Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler | Discover the Pleasure of Tighter Condoms

Improve your sex life by wearing condoms that perfectly fit.

Whether you want to try small condoms for the first time, or simply have a supply of the best tighter fitting condoms available, Lucky Blokes Ultimate Smaller Condom Sampler is the perfect choice. Explore different styles ranging from classical to pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed and studded variety. Only the very best, top-rated condoms in one single package.

With a solid satisfactory rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, customers review the Smaller Condom Sampler as the smartest safer sex choice they’ve made. It's changed how people perceive condoms and pleasure.  

Customer reviews:

“Great way to sample without emptying your bank account. Fast and discreet delivery. Good variety of condoms that will help a smaller guy narrow down something that works better for him.”- Anonymous from USA

“FANTASTIC - all of the condoms in the sampler were perfect, they didn't slide off easily after the climax so I was able to extend the climax longer. This is unlike the one size fits all condoms. I have ordered the sampler multiple times.- Pete from Illinois

Not sure what condom size you are? Here is a simple trick to determine your condom size.

Size really does matter! Knowing your condom size is the foundation of pleasure with condoms. After trying the small condom sampler, many customers went from condom hate to condom love: 


"Lucky Bloke is the answer to my dreams. Throughout my sexual life I have NEVER liked using condoms because they always had that "one size fits all" feel. As we all know, men are not all "one size'.
After doing research on condom sizes and using the size calculators I realized I could use a "snug fit" condom. Most men's egos would prevent them form ever buying anything with the word "small" on a condom package but be be real gents. Whatever you are working with, learn to work it and you'll be ok.
As far as the condoms the sampler is just that: A collection of brands to try out so that you can find your preferred type. Let's face it, if you like what you wear you are more likely to wear it all the time."- Spicy from Los Angeles


“I am so glad I found this site! For any girl whose man is saying that condoms are uncomfortable and he'd prefer not to have sex with a condom needs to read the finding the right fit page!! We never had problems in the bedroom before. Then, all of a sudden, every time we would pull out a regular condom the mood would crash and nothing would happen. Big let down. So I started researching avoidance of condoms and found Lucky Bloke! I ordered the smaller fit and with the first use the avoidance of condoms was over! Now we are back to enjoying our time and no let downs. Yipee! ;-)

Try this set, trust me you will be happy you did. Side note, We also love the variety pack. It's a fun surprise to see what kind we are getting and now it's all we order and use. Happy girl right here. Two thumbs up!”- Condom Avoidance No More! from USA


Performance tip: We recommend using a drop of lube with any ultrathin condom for more pleasure and safety. Additional lube also heighten pleasure with textured condoms. Check out Lucky Bloke’s variety of Lube Samplers.

Not sure what condom size to try? Explore a range of condom sizes with Lucky Blokes Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler.


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