How The Wrong Fitting Condom Can Mess With Your Mind & Affect Your Sex Life For The Worse (Plus How To Fix It)

Here at Lucky Bloke we know one thing to true, having sex with the wrong size condom is a guaranteed way to ruin pleasure and connection. After all, anatomy aside, sex is a mental game. When your thoughts are on the wrong things (like if the condom is still there), finding your way to an orgasm is nearly impossible.

So before we share all the reasons why you want to find the right size condom for your body (or your partner’s body), consider how an orgasm actually works in the brain.

According to The Thirty’s discussion with Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, a board-certified urologist and sexual health expert...

“‘Knowing what happens to your body and brain before, during, and after sex has the potential to make sex amazing.’
MRI studies show increased activity in certain parts of your brain before sex, specifically, the limbic system (your emotional center) is the first to be triggered.
‘This area of your brain is responsible for memory, fear, aggression, and other emotions.”

Ever had sex and cried before? Or laughed hysterically? Those reactions are purely rooted in the deep connection between the emotional centers of your brain and the act your body is engaged in.

The same is true for negative feelings. What if your sexual experiences leave you feeling vulnerable, anxious or insecure? Does that motivate you to want to have more sex, or cause you to shy away from the whole miserable experience?

Fix Your Mental Game

If sexual pleasure is truly centered in the brain and the body merely follows suit, it’s important remove any barrier that distract or cause you to lose your focus on pleasure. Otherwise, you set yourself and your partner up for subpar sex.

And really, who wants that?

Sex in some ways is challenging enough without the added worries around pregnancy, STI/STDs or performance anxiety. To achieve the greatest pleasure, your mind and body need to focus on the act at hand and the person in front of you.

Whether giving or receiving, the intimate act of attending, focusing, being present and connected to your partner, by all accounts deepens the experience for everyone.

To make that happen, you want to remove anything that clutters your mind. Certainly worries about your condom not working, falling off, breaking or being stuck inside your partner, can lead to huge mental errors in the bedroom.

Recently Lucky Bloke conducted a survey of 98 men and women discussing the myths and mistaken perceptions around men with small penis. In this survey, we explored at length the intimate challenges men and their partner’s face when they used the wrong size condoms and how they overcame them.

The common worries, as you might expect, were often around finding condoms that actually felt good and did their job. For many, smaller condoms was a game changer for increasing pleasure and easing the mental anguish when the right size condom was not available.

“I was always worried about slippage so I always kept to known techniques that didn’t pull it off as quick. By going to the smaller fit options I feel a lot more confident in trying anything that we wish to try. It doesn’t slide off so I can please her more by doing extra   things.”
“Switching to snug fit was a good choice. It is much easier to relax and enjoy yourself when you don't have to worry about the condom slipping off. I had only had a couple of incidents with so called regular fit condoms, but the sense of security offered by the snugger fit is nice.”
“When I realized condoms didn't have to be painfully tight or rip or smell like a latex factory, it allowed me to enjoy the moment more and focus on feeling my partner.”
“Finding a condom that fits really makes sex more enjoyable because it takes the worry and anxiety of a condom slipping off out of my head so that I can focus on having fun and enjoyable sex!”

Bottom line, the right size condom, whether snug fitting, standard, large or XL, is the key to turning the focus away from worry and towards pleasure. Then you can attend to greater tasks like sex position, technique and climax.

Even if you’re someone who has trouble achieving an orgasm, removing worries from your mind helps to clear the mental space so you can focus more clearly on sex and your partner. It’s not a guarantee for an orgasm, but in contrast, worries during sex will often cause people to not orgasm because of the added influence of their negative thoughts.

So how do you know your right size condom?

It’s simple. Do the toilet paper roll test. It’s 3 simple steps: Grab a toilet paper roll (just the inside cardboard part), put it on the erect penis of your choice and then see how it fits? Is there room, too tight or just right?

The condom size test will help you learn honestly what size condom you need so you can stop buying the wrong ones and get this pesky issue off your mind.

And when in doubt, try out a few to see what works. That’s why we offer sampler packs. Because even when you know your size, it’s the feel of the condom that makes the difference. In addition to size, many people like a condom that still allows them to feel like they are touching their partner.

One common complaint in our survey was that the wrong sized condom cause people to feel as if there was a barrier between them, and that caused a sense that there was distance or a lesser intimate connection that could have been achieved without a condom.

Thankfully, some condoms are known in condom reviews for doing a great job of reducing the perception of a barrier between a couple. Our Ultimate International Ultrathin Condom Sampler is a great way to try a variety of the best thin condoms. And the Unique brand of condoms, featuring slim fit, standard and wider sizes, is a universal customer favorite.

Ultimately speaking, the right condom should give you peace of mind and a feeling of safety so you can  connect with your partner. Whether you’re having sex for the first time or the 1000th time.

Mastering the mental game of sex is like graduating with your pleasure PhD. You’re allowed to have your ups and downs along the way, but eventually, it’s time to knuckle down and do the work. Learn the size of your penis and buy the right condoms. You will never regret having the right protection when the moment arises.

Not sure what condoms are right for you? Try a sample pack for small penis, standard penis or large penis so you can vary the feel and learn what brings you and your partner the greatest pleasure.