LifeStyles | SKYN ELITE: The Newest Non-Latex Condom on the Market!

Customers review SKYN Elite as the greatest condom that LifeStyles has created.

“As a loyal Lifestyle user, I thought the SKYN condom was pretty amazing in terms of sensitivity and heat transfer, but after trying out the SKYN Elite, I can now say it blow its predecessor and everything else out of the water. Even the world's best condom, Crown Skinless, can't come close to matching it.” - Miguel from USA

SKYN Elite is the newest condom of LifeStyle’s famous non-latex SKYN line. It is the thinnest non-latex condom on the market; ten percent thinner than other polyisoprene condoms. Polyisoprene is the best non-latex material for many people, providing greater sensitivity and softness than traditional latex condoms. SKYN Elite is so comfortable, that even condom users without latex allergies are recommending it.

“This is my favorite condom! In general, I prefer non-latex over other condoms. They are softer and odorless compared to latex. But I find the non-latex market to be limited. Which is why I am so thrilled that LifeStyles has made this new thin condom. Definitely give it a try!” - Lara from Oregon  

SKYN Elite is a regular size condom with a classical shape, which means it is suited for 50% of men. Don’t know your condom size? Find your size with this condom size guide.  

Performance tip: We recommend using a drop of lube with any ultrathin condom for more pleasure and safety. Check out Lucky Bloke’s variety of Lube Samplers.

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