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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom.

UNIQUE PULL is about to rock your condom world. Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex.

The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan.

They also feature innovative ergonomic pull tabs that detach effortlessly after helping to apply the condom. The genius of the application process is that when the pull strips are pulled toward the body the condom goes on quickly and easily, while the strips magically detach from the condom. (Don't pull strips out, pull down.)

Length: 170 mm – 6.69 inches
Width: 53-56mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm

Seeking a slimmer, shorter non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE SECUREFIT!
Looking for a LARGER non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE PLUS!


NOTE: If you require a slimmer or tighter fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.


1.   Pull tabs should be facing up.

2.   Pull the condom on an erect penis by pulling the pull strips toward the base of the penis. DO NOT PULL SIDEWAYS!

3.   When condom is fully unrolled the strips detach.

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis.   However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.

We've been told that Unique condoms feel Sagami thin.

Reviews for UNIQUE PULL Condoms
4.7 out of 5, based on 134 reviews
from Oklahoma on
Great condoms, possibly the best I've used. It takes a second to figure out how to put them on but the instructions on the package are helpful. It's also nice how slim the packaging is so you can easily fit several in a wallet or purse.
from US on
These are the best condoms I have ever used. They are unique in that they use pull tabs. It’s the closest sensation to bareback I’ve yet found. After putting one on, it’s helpful to use some uberlube to activate the resin, and ensure that it feels soft and smooth. Such a reassurance knowing that I don’t have to give up sensation in order to feel secure in the bedroom. I highly recommend trying.
from St Louis on
These are nice. Hubby and I had been using only Trojan Lambskin, thinnest we had ever found until these. I had to get us away from parabens used in the lambskin, so these are much better for my piece of mind. Kind of interesting to get used to, but I think we’ve made the perfect switch.
from AL on
Best condom I’ve used. Feels like wearing nothing at all. At but pricey but worth it.
from UAE on
I'm on the girthier side, and I tried a few XL condoms. Most fit much better than regular condoms for sure, but they were still not pleasurable to use. I accepted my faith, and thought it couldn't be better, until I tried Unique Pull. These condoms are better than anything I have ever tried, and feels closest to not using a condom at all. I will never use anything else.
from IL on
These condoms are excellent. They are ultra thin (1/4th the thickness of regular) and you trully do feel naked in them. Its as close as you can get.
from Brazil on
These condoms are certainly the best. Very comfort!
from Florida on
Excellent condom. Personally for me the unique secure fit is better as it is a better fit and allows me to feel a little more, but this feels amazing as well. It has a very good heat transfer. Best condoms that I’ve tried
from Alaska on
These condoms are incredible with the heat and wetness transfer. I don’t understand how it works and feels so absent but it certainly does. I didn’t think they were difficult to put on. It was pretty intuitive and the instructions were pretty clear.
from Florida on
These bad boys are pretty snazzy. Thin, great heat transfer, go on with relative ease. I'm 7.5" and about 5.75 in circumference, and they fit well where most regular sized condoms do not and even some "large"(think Japanese brands) are far to small. These feel quite nice. Only tried one so far, about to give the other 2 a whirl. Definitely better than any latex products or similar IMO.
from Maine on
Love these condoms tried numerous brands could not find one that wasn’t cutting off circulation, these are the ones!
from Sofia, Bulgaria on
The quality is good and the feeling as well or actually the lack of feeling for condom.
from USA on
Best non-latex option that we've tried, in terms of both comfort & ease of use. There's a small learning curve, but seriously so easy to use if you read the instructions just once. Strongly recommend.
from Brazil on

The best condom I used
from OH on
I’ve tried a lot of condoms and unique are the best that I’ve ever used. It’s like wearing nothing. I actually had to look down a few times to make sure I was still wearing it.

Unlike other condoms I could actually finish. Thanks for providing such a great product
from Utah on
I HATE condoms. Sadly, sometimes life requires them. I have gone through many brands trying to find that bare feeling and been unsuccessful, until now. When I first read the reviews I saw many times, feels like bare, had to check, and I scoffed. But ordered these alongside the thin Japanese sampler. I tried these first and wow. I don't think I'll be using the sampler because these things are amazing. I swear it is near indistinguishable from bare. They transfer heat and wetness extremely well, and I kid you not, have checked several times to make sure it was still there because it just felt too good to be true. They are a bit pricey at about 2.66 each use, but they are well worth it my friends. The packaging is a bit intimidating at first, but with the pull label up, you'll never worry about putting one on the wrong way. Trust me. Buy these.
from Maryland on
My husband and I discovered the unique brand about a year ago and it's all we use! We can't use latex at all, we prefer these anyway. They have no smell and are easy to use. we love them and will be using them for a long time to come.
from Delaware on
These are the best condoms ever! My husband is allergic to latex and on the bigger side and finding something that worked for both of us was becoming impossible. We tried these and both love them! They are better than any latex or non latex condom we have tried. And so easy to put on! I highly recommend!!
from OR on
As someone who is allergic to latex, I really hoped that these would be better than what's currently on the market. My goal was to find a halfway decent alternative, but instead, I found the best condoms ever - latex or not. I feel like a religious convert with these condoms, preaching their no fragrance, no flavor, wickedly thin, fun-to-put-on features to everyone and anyone. I've recruited many others in my praise of these condoms - they're even amazing for blow jobs.

I cannot say enough good things about Unique Pull condoms. The fact that they're non-latex and come in three sizes is icing on the cake. Do yourself a favor and try these - they really are that phenomenal.
from California on
I have been using these on and off with my boyfriend for the past year. After the initial learning curve, these are great! I had to ask him if we used a condom the last time we had sex because I honestly couldn't remember because I didn't feel it at all. He has trouble with condoms and performs perfectly well with these and is very happy with them as well. I've found the trick is to get them as smooth as possible so they don't feel like wrinkled plastic wrap. They don't have a scent and the lube is light, which I prefer. I haven't tried the Plus version of these, but I highly recommend these original Unique condoms. The credit card holder is a nice touch too.
from Israel on
This condom feels super thin, is nicely lubricated, and was responsible for some great times. The pull tabs are definitely non-standard, are easy to use, and double as an intriguing conversation starter. I kinda wish they'd say "remove before flight" :P

The packaging is also an improvement over standard condoms, allowing you to easily carry a 3-pack in your wallet or pocket without worrying about breaking them. It looks and feels like a packet of chewing gum.

I do have two issues with this condom. One is that the pull tabs are hard to use correctly in the dark, as you have to visually see which side is labeled "pull" (this might improve with sufficient practice). The other is that $8 (on sale!) for 3 condoms is super expensive, making the idea of wasting one by trying to put it on the wrong way all the more worrying.

Despite the above, I love these, and will probably be using them again.
from Indiana on
These condoms are amazing. I am allergic to almost everything, and have had so many issues with condoms in the past. I had not been able to find a good hypoallergenic, latex-free condom until I found these. These condoms are satisfyingly thin, and almost feel like there's nothing there. My boyfriend and I have hated using condoms in the past, but these are no problem. And I particularly like the pull tabs.
from Tennessee on
I have tried just about every condom out there including trojan magnum bareskin, skyn large, kimono microthin xl just to name a few and this is by far the best condom i have ever used, they are a little expensive but well worth it cause its like going bareback, definately my go to condom from now on.
from San Francisco, CA on
I've never been this excited about a condom before and I've already re-ordered a bunch more. They are so thin it does almost feel like you're not wearing one. You can use oil based lubes (like coconut oil!) which is a huge plus. They don't smell or leave you or your partner smelly. As long as these stay the same and continue to not break on me (three uses so far) I will be a customer for life.

As others have said price is kind of a bummer, but perhaps as more people buy the price will go down. I'd be delighted to buy in bulk if they could only offer that as an option.
from Texas on
I appreciate these odorless fragrance free condoms. I was a huge Skyn supporter until recently they added fragrance to their condoms.

Having a latex allergy plus sensitive skin with very limited options, I applaud unique for venturing into this market.

These condoms are very aptly named as the pull tab method is quite unique. Once you get the hang of it it’s very easy, just take the time to figure it out. Unfortunately, these condoms were too tight for my partner, he is above average in both width and length, but I wasn’t busting out rulers measuring his member so I purchased a pack of these along with the XL from the same brand. I’d say these fit anywhere from average to slightly above, but they do not have much give. Even the XL aren’t long enough for my dude. (However I read they will be launching a new longer wider version of these in the summer).

All that said, if you have a latex allergy or are sensitive to fragrance like myself (think uti’s from bubble bath) then these condoms are a fantastic option. Pricey, but fantastic.

Oh and p.s. I actually prefer the pull method vs the flared skirt that’s with the XL. My bf is terrified that semen could slip out (it can’t and won’t) while these had a rim similar to that of regular condoms. It just gives your dude peace of mind.
from Maryland on
Hands down the best I have ever used. These are the closest thing to using nothing at all, are easy to put on, and don’t have the gross rubbery smell of latex. They run large (width wise), so if interested, you should check the diameter of them vs what you normally use before ordering yourself some of there. I generally use a larger size Condom and the plus were too big (more like xxl than xl)...the “pull” are perfect for me. I stocked up recently, and will do so again when running low. Also, lucky Bloke appears to have the best price on these if you order enough for free shipping ;)
from USA on
These are very easy to put on and we love the portability of them! They work just as advertised. They fit well but seem maybe a little bit loose at the tip- not risky loose like they might leak (like one too loose at the base would be) or come off, just more like they have a bit of extra room at the end for additional length or additional fluid. Not sure we would want to size down though because they fit great everywhere else.

Unfortunately while my spouse enjoyed them, they were uncomfortable for me. I don’t think this was a design issue, I just think the material didn’t work quite right for my body and/or because the tip was a bit looser than our previous regular brand, that was somehow irritating my body because I was not used to it.

Overall I think an excellent choice though!
from U.S on
Purchased these last week and lets just say I am back here buying more. Hands down the best condoms I have ever purchased. Latex or Non-latex, these are the best feeling condoms I have ever worn.
from Detroit on
These feel great! I was worried about the pull-tabs being a hassle, but they were super-easy to use. Wish they came in bulk.
from Alabama on
These condoms are awesome! I love how they feel! Especially with me having a latex allergy and my partner being a pretty nice size! These worked perfectly!
from Kentucky on
I love the thinnest of the Unque Pull condoms. Super easy to put on. It’s a bit like plastic wrap which i found weird, and I would also prefer more of a reservoir. I’m glad I try tried it but i probably wont buy it again
from US on
Excellent condoms. Easy to put on and a bit different but just follow the instructions. Worth paying to try but have to admit a bit up there in price...wish they’d come in bulk for a easier to swallow pill
from DC on
I have a roughly a 7" length and 5.5" diameter member, so I don't comfortably fit into many condoms. In order of preference, my top three most comfortable condoms I've tried have been:
1) Unique Pull
2) Unique Plus
3) Trojan Natural Lamb

The Pull is easy to apply, stays on, transfers heat VERY well and has the closest to bare feeling of any condom I've used. I do wish there were a slightly longer version as this sometimes FEELS like it's coming off even though it's not. After ejaculation, I feel the need to secure the base of the condom with my hand as I exit so as not to leave the condom inside my partner (which does happen otherwise). I am often a voluminous ejaculator, though, so this may not be an issue for all users.

Overall, this is my favorite condom so far. I'd recommend it to anyone with a larger penis.
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