How to Select the Safest Condom for You (and Your Partner)

If you just googled: "Which condom is the safest?" You've arrived at the perfect place. By the end of this article, you'll have the knowledge you need to select the most enjoyable (and safest) condoms for your body.

The most important factor when selecting a condom is proper fit. (Especially where condom safety is concerned.) And yet, most people using condoms have no idea that condoms come in multiple sizes and in size categories.

So now, you may be asking yourself: What condom size do I need? Follow this link for an easy way to answer How do I select the right condom size for me.

If you find condoms slip around or begin to slide off when you are using them, we suggest you try a smaller condom. Now if you are using a Magnum and it is slipping, this may simply mean you need a "standard fit" condom. However, if you're using a standard fit, join 35% of the world's men who would benefit (both with pleasure and safety) by exploring the world of snugger, slimmer and more secure fit condoms.

If you find condoms are tight, hurt, break or make you lose your erection completely when you are using them, we suggest you try a larger condom. Now if you are using a Magnum and this is happening, then this likely means you need a XL condom. However, if you're using a standard fit, join 15% of the world's men who would benefit (both with pleasure and safety) by exploring the world of larger, girthier, more generous fit condoms.

Internationally, the condom world is continually innovating. Nonetheless, you probably haven't heard of some of the best condoms currently on the market.

Further, if you'd consider yourself a latex hater (yes, it smells and it feels rubbery), you should try non-latex condoms (stronger and more sensitive than any latex predecessor). Latex free condoms are perfect for all couples, even couples who don't have a latex allergy or sensitivity.

And of course, there are also condoms that enhance pleasure and performance through the use of arousal or desensitizing lubricants.

At Lucky Bloke, you can also purchase single condoms and explore a couple different varieties, without having to purchase entire boxes of unfamiliar new condoms. We've also done the work and assembled the very best condom assortments (samplers) which allow you to try 6 or 12 of our reviewer's favorite condoms.

And do you know about the importance of adding your own lube? Using additional lube makes condom use both more pleasurable and greatly reduces the risk of condoms breaking! Check out our lube samplers and enjoy 6 or 12 formulas without having to buy 6 or 12 bottles! After condom fit, using additional lube is the most important thing you can do to increase your condom's safety.

Empower yourself with this information and find a condom that you and your partner will truly enjoy. Enjoying your condom also means you will wear it longer and more consistently –leading to a happier, healthier and safer sex life!