UNIQUE | Pull Condom: Customers Review a Revolutionary Condom

This condom will rock your world!


UPDATE: the Unique condom experience is available in both a wider more generous fit (for those who need a larger condom) Unique Plus and now a more narrow, slimmer Unique Secure-Fit version for those who require a snugger, shorter condom.

Ultrathin and ultra strong, the
UNIQUE Pull condom has changed what condom users thought they knew about safer sex.

Simply the best condom ever and the new design is flawless, latex can't come close. They've taken everything that's wrong with rubbers and fixed them. You'll never want to use a different condom.”- Dylan from Pennsylvania 

Everything about this condom is different from traditional roll-on condoms. Made from non-latex  state-of-the-art synthetic polyethylene resin, Unique Pull is odorless and 3 times stronger and one third thinner than standard condoms. Many condom users describe how it feels better than “barebacking”, because they can trust this ultrathin condom. Plus, unlike all other condoms out there, Unique Pull is packaged like a credit card so you can safely carry it in your wallet.

As another customer states:

"Finally,a comfortable condom, large enough not to "chock" me and thin enough to feel and enjoy sex. Great package, easy to carry a pack when we go camping and easy to put on in the dim light of a fire. My woman even remarked how much better it was for her, almost like not having one on at all." - Mike from Tennessee 

The most innovative and flawless feature about this condom is it’s revolutionary design. They are built with user-friendly pull tabs that make application fast and effortless.

“They slide on easy with magic little tabs so you don’t put them on backwards.” - Coda from North Carolina 

For ultimate pleasure and safety, Unique Pull condom is best applied to a non-lubricated (dry) penis. Many customers also recommend adding a few drops of water-based or silicone lube on the outside to increase pleasure.    

Because of it’s high-tech elastic material, the Unique Pull is the perfect fit for men who need either a medium or slightly larger size condom. Many customers who are thicker than average affirm that this is the best large condom they have ever tried.

Do you know your size? Here’s how to find your condom size.

Great News: the Unique condom experience is available in a wider more generous fit the Unique Plus and a more narrow, slimmer Unique Secure-Fit.

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