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When Heightened Sensitivity is all that Matters. 

TROJAN Naturalamb Luxury is the only natural skin condom available. Many couples swear by these condoms due to the ultra-enhanced sensitivity, durability, and size of the condom, as well as being latex-free. Those who use them regularly say they will never use anything else. However know the following, as they are made of lamb intestine, they have a smell that may take getting used to. Some people don't mind the smell and others do.

PLEASE NOTE: They're ideal for the monogamous couple, as while they prevent pregnancy – there is controversy over whether they'll protect you from HIV or other STIs.

Reviews for TROJAN | Naturalamb Luxury
4.7 out of 5, based on 11 reviews
from Earth on
These are awesome condoms. The texture is a little different when you are applying it. But, all the goes out the window when you get the business of using it. The heat, texture and even moisture sensation is unlike anything else, it really is almost like being bare. The only caveat and it’s stated on the packet, is that these are NOT effective against STIs.
from Florida on
These condoms are simply the best. Well worth the cost - the closest thing to nothing - the feelings are intense.
from Wa on
Fit well ! Felt like there was nothing.
from Alabama on
INCREDIBLE! Seriously felt like nothing was there!
from Australia on
Awesome condoms. Most natural we used and this is the only non latex condom that will fit my partner. Creates a heating sensation with friction. Highly recommend. Smell wasn't off putting for us, just hard to put on for the first time compared to latex but have the hang of it now.
from NYC on
used it again last night. Had to check to make sure it was still on because it felt bare back! One of the best
from NYC on
Classic condom. One of the best ever. The closest to nothing at all.
from United States on
a little slimy as some have said but overall a good option for latex sensitive couples.
from Australia on
The smell was noticeable, but not as intense as I was expecting. It smells very different to latex products, but I've known a number of latex condoms that smell more strongly than this one. I think I could get used to it after only a couple more uses.

The condom itself felt slimy coming out of the packet; finally a 'lubricated' condom that comes with a decent amount of lube. It went on easily and wasn't too constrictive for my partner. I quite liked the feel of it it but once we got started my partner couldn't tell much difference between Naturalamb and SKYN.

Verdict: If you are looking for pregnancy prevention, give this unusual condom a try.
from California on
We were excited to try this condom but we were disappointed:
My partner didn't like the texture, from his point of view it felt slimy, and he couldn't get over the material and the smell.
He is normally a fan of Trojan but was disappointed and took it off in mid performance.
I personally didn't mind the material or the feel (which was better than most) but the lub lasted a couple of minutes at most and the smell was really strong.
We can see why it is popular but was not our "cup of tea".
from New Zealand on
Nothing else is comparable, sensation wise. It's very thin and transmits heat for a realistic almost bare skin experience. The thinnest latex condoms on the market approaches the thinnest of this condom, but the heat transmission is really unique. Also, it's really comfortable for men of larger size. Having a latex allergy can really limit condom options but luckily this condom outperforms every other latex and non latex options for comfort and sensation.

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