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The most efficient way to discover your favorite lubes. 

Finding the right lube can be a frustrating chore, especially when you’ve just bought a whole bottle of lube that doesn’t gel with you and leaves a sticky mess. That’s why Lucky Bloke created the ultimate Variety Lube Sampler. Curated with up to 12 best-selling lubes from exceptional brands like überlube, Pjur, Encounter, Sliquid, Yes, Good Clean Love, Sensuva, Wicked, Fusion, ONE, and Hathor Aphrodesia, this lube sampler offers you the best of the lube world. All brands are made from gentle, organic ingredients so you can confidently test new lubes without the risk of irritation or discomfort.

Customers say the Variety Lube Sampler was convenient and fun.

"I have been looking for a lube for a while now, but every one that I had tried just didn't do it for me. But after purchasing this Lube Sampler, I've found several! Would buy again; Would recommend!" - Cass from Oregon

"This is a great pack–I had no good previous experiences with lube and this was stellar right out of the gate. The hard part: deciding which one we like the best! So many good options, and such good quality products. My lady has been having a great time making a game of selecting the packets. Buy it!" - Mark from West Virginia


Gentle Water-based, Silicone, and more!

This sampler offers the best of all lube types, packaged in convenient pillow packets. From water-based, silicone-based and hybrids of both, the Variety Lube Sampler helps you to explore and match which lubes suit you (and your partner) best. This is especially important if you are using condoms.

You may even discover you like a certain type of lube you’ve never tried before.

"The perfect array of lubes that help you figure out which type of lube you like, as well as which brands you prefer. My girlfriend and I have taken to the silicone based lubes, which we might not have ever tried without this sampler!
I'm glad I got the 12-pack because there are so many different kinds!" - JC from United States

Some customers even suggest taking this lube sampler on a romantic vacation.

"Bought this for my fiance and I to try out on our honeymoon, arrived quickly and had everything it was meant to plus two bonus packs! This was a great way for us to try out a bunch of different brands and styles without having to pay for a whole bottle that we might not like or might be allergic to. Also it came in very discrete packaging so no need to worry about potential embarrassment if you are shy about this sort of thing."- T. Swift from United States  


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