Lifestyles | SKYN Large: Latex Free Comfort at its Largest


Lifestyles SKYN | Large: Comfort at Large

Lifestyles SKYN Large is the first latex free condom made for larger men. It is made of polyisoprene- a special non-latex formula that is more elastic and form fitting than latex. It also transmits body heat better than latex, thus delivering the ultimate safer sex delight.

This is great news for people with latex allergies and anyone who requires a large condom size.

Condom-users share how happy they are with the natural feel and comfort SKYN Large offers over other large size condom options.

“LifeStyles Skyn Large. These are hands down the best condoms we have used! Being a slightly "above average" man, most condoms tend to cut off circulation and make things numb very quickly. Not a problem with these ones. No noticeable odour at all. So thin, I could barely feel that I was wearing one. To be fair, we did use extra lube. Not sure if it was needed, but it was a great experience and I will be stocking up!”
MP from Ontario

Even customers who say they hate condoms recommend the SKYN Large:

Normally I use Durex or Trojan condoms with the occasional Beyond Seven or Kimono condoms, but by far, this condom has them all beat. They fit my boyfriend perfectly and aren't a struggle to get on, plus the crinkly feeling that some thin condoms have, is completely absent here. I hate condoms but this one works!- Sarah from Chicago

If you find condoms incredibly tight and painful, you are likely part of the 15%-20% of men who require larger condoms sizes.

Find out if large condoms are right for you. Find your condom size with this helpful trick.

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