GLYDE | Slimfit: The Perfect Tailored Condom Says Condom Users

Wearing the correct condom fit is fundamental to reliable safety and pleasure. Yet few condom users know how to find their condom size. The truth is, many men would do better using a more tailored fit. According to Lucky Bloke’s Global Condom Review, 35% of men require a tighter condom.

GLYDE’s Slimfit condom is made for those who want a snug and comfortable condom. It receives the highest customer satisfaction rating of all our small condoms. Customers report a luxurious, smooth feel that sets Glyde apart from the competition.

"I could really tell a difference in quality with the Glyde Slimfit. The material felt almost luxurious. My husband felt it made a difference in sensation too. We'll definitely buy again." - Liz from Texas

"My partner said it was a bit snug around the base of his penis, but that was not an obstacle, and he really liked it. Neither of us worried about it slipping off which has happened before with larger condoms." - Reviewer from Washington

"I found the secure fit a huge relief. I hadn't tried smaller condoms before because I didn't even know there was such a thing. Using Glyde Slimfit was officially the first time I didn't have my mind on the condom and could 100% focus on sex. Amazing!" - Reviewer from Florida

With their unique plant-based formula of natural latex and thistle extract, Glyde condoms are truly body-safe, free of harmful chemicals including casein and parabens. They're also vegan.

Want more vegan options? We also recommend RFSU Mamba as another high-quality, vegan-friendly, tighter fitting condom.

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If you are in between sizes, we recommend the Japanese Beyond Seven Sheerlon condom.

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