Worried About Premature Ejaculation? Last Longer In Bed Using Promescent

Premature ejaculation, that dreaded “happened too fast” moment that men fear and women empathize with, happens to almost every couple. The Mayo Clinic says that 1 out of 3 men experience it at some point with varying degrees of frequency and causes.

But, let’s be honest here. Haven’t we all had a moment in the sack when it just didn’t go our way? When the moment went too fast, or never happened at all? It’s important to remember that premature ejaculation isn’t cause for alarm nor is it a sign of permanent erectile dysfunction.

Instead of getting up in your head about it, prepare for it. Learning to delay ejaculation is something that men and women can work towards so they can actually elongate the time it takes for a man to reach his orgasm.

How? Delay sprays.

Ever heard of them?

Delay sprays are the rage for how to solve for premature ejaculation (also known as premature climaxing, early ejaculation or rapid ejaculation) without using pills that can last way too long. They also eliminate concerns about what you’re putting in your body because delay sprays are applied topically instead of ingested like food or water. And of course, no doctor or prescription required.

But, the big benefit of delay sprays is how flexible they are. The amount you use can be adjusted for your own body chemistry and likes. Want a little, use a little. Want a lot, do that.

Sex is a very personal experience and everyone has a preferred length of time they would like to have sex. Some people say 5 minutes of penetration is enough. Others wish for 10 or even 20. Rarely does someone say 3 steady hours guaranteed.

The people who sell pills like Viagra of Cialis would like you to think that 3 hours of sex works for everyone but if you read Reddit boards, the man with the never-ending erection isn’t the turn on he wishes he was.

That’s why delay sprays were invented. To give people a personal choice for how long and how much they want to extend their pleasure.

And now you can too.

Promescent. The King Of Delay Sprays

Promescent - delay sprayAs we researched which delay sprays offered the greatest incentives, Promescent was by far everyone’s favorite. First, it’s a spray not a gel, so it’s a lot less messy that other delay options. It incorporates easily into foreplay and doesn’t distract from the experience any more than putting on a condom or using lube.

The timing for activation is perfect too. Unlike pills that can take an hour to begin working, Promescent takes around 10 minutes to turn on which encourages foreplay and pleasure before the act of penetration begins.  

How To Use Promescent & Other Delay Sprays

The process is really easy.  5-10 minutes before you’re ready to have sex, spray a few sprays on the tip of your penis. In our reviews, some men suggest 1-4 sprays to begin. From there you can see how your body reacts and adjust accordingly.

The active ingredient is what affects the sensitivity of the nerves in the penis. Once the spray is activated you will have close to normal sensitivity in your penis except for the regions that are connected to ejaculation, that’s the area that becomes less sensitive so you can have sex until you’re ready to climax.

How Long Does Promescent Last

30 minutes to an hour. But, because of the nature of the delay spray, you can apply more if you have a longer love-making session or reapply as desired throughout the day. It’s not a once-a-day product which is part of the beauty of how well it works for sexually active couples.

Promescent Side Effects

Very likely you have been in contact with Promescent’s only active ingredient when you visited the dentists. That’s the only ingredient in it that could cause you any sort of discomfort so if you’re someone who doesn’t tolerate well when your dentist numbs your mouth (because of an allergy or sensitivity to anesthetic products), Promescent is likely not for you.

If you apply too much, usually 10 sprays or more, your penis could lose sensitivity or its erection. If this happens, wash your penis with soap and water and speak to a doctor if the problem lasts more than 12 hours.

Don’t use if you have open cuts or sores in an area where it would be applied or where it would touch and it’s advisable to avoid it if your partner is pregnant.

How Does Promescent Affect Oral Sex

While it is possible to transfer the numbing sensation to your partner during oral sex, you can avoid this by applying the spray 10 minutes before oral sex happens and then wiping or cleaning your penis before oral sex. The delay spray will be completely absorbed and removing any that’s topically on your penis will prevent any unpleasant taste or numbing from passing to your partner.

Promescent Reviews

Here’s what a few of our readers had to say:

Eduardo from Washington, DC

As others have said, this stuff works! I've always been weary of believing the hype, but in this case, it is the real deal. Some issues however, while it does delay things, if you spray too much, as another reviewer said, you run the risk of not getting there or taking so long you exhaust yourself.

My first time, I sprayed 4 sprays and my girl reached her Os and by the time I got to mine, I was sweating, but the end was phenomenal. The other slight issue is that I'm told it has a bit of a not so pleasant taste. This could be a turn off, however, my girl went past the taste and took care of business.

Overall, a very good product, just takes a little trial and error to get to your proper sprays, I'm still trying, probably 2 will do it for me.

Nemo from Hamburg Germany

If you're like me, you sifted through comment after comment waiting to read one that felt like a real-life testimonial. While I'm not one to review this sort of product, but, I felt it deserved one after my first use - and that others deserve a legitimate review before purchasing something that could be entirely silly if it didn't work.

This stuff works! Like, it actually freaking works. I had two concerns about this product - 1. will it ruin her experience, 2. how and where am I supposed to spray? (the comments had be worried about application). Both concerns were quickly put to rest.

The directions said to apply 3 sprays 10 minutes before the desired effects, which is fine, foreplay is key. I couldn't decide if I want to spray one side twice and the other once, so I went for four sprays. Rubbed it in as advised, which, that said, don't worry about application. The product can easily be rubbed in.

Once things got heated and I went for it - well damn, she got there and it was great to see after always getting so close. She noticed no difference at all - just that things kept going.. and going!**

Andrew from Nebraska

Great product, this is not the first delaying spray I’ve used

Where To Buy Promescent

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So there you have it. Delay sprays, and Promescent specifically, are changing the way couples who experience erectile dysfunction manage their sex life. Instead of being beholden to a pill or some other chemical product that can have unpredictable side effects, Promescent uses something most of us interact with every time we go to the dentist.

It’s safe, flexible, and best of all it gives you the control back over your body and your orgasm. What’s better than that?

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