husband says he can definitely feel the heat transfer better with this brand too!
from Virginia on
I found out about this condom 2-3 years ago, and now it's one of the only brands I use! I love how it makes me feel closer to my partner, rather than feel like there's something in-between us. The fit is perfect, the feel is nonexistent! By far my favorite brand of all times!
from USA on
Like the compact size that they can fit anywhere, especially easily in a wallet for those just in case moments.
Go on easily with pulls tabs.
The feel is awesome, there is lots of heat transfer and my wife loves them because they feel good compared to some of the mainstream condoms. Used a little bit of coconut oil on the oustide.
Have already reordered more!
from Eu on
Always hesitated to order cause of price, so got it as sample.. Must admit, they are great, from packaging,, to material to all.. Its a bit messy to put it first few times, ore if you in the heat of passion and you need it straight on, a bit kills the moment, but I believe its first few times.. I had no squicky sound as some say, the material is so soft, like skin, this is the most comfortable condom I used by now, we complitely forgot its on. No smell.. By now, I like them most and I think I tried almost all.
from Chicago on
Note: Product was applied as suggested (sans lubrication) to an uncircumcised penis and used for masturbation without any additional external lubrication either.

I really enjoyed the tactile feeling of this product. It's a little weird to put a dry condom on a dry penis, but this product definitely felt like it was better at transferring things with that as the case, which is as advertised.

It definitely has a unique fit and feel to it. I'll admit, it seemed so thin that going on dry, I was worried about it breaking. However, as I continued using the condom, I realized that it was not only transferring sensation better than any other condom I used before, but it was also HIGHLY resilient. After I was done with it, I actively tried to break it, and found it exceedingly difficult to even intentionally break the condom!

The product had no discernable odor, which was wonderful. I'd definitely consider using one of these as an oral sex barrier! My one "major" concern with it, however, was the sound. It definitely was a bit more crinkly in the way that it sounded while using it.

Compared to my typical condom preference (Trojan Ecstasy), this felt like it did a really good job at both seeming pretty secure and allowing my foreskin to move, which is something that's very important to me as it's where I derive a lot a pleasure

The only reason I can't feel like I can give this a full five stars is because the instructions on the packaging don't really help you know which way is correct for putting it on, and if you're going to be unique, that's a must!
from US on
Easy to put on - much quicker than traditional latex condoms

My husband said it was the best experience he ever had with a condom; that it was the closest to that like-nothing-is-there feeling that he's ever experienced

Went on like a second skin, fitting tightly enough to stay in place, but not so tight that he could feel it was there during sex.

I actually put this condom on him myself, which I've never done on any guy before and it was a pretty cool, but sexy experience; we simultaneously realized that the unique application of this product could provide sort of an icebreaker for partners not as comfortable as we are

The packaging alone makes you feel like you are in for a 5 star experience

The ONLY thing I think someone could complain about with this product is the extra materials you need to throw away when it's time to clean up, but this wasn't an issue for us at all.
from FL on
Found a winner! Every time i've used a condom, I always said to myself, "why don't they put a label so you know which way is out".
These guys go this figured out!

It's simply the easiest condom to put on, and you don't even feel it. Believe me, I've gone bareback many times when I should not have risked it, simply because I HATE CONDOMS!
These Unique Pull are worth every penny.

Some reviews mentions them being noisy, I never had this problem. Completely satisfied. I just ordered a nice supply after testing.

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