OKAMOTO | 004 Reviewed: Like Wearing Nothing At All? They Said "Yes!"!

Okamoto 004 is our top rated ultrathin condom. Condom users often rave about how thin Okamoto really feels and how amazing it fits compared to other thin condoms.

"My boyfriend and I had trouble finding condoms that both fit well and were comfortable for him. These do both! He says they feel like nothing and we never have to stop midway through to make sure that it's still on properly. Highly recommend these!"- Kate from Illinois

"All I can say is WOW!!! This condom made it to my favorite condom of all time. Everything felt amazing. I could truly tell the difference in how thin it was compared to others."- Reviewer from Pennsylvania 

With its advanced Japanese latex technology, pleasure and safety are never compromised as Okamoto 004 (zero zero four) is both durable and ultrathin, being the thinnest latex condom on the US market today. It’s no wonder that the majority of consumers testify that Okamoto 004 feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Okamoto 004 is the Japanese company’s prize condom.  

Performance tip: We recommend adding a little lube with any thin condom to enhance pleasure and safety. Put a few drops of your favorite lube on the inside and more on the outside of the condom for both partners’ pleasure.

Okamoto 004 is a medium size condom, perfectly suited for about 50% of men. If you’re unsure what is your condom size, start with this handy condom size guide. If you want a tighter fitting condom, but desire the same trusted Japanese latex technology of Okamoto, go with their Beyond Seven condoms.

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