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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-secure.  Luxury Condom.

Not only is UNIQUE SECURE-FIT the first non-latex slimfit condom, it will likely be hard to dethrone as the very best latex free snugger fit condom.  Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex.

The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, this secure fit condom is also vegan.

Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs. 

Length: 160 mm
Width: 49 +/- 2mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm

Looking for a standard to larger non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE PULL!
Looking for a LARGER non-latex condom? Check out UNIQUE PLUS!


NOTE: If you require a standard or larger/wider fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis.   However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.

We've been told that Unique condoms feel Sagami thin. 

Reviews for UNIQUE | SecureFit (Non-Latex) NEW!!
4.9 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
from Louisiana on
Does the job. Weird looking but great feel. Need more non-latex condoms.
from CA on
Unbelievably amazing. I don't typically write reviews for anything unless it's something that's really worth praising. These are unlike anything you will have tried before. It's a though it isn't there. As close to bare back as you could get.
from Florida on
Being allergic to latex makes this a great alternative for protection during sex. I love how it feels like I’m not wearing a condom. Will definitely order again.
from Florida on
Best Condom I’ve tried. Fits on your member really well and embraces it. Really thin, you get a lot of heat transfer and feeling. Will by again, this is my new go to
from Vancouver BC on
Typically weird feels like saran wrap. Looks frickin weird with but the Best protection of all time. Fits firm. Feels like nothing. Don't let the saran wrap fool you it works great.
from Heaven on
Hands down the best condom I've ever used!! This thing is so good I even use it for masturbation because it actually enhances what you’d normally feel raw. The combination of the thin material and the tightness of it creates a sort of vacuum effect at the tip and the pressure it creates is incredible.

It would be even better if the base was narrower but apart from that it’s perfect.

Give this thing a go. You won’t be disappointed.
from USA on
These condoms are different, but feel amazing. Putting them on is odd, and the little bit of loose “fabric” at the base is strange, but you get used to it. They are the most sensitive non-latex I have used. I also like the lube they use. The scent isn’t distracting like some condoms. My wife even mentioned that. Definitely try these out.
from Canada on
Great condom. Does not smell like latex ones. Only con is the price. Feels great and easy to adjust.
from VA on
Very snuggly the base actually feels like a penis ring and the heat transfer is awesome,it made me a little nervous that they're super thin but really can stand a good pounding (pun intended) the only con to me is they're a bit difficult to put on I wish they would come with pull tabs other than I think a found a winner
from Olympia, WA on
These are weird. And awesome! They take a sec to figure out the first time but go on like a glove and feel amazing. They’ve built a better mousetrap for sure!
from CO on
Love these! They go on kind of strange, have a bit of extra material about the base, but feel amazing. Best condom I've worn. I like that I can use coconut oil, or water based lube with them, and it doesn't degrade them. I also don't have to worry about anyone with a latex allergy. I highly recommend.
from US on
A sensitive condom. Felt pretty good. It was definitely a different style. Kind of felt like cling wrap. The lube was pretty good as well. Definitely a pretty good product. It will take some getting used to, but I liked it.
from Canada on
The unique pull is different but easy to adjust to the application. Overall I like the condom and the material. Only negatives are the cost and the packaging. It takes a little bit more time to get the condom out of the packaging. I would recommend.
from NH on
This is a great well fitting very sensitive condom. Dosn't feel like I am wearing a condom at all. Strange way to put on but works very well. I preferr this but my friend likes the origional. The Unique pull is the best of all brands we have tried.

Only complaint is the cost, but the free shipping and extras included help to ease this.
from Iowa on
This one is actually amazing. Just great. For both of us.
from Indiana on
My wife and I already consider the original product from Unique, the Unique Pull (black pack), to be our all-time favorite condom ever. We’ve also tried out Unique’s roomier product, the Unique Plus (metallic blue pack), and we ended up giving that one a stellar review, as well.

Now comes the newest addition to Unique’s outstanding lineup, the Unique SecureFit (sky blue pack). Many of the excellent features found in the other two products are also present here, so I won’t belabor that point. Suffice it to say that this condom is also made of polyethylene material, which allows it to be much thinner than latex (.015 mm) while remaining just as strong (or stronger) and every bit as flexible. This product offers the same mind-blowing sensitivity and heat transfer as the other two products in Unique’s lineup, as well.

The Unique SecureFit opts for the same “skirt” design that is used at the base of the Unique Plus. As I mentioned in my review of the latter product, this is a weird setup, and I thought it might interfere with the action a bit, but it honestly doesn’t. I tend to prefer the pull tabs that are used on the Unique Pull, but either design is fine. Truth be told, I don’t really understand why Unique uses either system. They both seem kind of superfluous, but they’ve never caused us to have a negative experience, so I’m pretty much indifferent to them.

True to its objectives, the Unique SecureFit is the shortest and narrowest of the three products. It’s just a little over six and a quarter inches in length (which is a half inch shorter than the Unique Pull and an inch and a quarter shorter than the Unique Plus). I’m somewhere between average and large and can usually use condoms that fall under either one of those categories without any problems. Therefore, I wouldn’t normally seek out a specifically tight-fit or slim-line condom. However, my wife and I are so fond of Unique’s products that we had to try this out anyway just to see how it felt.

One interesting note about this experience is that we have recently become big fans of using a C-ring during sex. Why is that relevant here? Well, what we found was that the cool thing about wearing a much tighter fit than what you would normally use (especially one made out of polyethylene) is that the pressure at the base of the condom acts a lot like a C-ring. So, you get all the benefits of C-ring sex in addition to all the benefits inherent in wearing an extremely thin condom with amazing heat transfer. And, it’s all in one product; you don’t have to wear the C-ring separately.

Anyway, we’ll probably still use the standard Unique Pull as our go-to condom just because it has the closest fit for me and uses the pull tabs, which are my preference. But, we’re still going to keep a pack or two of the Unique SecureFit on hand just because I enjoy getting that extra-tight C-ring-like fit every now and then. And, since they’re all made of the same material and have the same thickness, from her perspective, she loves all three of them. Win-win-win for me… ;-)

If you normally need a larger-sized condom, the Unique SecureFit is most likely going to be way too tight for you, so I would probably skip it and go for either the Unique Pull or the Unique Plus instead. However, if you would classify yourself as a standard size, then you might try out both the Unique Pull (black pack) for a standard fit with the pull tabs and the Unique SecureFit (this product) for a tight fit with the “skirt” system at the base to see which one you prefer.

Either way, get ready for a virtually bare feeling with amazing heat transfer. You won’t be disappointed as Unique does everything right in this regard, and this latest product is no exception.

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