Top 10 Tighter Condoms for Slimmer Penises: More Secure Condoms for Better Sex

At Lucky Bloke our mission is to lead you to the land of amazing sex with condoms. First objective? A condom that fits your body perfectly. And, with a selection of the world’s best condoms at our fingertips, we’re here to prove that the right condom will actually improve your sex life.

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Today, we bring you the top 10 Best Condoms for Smaller Penises

Dear Lucky Bloke,

My guy is a great lover with a smaller sized penis. We want to practice safe sex, however most of the condoms we’ve tried, either feel too baggy or actually slip off. What would you recommend?

- Looking for Options.

You and your partner are hardly alone. This is one of the most common questions we receive. Not only is it rarely talked about, but very few conventional retailers carry the great condoms that a not hugely endowed lover requires.

Pretty crazy though, when you learn that 35% of men (yes 35%!) actually, require a smaller - more tailored fit - condom. Most people who don’t enjoy condoms or experience discomfort (i.e., slipping and sliding) are simply wearing the wrong size condom.

Using a premium condom that fits properly will make your experience safer – not to mention much more enjoyable – allowing you both to focus on what’s really important: giving and receiving pleasure.

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There are several sexy options for people who require condoms with a smaller, more tailored fit.

1. Ceylor HotShot Condoms  Want the tightest, snuggest, slimmest fit currently available? Made by the Swiss who know that precision counts, the Ceylor HotShot is the narrowest condom we've found at 45mm. 

2. and 3.  If you have been looking for a more secure condom, one that is guaranteed to stay put, at 47mm is the MY.SIZE 47 is absolutely worth a try. A bit snugger than most smaller, secure fit condoms, the MY.SIZE 47 is going to provide you peace of mind – and pleasure.  If you think that might be too tight, try MY.SIZE 49 (the average size of the snugger, secure-fit condom). MYSIZE, an innovative German condom manufacturer, understands that the best fit for you,translates to more pleasurable and safer sex. They offer their condom line in seven sizes ranging from 47mm to 69 mm (1.7 to 2.7 inches). MY SIZE condoms are vegan and manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards.

4. New to our list is ESP | Tight. Reviewers enjoy that it feels thinner than most snug-fit condoms, while also appreciating that it has discreet packaging. SP Tight. ESP Tight is a thin and sensitive condom for those who enjoy exploring the best condoms from around the world.  ESP condoms are produced to the highest global standards and are the perfect combination of Italian design and German technology.

5. and 6GLYDE Slimfit Condoms  This state of the art slimfit condom is designed to maximize pleasure for both partners. Ultrathin without compromising on durability, this is a tailored and comfortable premium condom for the connoisseur who prefers a more secure fit and wants to support a company that is sex positive, fair trade, and vegan certified. Slimfit Strawberry smells delicious and is berry red. If you love berries this is a nice secure fit latex condom and a pleasant change from other options.

7. UNIQUE SECURE-FIT is the first non-latex slimfit condom and it will likely be hard to dethrone as the very best latex free snugger fit condom.  Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex. The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan.

8. Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms  This popular U.S. condom offers a very snug, slim fit. While not as snug as the MY.SIZE 47 and not as luxurious as the GLYDE Slimfit, this is a trusted, condom when you need a secure fit.

9. RSFU Mamba Condoms  Imported from Sweden, the Mamba features a snugger, more tailored condom for a wonderfully close fit. Its contoured pleasure shape adds to sensation. Lubricated with silicone, adding to their overall soft and silky feel.

10. Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms  Shorter and narrower than your standard condom, these are ultrasensitive and designed to deliver the added stimulation with low latex scent. Lubricated for extra glide and enhanced enjoyment, the contoured head offers increased sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers a secure fit.

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