Well Endowed? Here’s How To Cope With Large Penis Problems

We all want bigger things right? Big house, big job, big dreams… but bigger isn’t always better.

You know what I’m talking about: what guy doesn’t wish to be packing a little extra heat in their gentleman holster? Yet despite popular belief, life with an extra large penis isn’t all swagger and charming the ladies with the one-eyed snake.

Men with big penises actually experience a unique set of challenges that can lead to some sizable problems, in and out of the bedroom.

Let’s get into the thick of it and talk about some common problems and solutions when it comes to caring for your “big guy”.

Big Penis Problem #1: Size Incompatibility.

As a lady, there is little more terrifying than getting it on with a good-looking guy and finding out that he's HUGE. How is that going to fit in me?

Audrey Hepburn

This is actually a common problem with most couples where one person is well-endowed. The myth that men with larger penises have a better sex life is just that—a myth.

In fact, the opposite is true. Type “big dick problems” into Google and you’ll see a score of penis owners from articles to discussion boards all saying the same thing: “I can’t get laid!” There’s even a whole subreddit devoted to these people, each saying they have problems finding sexual partners, difficulty trying new positions, difficulty with oral sex, and difficulty not causing pain to their partner.  

This can affect relationships and damage confidence and self-esteem. According to one Whisper confessor, “I can’t get laid because my penis is too large. This is really a curse, not a blessing.”

Solution: Lube, Communication & More Lube.

Communication should always be open any time you’re having sex, no matter your partner’s size. Even though talking about the compatibility of your respective body parts is super awkward, it’s important—not just for your mutual pleasure, but for bonding and connecting as a couple.

Try a few different positions and ask what feels good. Personally, I find penetration much easier and pain-free if I’m on top—that way I can control speed and penetration.

But play around! Try different foreplay, different oral techniques, and different methods of getting off. You might find that experimenting is a part of the fun.

That said, communication alone probably won’t fix your large penis problems. Make lube your best friend. Apply a generous amount onto your full length and to your partner’s area to make you are both well lubed and ready to go. The lube makes it much easier to squeeze into tight places while making it pleasurable for both parties.

But don’t force it! Patience and persistence are key to making it work with a big package.

Big Penis Problem #2: Condoms Don’t Fit Or Are Uncomfortable.

“Don’t be silly, wrap your willy” is solid advice—if you have a normal size willy. For those packing an above average penis in both length and girth, it can feel like even the XL condoms don’t cut it.

If the condoms you’re using either won’t fit right or won’t fit comfortably, that’s a problem. Not only does an uncomfortable condom affect your sexual pleasure (and really hurt!), the structural integrity of the condom can be affected.

It’s reported that the risk of condom breakage is “3-4 times higher for men who experience discomfort when using condoms”.

To make matters worse, according to researchers at the State University of New York, the longer your penis is the better the odds are of pushing more sperm into a woman, resulting in a higher chance of pregnancy.

Solution: Put Effort Into Finding Condoms That Actually Fit.

You might feel like you’re too big for condoms, but you’re probably just too big for the condoms they happen to sell at your local pharmacy. But when was the last time you gave up on using something just because they don’t carry it at the corner store?

There’s a whole range of large and extra large condoms online that go far beyond what’s available to you locally.

But what if I’m allergic to latex? There’s an XL condom for that.

But my penis is thin in the shaft and thick in the head. Cool! There’s a condom for that, too.

Whatever you think your unsolvable big penis problem is, the condom industry has thought of it. Try out the German brand MY.SIZE—they carry the largest condom on the market at 69mm circumference, and you won’t find anything that large on the shelves at the store.

It’s also worth considering trying out a female condom (aka internal condom). These, which are typically referred to as “female” condoms, are worn internally by the receiving partner, so they can be used with all penis sizes.

All it takes is a little research and experimentation. Try out a variety of large condoms and see what feels best to you.

Big Penis Problem #3: Your Penis Doesn’t Fit In Your Pants.

There are two kinds of penises: showers and growers. If you fall into the shower category, where your large friend is always ready to hang, you may have noticed a problem: it’s very hard to buy underwear or wear certain pants.

Many who have large penises find it impossible to wear skinny jeans and boxers without outlining the goods to the world. What happened to a little mystery, guys? Not only is it embarrassing to have your junk exposed,  but it can be physically uncomfortable. So how can you cover up?

Solution: Size Up!

Proud package owner Dan says that while having a large penis comes with perks, clothing shopping is not one of them. “I have to go up one size normally in my underwear,” he says. Other men have also switched from boxers to briefs to keep their friend at bay.

Another solution is going to a tailor to let your inseam out a little on your pants or to give them more length. This may seem like an extra step, but it’s one that will save you time and money in the long run.

So there’s the truth — having an extra large appendage might not be the blessing it’s made out to be, but it doesn’t have to be a curse either. With the right tools, techniques, and a tiny bit of patience, you can be a proud large package owner, too!

Need condoms that fit you properly? First, get your right size. Then, consider the options: you can find large condoms or internal / female condoms, all offering reviews from real customers so you can explore which are right for you. When in doubt, try the sampler for some expertly chosen condoms designed for the well-endowed man.