It Really is Better Wetter: the Lowdown on Lube

We understand that we spend a lot of time talking about condoms - when you are Condom Experts, you tend to do that. But what we have come to realize is we don't spend near enough time discussing the fun and sexy personal lubricants that can add more than a little zing to your next encounter.

These days, personal lubricants are not only about helping with vaginal dryness, they have been updated to support you in reaching new heights of pleasure.

At Lucky Bloke, exploring personal lubricants has never been simpler. Now, buying premium lube (from around the world) is affordable, reliable and discreet!

We know sometimes it can be embarrassing to talk about lubricants, so read our primer and you will be a Lube Pro in a flash.

Let's start with the basics:

  • Always use water-based or silicone-based lube with latex condoms.
    (Never use an oil based lube with condoms, you run the risk of damaging the condom!)
  • Not only will the slickness of lube enhance your enjoyment, lube can make sex safer. (Less friction with a condom, the less chance it will break!)
  • Water-based lubes are easy to clean up with water. They are slippery and may need to be reapplied.
  • Silicone-based lubes are slick and can be used in water!
  • Arousal lubes (generally water-based) can enhance the experience by warming, tingling, and adding a little zing.
  • Flavored lubes (also water-based) can add a certain tastiness to the experience. They come in many, many flavors.
  • Desensitizing lubes can help men to last longer. So if you are struggling with premature ejaculation and want endurance, they are the way to go.

Did you know that you do not have to buy an entire bottle of lube?
Pillow packs (think travel size or sachet) are perfect for trying a new lube (or two)! Easy and compact for the jet-set 
lifestyle! Another good reason to grab a few individual use (trial) pillow packets and head for that tropical island getaway. 
(Typically, they are about the same size as a condom package, and good for a single use.)

Okay, now that you know the basics, let's talk about five fantastic products featured at Lucky Bloke HQ.

We are certain that there is a lube on this list that you will take your sex to a whole new level.

1. überlube
Slick, sexy silicone lubricant is a high performance product recommended by top physicians, athletes and hairstylists. (We don't know of any other lube that can claim that.)  Überlube feels amazingly silky and performs as long as you're using it. When überlube stops being manipulated, it starts to dissipate, leaving skin soft and moisturized, never wet or sticky.

High performance, long lasting, with a fantastic finish that is super hot in the bedroom is also used in high-end salons as a brilliant smoothing, finishing, and anti-frizz hair product.  As if all of this weren't enough, athletes use überlube for running, biking, and swimming to eliminate chaffing. Instead of just being slippery, überlube is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.  Not just a lube, überlube loves your whole body. Indeed.

2. Intimate Organics | Embrace
Intimate Organics Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel contains a blend of certified organic extracts and natural capsicum in a water-based formula. This unique formula causes vaginal tissue to temporarily contract enhancing tightness and warmth, increasing pleasure for all. Embrace does not contain alumn which dehydrates delicate vaginal tissue. Embrace is paraben free, DEA Free, 100% vegan, glycerine free and hypoallergenic. Available in a 1oz (30ml) tube.

3. Encounter | Delicious Peach
Encounter’s Delicious Peach Lubricant is water-based, silky, light, sensual and oh-so peachy good. Encounter's new flavored lubricant line offers special formulas that are sugar-free, paraben-free, non-glycerin based, and 100% Vegan certified. Perfect for the times when you desire some extra oral fun. Peachy keen, indeed. Available in a 2oz (59ml) size bottle or sold in six pillow packs [.27oz (8ml) each].  Also available in Watermelon, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cherry

4. Good Clean Love | Guilty Pleasures (Cinnamon / Vanilla)
Good Clean Love’s Cinnamon / Vanilla is a water-based lubricant formulated from premium natural and organic ingredients. The scents of vanilla and cinnamon create a popular aphrodisiac blend – combined to enhance the sensory experience, not overwhelm. Cinnamon / Vanilla is a smooth and long lasting glide. No petrochemicals and no parabens will be found in this naturally good clean lubricant! Available in a 4oz (118ml) size bottle or sold in six pillow packs [1oz (30ml) each].

5. Wicked Jelle
The creators of Wicked have thoughtfully crafted Jelle Anal Lubricant to address the specific needs of anal play. Very viscous, long-lasting and never sticky, this super-slick, water-based lubricant stays put and provides extra cushion and superior glide. Desensitizers have been eliminated from the luxurious formula to ensure safety, sensation and pleasure. Jelle is also latex-friendly, glycerin-free and easy to clean up!

We are adding a #6 - and, while, it is not a lubricant (it's a spray), it is an important product that you should know about! You no longer have to let premature ejaculation get in the way of enjoying your time together.

6. Promescent
This over-the-counter, topical PE medication is applied directly onto the penis. Its patented absorption technology is the key to providing ejaculation control. Promescent provides men the control to not only last longer, but also to engage in your partner's favorite sexual positions—the penetration, thrusting and stimulation that will bring you both to orgasm. Who wouldn't want that?! ;)

At Lucky Bloke every lube we sell is condom safe and guaranteed to please.
Try our Ultimate Lube Sampler to receive 12 different lube packets of our reviewer's favorite lubes. (So much better than buying 12 bottles to find out what you love!)

If you would like more personalized support, Lucky Bloke has your back (or, your front!)

Did you know that offers a free (no purchase required) Condom (and Lube) Concierge Service via email getlucky(at)luckybloke(dot)com? Our Concierge Service  offers very specific consumer support in relative anonymity.

Our Concierge is trained to offer comprehensive support regarding proper condom sizing, as well as sharing comparative information regarding product specifications and attributes. Expert lube advice is free, as well!