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If you've ever asked yourself "How do I find the perfect fitting condom just for me? or "What condom will fit me perfectly?" or "How do I find the perfect fit condom for my partner?" -- this is the perfect fit finding condom sampler made especially for you.

The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler
is the smartest and easiest way to discover which condoms give you the most pleasure. Test “cream of the crop” condoms (chosen by thousands of condom reviewers in over 30 countries) and featuring 12 top-selling international condom brands including Naked Luxury, Kimono, My.Size, Okamoto, GLYDE, Crown, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, Trojan, RFSU and ONE Condoms...  and more!

Many brands want you to think they have you covered even with an increased size range; however, this Ultimate Fit Finding Genius of a Sampler is brand independent allowing you to try a wide array of brands and styles without having to buy 12 different boxes!

This condom sampler is packaged in three versions of carefully selected condom sizes:

  1. The “Not Sure What Size to Buy” condom sampler offers the widest      assortment of condom sizes from small, medium and larger condoms.

Or tailor your selection to a specific range of condom sizes. (This is particularly important for those who are in between sizes.)

2.  The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler of 12 smaller to medium size condoms

3.  The Perfect Fit Finder Condom Sampler of 12 medium to larger size condoms.

All versions come in a balanced variety of condom shapes and textures including pleasure shaped, more headroom, studded/ribbed, ultrathin, non-latex and more.

With a 4.8 out of 5 star rating, the "Not Sure What Size to Buy" Condom Sampler has helped customers find their proper condom size and improved sex dramatically:

“I recently tried the condom sampler and it really helped me discover that I needed a more tailored condom. Now my girlfriend and I are able to have a more enjoyable sexual experience because I can get things done right! Highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to figure out what's the right size.”- Chris from Florida
“The sampler packs are great. There were brands I've never seen before including one which is now my favorite. They also give you a chance to try different sizes which really helps you figure out why a good fit is so important.”- James from Canada
“A good mix in my medium-large sampler, including a vegan-friendly condom (GLYDE) and the Kimono Maxx (that I was surprised to enjoy so much - smooth feel, didn't even feel it). Condoms make sex way better; this sampler makes the sampling process that much better.”- Anon from NY

Other customers say they found their favorite go-to condoms in this condom sampler:

“A fantastic idea for the indecisive amongst us. Before it was always a case of buying whatever was available or, when there was some sort of choice, picking something at random. Next time I buy condoms I will definitely have a much better chance of choosing something that works well for me. I would definitely recommend this.”- Ian from UK   
“This is a good idea if you're not sure what size/shape you (or your partner) need. You get four "Small", "Medium" and "Large" condoms from different brands. Unfortunately, this means you are likely going to have at least four that will not fit well. But if you know the size you prefer then you would be better off buying a sampler of condoms your size. This helped me find condoms that I liked and my girlfriend liked as well. So, I ordered our favorite from out of the pack. I plan to buy another Sampler (probably the Med - Large Sampler) to find more that fit well and help us explore other condoms we might like.” - Jimmy from Ohio


Whether you want to find your correct condom size, or want a variety of condoms to match multiple partners, or if you really want hotter, more pleasurable sex with condoms, this condom sampler is the perfect starting point to discover what gives you the most pleasure.

Performance tip! Add a few drops of lube to enhance pleasure for both partners. Explore more variety with Lucky Blokes Variety LUBE Sampler.

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