I Hate Condoms, But I Know I Have To Use Them. What Can I Do To Make It Better?

Dear Lucky Bloke,

I’m new to your site and definitely a condom skeptic. I’ve only used Trojan condoms in the past and, let’s just say, I’m not a fan. Condoms smell terrible and take away all feeling.  I hardly ever get laid, so when I finally do I want it to feel good. I’m not monogamous and know I need to wrap it up.  

How to buy the right size condoms? I don’t know where to begin.  Help!

– Alan from Ashland

Alan (and all other condom skeptics), we’re here to help.

Converting non-believers to a better sex life with condoms is our passion and we’ve built a business on matching condom users with condoms they love.

So if you  file yourself in the “Love-To-Hate” condom category, or you’re sleeping with someone  who is a condom foe (or even if you’re just curious about better sex with condoms) we’re here to empower you with a condom primer that is guaranteed to radically improve your sex life.

First, you’re hardly alone. And Trojan condoms are not your only option. Hardly.
So let's get started!

Everyone is told to use condoms. Ad nauseum. But very, very few are taught how to choose condoms. Here are the most important basics to consider when choosing condoms for pleasure.

Condoms aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Condom size is the most critical factor in increasing safety and pleasure with condoms.

Have you ever worn running shoes that didn’t fit well? Whether the shoes gave you blisters, slid at your heel or cramped your toes, you understand that an ill-fitting shoe is at best distracting and at worst downright painful.

Just like a perfect-fitting shoe, a well-fitting condom will allow you (and your partner) to forget about the condom and focus purely on pleasure.

Condoms are available in three basic sizes:

Smaller (snugfit, more secure) condoms are the best option for 35% of men. If you have ever had sex and the condom slipped around or came off inside of your partner (and yes, that does happen)—or if your chief complaint is that wearing condoms feels like a paper bag—you might enjoy trying a smaller-than-standard condom.  CHECK OUT OUR TIGHTER FITTING CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

PRO-TIP: If you (or your partner) would benefit from a slightly-smaller-than-standard condom yet doesn’t need a true “small condom,” there are a few excellent Japanese condoms that are simply narrower than standard condoms. These include some of the thinnest condoms on the market—so there will be very little getting between you and your partner.

Standard condoms are the best option for 50% of men. If you (or your partner) are in this category, you’ll have a wealth of condoms from around the world to choose from. That includes lots of premium options that are likely superior to anything you’ve tried before.  CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE STANDARD FITTING CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

Larger condoms are the best option for 15% of men. If you (or your partner) has a history of broken condoms and serious discomfort when it comes to wearing condoms, you’ve likely been using condoms that are too small and you’d benefit from trying a larger condom.  CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE GENEROUS / XL CONDOM SAMPLER:  HERE

PRO-TIP: It’s good to be aware that there are also a number of between-size condom options available—for example Kimono Microthin Large—that bridge the gap between “standard” and “large” size condoms. Internal condoms are another option worth exploring, especially if your partner finds even larger condoms uncomfortable.

Don’t Know Your Condom Size?  Let’s fix that.

Here’s a trick to figure out the best condom size for you (or your partner). If you’re still at a loss regarding the ideal condom size, or if you have multiple partners, or just want to stock up on a variety of sizes, Lucky Bloke also has a "Not Sure What Size Condom to Buy" Sampler.

Shapes, and materials, and flavors...Oh yes!

Getting a general idea on what condom size you need to buy is just the beginning.  To keep with the shoe analogy, not every shoe in your size is equally comfortable. The same is true of condoms. Not all condoms in the same size range will feel the same. You won’t like some and others, you’ll likely love.

And while you may have a go-to shoe for when you want comfort and something sexier for a night out, I hear from lots of condom users who switch up shape, texture, and flavor to match their mood.

Our best advice (once you've determined the best size to use) to those committed to improving their sex with condoms is to get ready to explore a variety of condoms. And I often find that with condoms, as with so many things, you get what you pay for.

Nothing against free or low-priced condoms, but high quality condoms are often worth the price. Premium condom samplers provide an inexpensive way to start exploring. (Lucky Bloke's samplers include top-rated condoms in categories like Ultrathin, Flavored, and Textured.)

Not only will you get a great condom variety, you will do so without having to buy entire boxes of twelve identical condoms in order to find the condoms that work best for you and your partner.

Non-latex condoms might be worth investigating even if you’re not allergic to latex. (And naturally we have a latex free condom sampler for that, too) The non-latex condom options in our sampler offer amazing sensitivity, heightened feeling, and heat transfer without the scent or taste of latex.

Lube Matters. (And how!)

The truth is that most everyone's sex life can benefit greatly from some high-quality lubrication. However, there are many lube myths that may be keeping it out of your bedroom.

Do you think you need to be a certain age to use lube? You don’t! Are you afraid that using lube might mean that there's something wrong with your sex life? Really, nothing could be further from the truth!

For condom users, extra lube has some major benefits. Simply put, exposing your most delicate parts to latex will dry you up—no matter how excited you may be. A study that looked at people’s arousal levels with and without condoms found that men who used a condom without lube were slightly less aroused than those who didn’t use a condom or lube.

The kicker?

The men who used a condom with lube got as aroused as those who didn’t use a condom at all! And provided you are using a high quality condom-compatible lubricant, your condom is less likely to break during sex. CHECK OUT OUR VARIETY LUBE SAMPLER: HERE

It’s time to declare your days of condom mediocrity officially over. Your sex life will thank you. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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