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Lucky Bloke offers the perfect introduction to the very best flavored latex condoms available. Now you don't have to choose between ONE's tasty desserts and GLYDE's luscious organic and vegan goodness.  This sampler is offered with 6, 12 or 24 medium / standard sized condoms. Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Condoms.


PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Add flavored lube, to increase the tasty factor.

Reviews for Ultimate Flavored Condom Sampler
4.8 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from Minnesota on
My wife loves them, I love that she loves them - everyone's a winner!
from memphis on
these were awesome! i definitely recommend them, and the variety added spice!
from Santa Ana on
Some were truly tasty. Some were gross. But I found you could pretty much tell by the smell. If it smelled great it would taste good. I thought both Glyde and One had some great flavored condoms.
from Minnesota on
Wow, latex can taste okay. Who'd of thought it? I like that you can order condoms individually on this site, because now I'll make my own flavored condom samper based on my favorites.
from GLOBAL on

Ready to find a condom you absolutely love?!

Not only are we here to help, we've done the work for you with our ULTIMATE CONDOM SAMPLERS!

Our Condom Samplers are a fantastic assortment of the very best condoms from around the world.
They feature the condoms that rated very best with our 1,100+ reviewers from 21 countries! 

Once you try a sampler, let us know what you think.  

And, be sure to check back for future updates. 


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